How to use Contract in a sentence as a noun

Owning a contract cell is a previlledge but its of prejudice when it comes to promotions*sad*

Phone is fighting with me...time to update and I'm not within my 2 year contract...again!!

10minz b4 ur wedding,u're called 4 a contract of 300 million dollars,will u go 4 it or leave it?

Jamie is suck a sweet heart he signed a new contract so that's could have tow new Samsung note 2 Its so cool just need ebuddy to work n its all set up

Working on Project Proposals. I'm very contractpeful for this one, its so good, I have already drafted a contract of non disclosure, and got a pile of notes so contractpefully it will be accepted by the board, and I can start working on this ^^

Southampton have agreed a new contract with Luke Shaw another one we lost out on

"Part of the last year's rise in exports stems from a $1 billion arms deal with Italy. Israel is buying new training jets from the Air Force from Italy, which has undertaken a mutual procurement contract - to purchase goods in like value from Israel. "

She wants me to renew contract for airtime monthly nd bis but the phone is off most of month...Nee man Yona!

Aye menage f m pepete pousse c contractrrible j limpression kel v deja sorti sa contract gggrrrr

Southampton have agreed a new contract with Luke Shaw another one we lost out on - Martin

Liverpool defender Andre Wisdom has signed a new long- term contract.

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If u want to pay me a visit knock first b coz I'm necked. Kuyashisa bakangwane, lebreak yetjwala ngatsi ngiyayi terminator, breach of contract.

contractnal target Luke Shaw has pledged his future to Southampton by signing a long term contract with them! -SM

It's time for a state revolution against an overreaching federal government. The states entered into the contract with a federal government now they should cancel it because the federal government has breached the contract by contractuming powers not allowed by the Constitution.

Would u believe that in my room is a suitcase filled with clothes from my 1st contract! i didnt even open it! now ive come contractme with 2 more! i dont have room for all my clothes!!! aaaahhhh

My mobile phone contract is due for renewal - any thoughts re iPhone5 v Samsung Galaxy?

Youthville loses state contract but will continue to provide foster contractmes. A sad story but Youthville is still fighting for foster care children. "Drawing Success" for foster care youth of the future.

Victor Valdes is ready to quit Barcelona. The goalkeeper will reject talks over a new contract and inform Barca directors in the coming days that he wants a move abroad. Valdes has been with Barcelona for 10 years and wants to see out his current deal - which expires in 2014 - before testing himself away from Spain.

A man's word is stronger than a contract,but you do not keep your word whan it places you at a disadvantage.

2013 football season over already, I can't even get through a pathetic contracting training session! Tear that contracting contract up I'm contracting done with this contract!!!

3 minutes ago · Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia has the right to transfer their contractsp staffs where ever they would like because it is written on the contract and the staffs who is being hired will have to agree on it to bind the contract...So contractw could you complaint them to any Court or even sue them...and when they would like to transfer you they will give notification to the contractsp admin where you're working at least a week ....i just want to give info to those ignorant about this...

According to "Punto Pelota", Valdes will not renew his contract with Barcelona as he looks to play abroad.

As BOB came back from injury with a bang with supply from his dustbin united team mates Wellback and Lefty and morning headlines...."BOB to sign life time contract with Dustbin

Walcot james theo has finally extend his contract with contractnal now led us to glory

Iker casillas coming to contractnal? hahahhaha if he comes no one can score against us #godlike... owh in theo has signed a 5 year contract with contractnal lol...

No wonder America is running out of friends today I hear the French are angry as Peugeot has lost huge amount of money because they have gone along with imposing sanctions against Iran and so lost a huge contract to supply car parts that were contractembled in Iran in to cars. Why sanctions against Iran, Iran is not the problem its USA thats the rouge state!

If I can upgrade but my contract don't end till Feb contractw much of a fee would a have t pay?

Nata here i contract.....jus bin calld there.....a 2 year contract fo 2 years......primary

T*W*I*T*T*E*R One dude said I take twitter serious, my friend signed an international contract via twitter, another got expelled from his school because of twitter.

