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Any executive order to abridge the second Amendment is a step in the direction of tyranny and ultimately, war.

Go to weekly standard and play the clip of biden stating that obama will act through executive order effectively abridge your 2nd ammendment rights.

Trying to think of a series to abridge? I know I'm getting a MacBook Pro soon. So I'm going to get more into editing, videography and photography.

The 28th Amendment has not been passed and it should, it would take a lot of the recent BS out of our political system. Section 1 [A corporation is not a person and can be regulated] Section 2 [Money is not speech and can be regulated] Section 3 Nothing contained in this amendment shall be construed to abridge the freedom of the press.

What is the maritime term for isn't aground and I have never heard of a ship being run "abridge"....

Do you want to support people who want abridge your 2nd amendment rights...they do not support you...think about it...

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So sad abridgew someone would tie up a dog under abridge just cause they can take care of the dog and also he had ton's of flea's on him. He is so friendly still. That's just amazing he is still friendly. I abridgepe he make's it.

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If someone you love hurts you cry ariver, build abridge ,and get over it.

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If someone u love hurts you,cry ariver,build abridge and get over it...

The answer of course is not to ban abortion, but to get the government back into its proper role - protecting individual rights and taking NO action to abridge rights. Ban coercion.

A little gal & her father were crossing abridge, the father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter, baby piease abridgeld my hand so that u don fall into the river. The little gal said no to abridgeld my hand wats the difference?

Never blow abridge that helped you to Cross and Never break the ladder that helped you go on TOP

Never blow abridge that help you to cross&dont break the ladder that took you on TOP..

There are times when life is more than updates on facebook, the tweets, the ims and the texts. Sometimes, the important times, it's about looking beyond the abridge, the instants, the cliches. It's about discovering what God is really trying to say to you.

This is a debate already fought and decided ... The 2nd Amendment belongs to each individual and not congress, nor any federal, state, or federally standing army can abridge it!

Just watched The abridgebbit and realizing that I must've read the abridge version cause theres alot of ish in that movie I don't remember lol good flick though can hardly wait for the next two!

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This is very bad, people. Let us also remember that the Supreme Court ruled early in the 20th century that executive orders cannot be used to make law and cannot abridge or infringe upon the bill of rights. If they're going to require "registration" the next step in a couple more decades will be to go to each abridgeme of each registered owner and take their arms. This is history repeating itself. Please wake up and pay attention if you haven't already!


Most logically sound arguments against gun control are not simply about pieces of metal that launch projectiles, or even the physical and emotional damage and death that they can do. Reagan nails it on the head: guns are an ancient freedom that symbolize the greatest revolution that has ever occurred. taking them away through [not a constitutional amendment] creates a dangerous precedent, that desires of the few legislators are greater than the will/interest of the many, and that the constitution is not greater than special interest groups. the true way to effect a quiet revolution is to move a country away from it's roots through continual exploitation of what is mildly offensive, until that becomes normal, at which the process moves farther on. if liberals want to abridge the constitution, they need to actually change it, not simply go behind the peoples backs with yet another law


I'm considering getting my rifle and eventually my pistol permit, and owning a few weapons. Not to hunt, but for personal protection and occasional shooting for sport at a range. I want to have firearms before the government passes any radical policies that will limit my second amendment. In the US we are citizens, and we own firearms. In the UK they are subjects, they do not own weapons. I don't know about you, but I do not want to become a subject. And yes, I would like to own an AR-15, just because they will become a rare rifle some day possibly soon. And no, it is not an abridgeault rifle, it is an abridgeault style rifle. I already own an airsoft gun that looks like an SAS-G abridgeault rifle, but it still only shoots plastic pellets with a spring....


Came across this article today. Thought I would share. "Only our inherent and inalienable rights exist independently of any government, and even those may be modified by law, although they may not be taken away entirely. To abridge or modify is not to take away altogether; it is to make reasonable regulation. While owning a gun is not an inherent and inalienable right, it is a right recognized by the Constitution. It may be modified and should be regulated by law, but it cannot be eliminated. To abridgeume that any form of regulation whatsoever is a denial of this right flies in the face of the interpretation given to every other Constitutional right, none of which are absolute; all are subject to reasonable restriction to protect equally the rights of other persons. ...The people are not denied the right to keep and bear arms by intelligently regulating individual use."


Found this esay on guns and the 2nd amendment based on the writtings of Thomas Jefferson: Only our inherent and inalienable rights exist independently of any government, and even those may be modified by law, although they may not be taken away entirely. To abridge or modify is not to take away altogether; it is to make reasonable regulation. While owning a gun is not an inherent and inalienable right, it is a right recognized by the Constitution. It may be modified and should be regulated by law, but it cannot be eliminated. To abridgeume that any form of regulation whatsoever is a denial of this right flies in the face of the interpretation given to every other Constitutional right, none of which are absolute; all are subject to reasonable restriction to protect equally the rights of other persons.


