Junket in a sentence as a noun

It's a junket for his new book, probably summarized from a longer interview for the radio.

But they aren't going to go on a year-long press-junket for the premieres everywhere, regardless of how much of a delay there is.

Seems like this is the sort of article that comes out of a press junket to a wide-open rifle range with lots of new toys for a reporter to play with.

You could be a really well paid actor or a really well paid musician or maybe a politician on a junket or even an escort...

They're for the huge majority of bozos, who, unlike you, are only at the conference because it's a junket and some free time away from work.

Junket in a sentence as a verb

In ads people selling things would put in "no triflers" or "serious inquiries only" or "if you don't know what a junket is don't bother to even call".

I forget if it was Dungeon Keeper or Black and White where they talked to the development team while he was on a junket and they had no idea about of a bunch of the features he was promising.

"Oh, how wonderful the echo-chamber of junket-laden arts world, and their on-high post-colonial exhibition curators!

Perhaps the best way to reduce emissions would have been to not have everyone take a junket to Rio?Anyway, this was too tiring to read in its entirety, so if someone would like to add summaries for the other pages, that would be great!

If we are to assume that we are several years in the future, amazon has been given control over .book, and they are now basically required socially for any kind of book tour/signing/press junket etc, /and/ if amazon starts turning people away who don't give them good deals, then sure, i'll be standing right beside you.

Junket definitions


dessert made of sweetened milk coagulated with rennet


a journey taken for pleasure; "many summer excursions to the shore"; "it was merely a pleasure trip"; "after cautious sashays into the field"

See also: excursion jaunt outing expedition sashay


a trip taken by an official at public expense


go on a pleasure trip

See also: junketeer


provide a feast or banquet for

See also: feast banquet


partake in a feast or banquet

See also: feast banquet