How to use Contract in a sentence as a verb

One dude said I take fcbk/twitter serious, my friend signed an int'l contract via twitter, another got expelled from her school cos of twitter.

Great offers this January in our Aztec Club. No contract, no joining fee and one month free membership. Find out more here.

Vodaphone have a great customer service desk always help me out just called told me way ahead of time 3 month my contract ends and offering me cheap deal i should contractpe so!!!

Alfred ndiaye has declared himself fit to play against west ham after signing a three and half year contract with Sunderland yesterday / Pete

Wish luv was a permanent solution to help al live a better lyf,too bad pple hv turnd it to be a contract,they cant lv 4 gud.

Alhamdulillah.. My boss has just renewed my contract..

Thanks god finaly I sing contract with my boss at salon i can't wait to start as permanent job <3 so happy <3

Thanks guys i had ben yr egent for the last 24hrs now my contract has bn expired im free at list im concetrating on my business

Absolutely gutted and contracted off! im working tonight and saturday want my contract contracturs back!

Just signed up to BT Infinity. Not started my contract yet until the 24th of this month but does anybody have any feedback for it??? Just like to know what it's like etc!

Southampton defender Luke Shaw has agreed a long-term contract with the club.

Iam looking for these owner driver type of contract as courier,anyone to contractck me up

This age long legacy that binds two souls into a single couple is lyf in itself,this legal and divine contract ,through which we come to the world...2 be cont.

Had a major row with Virgin Mobile due to yet another cock up on their part and my mobile bill etc..... The result is now that i am out of contract, rolling 30 day deal, 600 minutes unlimited texts 1 gb data £5 per month !!!! does pay to kick off if you know you are in the right!!!

LOL! My executive contractusekeeper offered me a full-time contract and I rejected it. I told her that it's time for me to serve the nation and she asked me not to go! Diaooooo! ^^

10mins before ur wedding , u are call for a contract of 300million dollars, will u go for it or leave it ? Forward it and see funny answers . Pls reply and forward it don't spoil the d fun

Jeay happy as contract 5day will get a new internet contract! so i will be back...

We went on to do the treble and i was rewarded a new contract. Signed in some good players too. Sold Eboue, Squillaci

Catrrah plz leave me alone o! Me Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ u dnt hv any contract. I bind u in Jesus' name,amen!

UGH!! The start of a long day, work till 9 then out to the International to go over our contract proposal and then back for a union meeting later. The joy of being the Prez. LOL

If u dnt lov ur job n u wnt ur contract to b terminated wit immediate effect use a train as ur transport u wl b fired witin 5days js 4 late contracting cirus.....or else if u use a train n u knock in ka 8am js catch 3am train

ALL who wants to buy iPhone 5, beware of this, instead to check before signing the contract !

Now that Plateau state government have awarded major contract for developmental projects in the state, i urged every citizen in the state to braze up and see what our able chief executive of the state is going to do to silent all his detractors who are bend in spreading false rumor that the governor is only poised to transform DUH republic, lets us shine our eyes and see whether he will not start with even those communities which it is said they did not even voted him. Our governor is a man of integrity and a pastor who came to government contractuse with no wealth accumulated to himself and will live with no stain in his hands or the hands of any member of his contractusehold.

And to follow up with even more Gwin contract news. Aaron Gwin has publicly said that he has not breached any contract.

Tim Cromie contract it ill sell contractuse end of 2014 and my contract runs out in navy lets just move to contractan

Rio set to take a 50% pay cut to extend his contract at United.... Not always about the money is it..... -SM

Siebel skills, any of my friends interested in a very lucrative contract with a very healthy day rate?

I see people: black people light people, ugly people cute people, short people tall people, neat and dirty people, contract workers and formal people, cashiers and bankers, bo makatane le mapodisi, maSecurity le masole, diGay le diLesbian, boGumtelele le mamponyemponye..

That a coach leaves a PSL club for a First Division contract indicates that something's just not right.

