Average in a sentence as a noun

You can look at somebody's average and it gives you a sense of what sort of things they're posting.

This law is too complicated for the average TV viewer to understand.

This doesn't make them experts on the subject or even any more informed than your average person.

Agents of the law need to be held more accountable for their actions than your average citizen, not less.

Average in a sentence as a verb

" The rest of the Internet isn't necessary to the "average" consumer.

Whoever replaces him or her will drive under the same demands and incentives, and will on average respond the same way to those demands and incentives.

Although snarky comments themselves are the most obvious symptom, I suspect that voting is on average dumber than commenting, because it requires so much less work.

EA is selling a completely broken product - and I mean that from the perspective of the average consumer, not the nerd who thinks all DRM is broken - and they're doing it for absolutely no reason.

Average in a sentence as an adjective

And _all_ of that interest was shot dead due to attempts to own identity by enforcing the use of real names[1].There are very real reasons why "average" people need alternate identities online.

The critical eye of an average iPhone user will appreciate the fine craftsmanship & precision of the painstaking work that went into translating the iconic clock into an exact digital replica.

When Microsoft decided that the average consumer understood what a smartphone was for and no longer needed the physical cues, they were wrong and fools -- but when Ive decides it, its because its time to move to mature and modern?Here's the thing, though: I think iOS 7, on the whole, looks worse than iOS 6.

Average definitions


a statistic describing the location of a distribution; "it set the norm for American homes"

See also: norm


(sports) the ratio of successful performances to opportunities


an intermediate scale value regarded as normal or usual; "he is about average in height"; "the snowfall this month is below average"


amount to or come to an average, without loss or gain; "The number of hours I work per work averages out to 40"


achieve or reach on average; "He averaged a C"


compute the average of


approximating the statistical norm or average or expected value; "the average income in New England is below that of the nation"; "of average height for his age"; "the mean annual rainfall"


lacking special distinction, rank, or status; commonly encountered; "average people"; "the ordinary (or common) man in the street"

See also: ordinary


lacking exceptional quality or ability; "a novel of average merit"; "only a fair performance of the sonata"; "in fair health"; "the caliber of the students has gone from mediocre to above average"; "the performance was middling at best"

See also: fair mediocre middling


around the middle of a scale of evaluation; "an orange of average size"; "intermediate capacity"; "medium bombers"

See also: intermediate medium


relating to or constituting the most frequent value in a distribution; "the modal age at which American novelists reach their peak is 30"


relating to or constituting the middle value of an ordered set of values (or the average of the middle two in a set with an even number of values); "the median value of 17, 20, and 36 is 20"; "the median income for the year was $15,000"