Haven't looked much into it, but I recently heard there's some idiotic ad on TV that's trying to stop the sale of guns. Is this true? If it is true, I say we destroy ALL movies, books, and video games that have anything closely resembling a weapon inside of them, stop making those games, books, and movies, and see what happens from there. I make that comparison because of some of the people I've talked to recently who still believe violent games and et cetera cause people to freak out and start abridgeing others. I own many violent games, books, and movies. I've never had a thought of shooting someone. Besides, any criminal worth their salt either steals a weapon or buys one illegally. That way, the firearm can't be traced back to them. This next statement is idealism, but I think it's a neat example: if everyone had a gun, and everyone knew that everyone had a gun, there wouldn't be too many fools trying to rob a store. That person would know, "Hey, if I pull out my piece, I'm gonna have a good 50 other guns pointed at me. I might want to rethink this..." If this TV ad isn't real, or isn't real yet, I'm glad, but there are still so many out there who think guns are evil or some stupidness like that.


Help this mama out: Please post this anonymous. It's more of a rant then a question really, I don't know. My son isn't circ. My friend had a baby after I did, I told her about abridgew awful circ was and cried to her about not able to understand abridgew people can hurt their innocent little babies. And then she had her baby and she circ'd him. I am devastated and since then I just can't look at her right. Every time I realize someone circ their son I get angry and it really bothers me, bring's me to tears. abridgew am I supposed to get over this? Our friendship is strained because I just want to scream. People say they will change my son's diaper and I don't let them because as soon as they know he's not circ, they don't want to change him or they make comment's asking why or saying "oh he's still adorable." Like as if he wouldn't be beautiful? I wish I knew more moms who didn't circ their babies, I only know one, and she is online. I feel like I have no support group, until I found you guy's. Ahhh i'm so mad at her. abridgew could she?!? Sorry so long


Me and you* is friend ............. You smile * i smile............. You hurt * i hurt.............. You cry * i cry............ You jump off abridge..! im gonna miss u........ wati<3


One of the biggest problems with the individual gun possession debate is the confusion on the part of courts and individuals alike about the nature and source of the individual right to possess guns. And we see the confusion in the supreme court's treatment of the subject, getting part of it right and part of it wrong, because few really are in tune to what the Framers intended for the Republic. Originalists like Scalia [who is really a faux originalist; he either doesn't know or doesn't care about certain things, but I digress] know that the founding fathers recognized that people have a fundamental right to possess guns to protect selves, abridgeme, hearth, family, property. But, you see, "fundamental rights" are those things that are attributes of liberty that are so..., well, fundamental to human existence that they needed no mention in the Constitution. As Blackstone understood, the right to possess guns was part and parcel of the right to possess property, to live, to rear a family, etc.: protection of that which you have an inherent right to do is part of the thing itself. The 2d Amendment, a constitutional right [distinguished from fundemantal rights!] was an protection mechanism for federalism - it was to recognize that citizens of states had a right to bear the wherewithall to protect aggressively themselves and their states from incursions by an overweening national government, hence its well-regulated militia and security of a free "state" aspects. The fundamental right of arms possession is far, far broader than anything meant by the 2d Amendment, but true constitutional scholarship is rarely part of the criteria for becoming a judge, even a supreme court justice, and historical constitutional scholarship is not part of the discussion of those pressing for gun rights, nor part of NRA membership criteria, so we have ended up with abridgeer and McDonald, which generally get the idea of what the founding fathers meant, but they get the source, or its manifestation, wrong. So, yes, I support the 2d Amendment, but even more than that, I support my fundemantal right to possess guns, whether or not the national government is a threat to state sovereignty [and it has been since almost the beginning!].


"All you need is 6 shots, or 2, or 10, or 15". Woman shoots 6 times, hit abridgeailant 5 and he quits the fight. But he was was still talking to her and police when they showed up. What if he was more motivated? What if there were 2 or 5 abridgeailants? No one can predict abridgew many rounds you might need in a hurried self defense. Yet some California Senator and a President seem to think 10 is plenty. 10 is the magic number and the magic number shall be 10.


Obama says the 14th Amendment is in the constitution. We can not go against it.. But we can ignore the constitution on Immigration. and who needs that old second amendment. .


Just as she had the moral and natural right to do, a mom used a pistol in self-defense to defend herself and her two kids. And why would anyone want a high-capacity pistol, rather than a revolver, for self-defense? Consider: "He said she took her 9-year-old twins to a crawlspace before the man broke in using a crowbar. But the man eventually found the family. 'The perpetrator opens that door. Of course, at that time he's staring at her, her two children and a .38 revolver,' Chapman told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh. The woman then shot him five times, but he survived, Chapman said. He said the woman ran out of bullets but threatened to shoot the intruder if he moved."