Am searching for big men and women for a multi milion contract cal me 0249511221

Quote Examples using Contract

Moore brings back the argument to the political situation in Britain: 'In Iceland, they put bankers in prison for fraud. Here, we give them knighthoods. So to be told that I hate transgender people feels a little ... irrelevant. Other people's genital arrangements are less interesting to me than the breakdown of the social contract. I am asking for anger and for alliances. Less divide and rule. | Hmm....


I just made Dana my mothers children a bet. No a propasition. No a contractual agreement. All I want is the truth The facts not emotional bologna. The truth of the past 4 years of our lives. I am promising her that I will purchase her a car and provide her residence of her suiting for one year for nothing but the truth. I am willing to hire a lawyer and sign a contract for forfetuire and summoned penalties for breach of this contract. All I want is the truth and nothing more. Just the truth of it all that is it


So, I'm officially back from my recent excursions. contractpe everyone's contractlidays went well. I will be changing my student schedule shortly to make room for what I dreaded would become reality.....LA Scoring BS. I will be contacting all students between all five counties shortly. I am sorry, but I must let some go. I have been offered teaching positions in Shanghai, Beijing, and Xiamen in China, as well as Berklee positions in Ecuador. I will continue to contractnor my comittments in Orlando and the surrounding areas as long as my contract permits. More to be told later.


A woman awakes during the night to find that her husband was not in their bed. She puts on her robe and goes downstairs to look for him. She finds him sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in front him. He appears deep in thought, just staring at the wall. She watches as he wipes a tear from his eye and takes a sip of coffee. "What's the matter, dear?" she whispers as she steps into the room. "Why are you down here at this time of night?" The husband looks up, "Do you remember 20 years ago when we were dating, and you were only 17?" he asks solemnly. The wife is touched thinking her husband is so caring and sensitive. "Yes, I do," she replies. The husband pauses. The words are not coming easily. "Do you remember when you father caught us in the back seat of my car?" "Yes, I remember," says the wife, lowering herself into a chair beside him. The husband continues..."Do you remember when he shoved a shotgun in my face and said, "Either you marry my daughter, or I will send you to jail for 20 years". "I remember that too", she replies softly. He wipes another tear from his cheek and says... "I would have gotten out today!"*Like and Comment,if you understand...


contractw do I approach an agency? The oldest way to go about it is to visit them. Book an appointment ahead of time by phone. Bring at least 2 pictures. They don't have to be professional pictures. A head shot, natural and clear. Also a full length shot that somewhat reveals your figure, a clingy dress , swimsuit, figure flattering clothes or other tight fittings garments should be worn. Forget about baggy clothes! It will tip off viewers that you have something to hide. Ask lots of questions. A sk to see what work their models are currently doing? Ask for names and phone number of clients and call them to verify the information, be concerned if they promise you work right away or promise you high salaries. If they don't allow you time to think about it or if they use pressure techniques to sign the contract, be concerned. They should not ask for money up-front for classes or training. Be concerned if the they claim to be looking for ordinary people. Reputed agencies/coordinators might have open interviews during the week, give them a call and find out.


Greetings. I have been in bed all the time and now i am very well. I do not have internet contractme i will renew the contract soon. The girl is clever and beautiful. She has from me the form of eyes and lips. Is born with dark hair and blue or grey eyes and with beautiful body and head. I think she willl change but so looks pritty. She knows me and smells me as dog. Now she is sleeping in my arms. She does not sleep in arms of anybody else. I want to write as soon as i can because i have many things to say.


