Banquet in a sentence as a noun

You get to feed at this banquet of knowledge while the rest of the world is locked out.

The book, he says, is full of fifteen page essays about what everyone wore in court, or what they would eat at a banquet.

I could have claimed for a 12course banquet at the Ritz, but I couldn't claim for two separate slices of pizza - because that was two meals.

They sit your child down in front of the world's finest multi-course banquet ever conceived, then thoughtlessly stuff them full of dry crackers, because that's what the standards say we have to do. Augh.

Christine was in the church kitchen making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which was the conference lunch banquet.

Sometimes what the groom saves in buying jewelry for the bride is spent on the groom hosting a wedding banquet for all of the bride's relatives and friends.

Nice story, but I think if you are invited to a banquet hosted by the Queen Mother, it doesn't really count as an anecdote for "anyone can do it".

They alluded to it in one scene I believe, while Jobs in the movie is taking to his ex girlfriend on the phone at a banquet, Woz talks tell Jobs that they should give stocks to the early guys.

Banquet in a sentence as a verb

Ironically, the club president for a while was male, and he wasn't allowed to attend a banquet, despite his work promoting female entry into engineering.

Before I became a developer I was a banquet manager and I've had numerous colleagues from my former career endorse me for software skills they can't possibly know I have.

In the 'real' world the architect is the person who notices you've got a banquet room for 100 people but the nearest restroom is two floors down, or a single hallway connecting both the people and the kitchen to the room.

Divided into two teams, with only 48 hours on the clock, they are challenged to create a multi course gourmet banquet worthy of their great reputations, but with a big twist; they can only use food that is on its way to the trash.

A few years ago my mother helped organize a literature festival and at the closing banquet was seated next to a famous author with several critically acclaimed bestsellers to his name.

If I remember correctly, at a banquet hosted by my state's government in honor of local innovators, the emcee announced with pride the number of patents that had been granted to local businesses and inventors.

But take those same friends and sit them at a fancy banquet--where strangers can hear them--and suddenly they'll be shushing one another to prevent those jokes from slipping out!Now, in my opinion, the whole etiquette game is a game--and you shouldn't be playing games at work.

I wish there were a way to ensure everyone gets paid or screwed together, but tactics like share classes and dilution and liquidity preferences seem to be so strongly customary that I wonder if a VC would lose interest in a firm that relinquished the power to selectively starve that VC's rivals at the banquet.

Banquet definitions


a ceremonial dinner party for many people

See also: feast


a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed; "a banquet for the graduating seniors"; "the Thanksgiving feast"; "they put out quite a spread"

See also: feast spread


provide a feast or banquet for

See also: feast junket


partake in a feast or banquet

See also: feast junket