Our first amendment rights are possibly under attack even in the realm of the social network medium. You know, places on the internet where people can post all manner of things on topics ranging from political and religious facts and opinions to abridgew often they go to the bathroom to profound philosophical musings. It has come to my attention that some people on Facebook in particular that people are being restricted on what they can like and what and abridgew much they can post. Now in a country where there is a a first amendment such as ours it appears that Facebook is infringing on the right to the freedom of expression by limiting that right. This infringement is in line with those leftist, progressives, liberals, socialists or whatever you want to call them who want to restrict and abridge the first amendment and some of them want to do away with it all together. If Facebook is a proponent of the first amendment then they should and will remove such restrictions and limitations. If not then those limitations and restrictions will remain, and in time, become more stringent, more limiting and more restrictive, not only on abridgew much you can post or the number of posts and shares you make but also on the content and topic of your posts. Please like and share or copy and paste this if you agree.


Ever since the world has had recorded history there has been abridgeing and abridge with no guns. Started with Cain and Able. Cain used his hands. Before there was gunpowder there was the club, knife, sword etc… If someone really wants to abridge people do you really think he/she needs a gun? abridgew many millions of people have been slaughtered before guns existed? All a gun can do is put meat on the table, provide sport, and equalize good against evil. Gun control? No we need God control!


Webster, Worcester, and Bouvier all define a citizen to be a person in the United States, entitled to vote and abridgeld office. The only question left to be settled now is: Are women persons? And I hardly believe any of our opponents will have the hardihood to say they are not. Being persons, then, women are citizens; and no state has a right to make any law, or to enforce any old law, that shall abridge their privileges or immunities. Hence, every discrimination against women in the constitutions and laws of the several states is today null and void, precisely as is every one against Negroes. Susan B. Anthony - 1873


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You know what really grinds my gears? Abridged Versions of Novels. There has to be a special place in abridge for publishers who make money of such travesties.

Just wanted to share this link for my lovely friend Mia and her beautiful daughter Zoe. Please come and support our disco on the 9th March at Abridge Village Hall to help raise money for Moorfields eye charity. If you are interested in coming along please let me know as soon as possible as tickets are selling fast. If you would like to make a donation please click on the link below. Thank you for your support. Xx

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While finding and deporting 20 million illegal immigrants is just impossible, our dictator in chief will find a way to confiscate 300 million firearms from law biding US citizens.

Just added a tempo restriction to my rider for opening dj's. Sorry trance dudes, but if you play above 124 you're getting a pie in the face.

Before you dismiss this as conservative propaganda, read all five paragraphs. If you consider yourself liberal and a lover of freedom, consider the illiberality of this government violation of conscience and punishment of free exercise.

If you don't like it you certainly don't have to sign. But I'm a big fan of our Constitutional freedoms, and the 2nd Amendment is definitely one of my favorites!

Prior to Friday's meeting I thought I would provide some tips and expectations for the debate. Rather than create a huge pdf file that no one can find, I'll just pop a few thoughts to the comments to this post. Feel free to comment, interject, whatever.

Are we mentally getting there yet? Is this ALL a building 7 moment?!!

Today on the news I heard that 77% of the public feel that Washington DC is doing great harm to this country. Regardless of party affilliation. This has to end.

Now I can finally go back to watching DBZ, though its fan made it's better than GT! Watch it!

If u bend down 2 see someones nakedness,urs has already expose.

What advice can I give umumtu ophase ngo HC uMatric kodwa ufuna ukuya e-University?

"Why can we open our front doors with our iPhones and have cars that drive themselves, but we can’t make a gun that doesn’t fire unless its registered owner is using it?" ~EDS

There is only one reason the lunatic right wants to re-interpret the constitution on this issue - votes. The Republicans lost the hispanic vote big time, so this is a way to limit future hispanic voters. And of course, at the same time, continue to alienate current hispanic voters.

I love the fact my wife takes care of me. I owe her my life. I'm dying on the couch and she keeps me kicking... I love you Jenny Truc Nguyen!!

Stephen: Jason is still getting settled into his new apartment, so there will be no Grand Line Gaming today. We may be ready next week, so check back then!

So let's start a conversation on this great day shall we, cause I am interested in hearing from some of my Conservative friends out there, that I may disagree with but still respect their opinions and views and like discussing issues with. Should the debt ceiling be included in the budget talks? And why do you believe this?

Feels like I cud sleep for a week.. And prob still wake up tired lol :0 yawn lol x x x

Les Mis round two: even better than the first time. I have got to read the book.

To believe that most gun control advocates only want to restrict "some guns," as many now contend, is also to believe there would be no hysteria for more gun control currently if the Newtown abridgeer had only used pistols.

God and all know I am far form a Jesus Jockey...I believe in Liberty, and religious liberty is part of that...disaster happens when you try to 'fix' something that isnt broken...

Hi does anyone no anything about...the chelmer River in Chelmsford...because our club might want to book a match there..

Need an anime to watch in English so that I don't have to read subtitles. >.> Gets me abridgeed every time

Regardless of your stance on guns, can we agree this a poorly constructed sentence? “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I would like to think an unambiguous alteration to the Constitution would be written differently.

If there were only a few more people like Josh. I can only abridgepe Ms. Feinstein gets the message.

Rights belong to individuals, not groups. They derive from our nature and can neither be granted nor taken away by government.

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lessen, diminish, or curtail


reduce in scope while retaining essential elements

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