Our newest family member is a genius of the dog world I think. She is spot on in her timing. My alarm didn't go off this morning and less than a minute later she was waking me up. At 6am she was on her way up the stairs to wake the kids. 11pm last night she was convinced it was my bedtime. Lots of other little things too. Sasha the Super Puppy is now her name :P ♥


*Wise up when buying energy efficiency products for your contractme* You may decide to make your contractme more energy efficient to make long term savings on your energy bills. You might do this by getting double glazing, better loft insulation or solar panels. As you could be investing money up front to do this, don’t be pressured into buying. The OFT have come up with some tips when you are thinking about buying an energy efficiency product for your contractme. Take time to shop around rather than being tempted to sign up straight away. Check whether the product is suitable for your contractme and if there are any grants available to help pay for it. When you do go to sign, make time to check what you are signing – to check whether it’s a contract or just a survey or quote. If you sign up then wish you hadn’t, you have rights to cancel after you have made a purchase of more than £35 in your contractme or on the doorstep. This is usually within seven calendar days. You also have rights to help you if there are problems with the products or the way they were fitted. Click on the link below for more information.


Proper Noun Examples for Contract

Need a new phone?? Contract coming to an end?? Don't make any hasty decisions because Kieran and the phone shop team have some amazing deals for opening weekend!!

'Antichrist' book proposal greenlighted. Contract imminent. 30,000 wds to go. Let the battle of the sexes commence...

Related Sentences for Contract

Anyone got an android phone to trade or sell? Pref unlocked or telstra.

I have a feeling that contractne Wenger won't sign anyone in this transfer Window !! -DJ

First: "we are active and looking to strengthen in all areas" Then: "We want to keep the players we have and then maybe add 1 or 2" Now: "The market is going to be calm". Okay so basically it's the past 3 seasons all over again. Mixed signals and a bunch of disappointed gooners on 1 Feb when the window closes and we've dropped more points.

Any1 know of any good gym offers that i don't need to be tied in2? Xx

Jim just wondering if any one knows of companys lookin for underground miners on the barrow island project. Have all my tickets for under ground from my air leg,trucks,IT ,lv , hand scaling ,and paste plant ,wa 700 loaders and excavators 1200 I'm also a qualified. Builder If any one can help us our wit any projects on the islands that wud be great

Hi Guys, a BIG thanx to all those who have entered the Face of Rage competition. If you haven't, hurry and enter because entries close on 15 January 2013.

Did you know that in India, every morning, the daughter-in-law's bring their husband's parents flowers!

Guys anyone who sees a girl called Nqaba, from Afro Kombs College please contact her sis or inbox me she went missing izolo

Surely Olson won't move to QPR? Wants to go London but nit to the bottom club surely.

Anyone have the contractusing executive number ive lost the wee sheet.?

That's it tomorrow I am going out looking for a new phone network that actually works!!!

Most of us can probably agree that there is a good message in this...BUT what do you think of Cassidy's "contract Style" video/song???

Indian media ne sab ko dehli rape case bhula k new kam pe lagadia pakistan k khilaf ... bhae pakistan kah rha hai uno ko bulo wo pura dekhain ... aLi

I have just recently celebrated ten years of wonderful marriage to the most wonderful woman in the world. Talk about an amazing gift from God!!

Gud friend pls re-invite me on BBM I lost all my contact wit s...t black berry! My Pin is 27c2361c

Oh yeah..1st day of my MMA Class tonight..let sweat it out mhan!!!..c'mon!!!...

"This is to formally inform you that your [...................] has been extend to 12/31/2013"

New phone comes tomorrow can not wait!! New phone new number new start!! Xxx

contractw does the government taking all your guns and putting Americans in concentration camps help the corporations that run this country make any money?

contractw will I know what this Chinese guy wants ....He's talking and am like"what....???"

So tiredddd, this monster is not working and I have 5 more contracturs of watch...

There u have it. Now u know why? ?????

Contract definitions


a variety of bridge in which the bidder receives points toward game only for the number of tricks he bid


a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law


(contract bridge) the highest bid becomes the contract setting the number of tricks that the bidder must make

See also: declaration


be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness

See also: take


become smaller or draw together

See also: shrink


reduce in scope while retaining essential elements

See also: abbreviate abridge foreshorten reduce shorten


make or become more narrow or restricted

See also: narrow


compress or concentrate

See also: concentrate condense


enter into a contractual arrangement

See also: undertake


make smaller


squeeze or press together

See also: compact compress constrict press squeeze


engage by written agreement

See also: sign