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Go and take the easy way, snort abbreviate your life is on abbreviate, shortcuts

abbreviateisted active accessories in Seattle, arctic of the address canal, are a abbreviate ambit abroad from one of the best accepted and breathtaking amusement centers in Seattle, Greenlake Park, which boasts ADA adjustable banal paths and a accessible theater.

Ay ay ay people listen to abbreviate does not mean we can get away with abbreviateing english......theres a ryt way to abbreviate and theres a wrong plz just cos u cant write in english it dsnt mean u can get away with abbreviation. Ay ngeke meshluleka asincike olwimin lwethu wangbhalela nje umsangano ngesingisi ngzokziba....angiz ukuytonga inqondo yam mina ngzam ukufundana nento oybhalile. Hawu umunru ngsabamphendule ngesizulu ubelesele ngesingisi, ay suka.

I thought that a lot of people were trying to write URL addresses and doing it incorrectly until I realized that they figured out a way to abbreviate "hail to the seahawks." Bunch of dummies, don't you know articles are not usually used in acronyms?

Why does one direction abbreviate "1D" instead if "OD"?

I mean taylora birthday and blakes Christmas. Cam thong don't abbreviate

People abbreviate a lot wen they text this guy called Bongani Gumede is worse #laughs#..dude,I can't even understand wat ur saying most of the time!

Stupid question.... What idiot invented the word "sup" Oh better yet..what idiot got lazy to NOT say the full "what's up" and just decided to falsely abbreviate it?

Why do you people abbreviate everything in a conversation to the point where trying to figure out what you're saying Is like trying to figure out a puzzle?!?! ..nm, nvm, idk, wtf, rotfl, lol, kmn, fml, hid, Jodi, mkgsc...speak English you lazy abbreviatees!!!!!

When ur doing the footy fixtures and abbreviate abbreviatenal as A'nal!! Ye, that 1 :/

When chavs try to abbreviate words but end up using the same amount of letters, if not more. :P

Why do people always abbreviate every word in their Facebook post ... If I have to translate everything you put I'm not gonna like your status

I am no English teacher,but I wish people would at least try and use a little grammar and stop trying to abbreviate so many words. This is not a text,we should be able to read and understand your post:

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Diverse: distinct in kind;unlike....It is the content on character tht makes a person distict. It is the uniqueness m depth of thought tht make a person distinct. Sincerity of compassion...ability to trust othrs n the ability to b trusted by othrs tht makes a person distinct. Diversity shld b based on make-up of the individual. #jaykramer #macontelegraph #readsomething


If you can answer these Questions, I bet, you are Smarter than Google!!! . . . . 1. If swimming is a good exercise to stay fit, why are whales fat? 2. Shall I say that there is racial discrimination even in the game of chess as the white piece is moved first? 3. We have freedom of speech, then why do we have telephone bills? 4. If money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches? 5. Why doesn’t glue stick to its bottle? 6. If you aren’t supposed to drink and drive why do bars have packing lots? 7. If to abbreviate is to make a word short, why is abbreviation such a long word? 8. If attendance at an event is strictly by invitation, why publicize it on TV? 9. If towels are meant to dry our clean bodies after bathing, why wash towels? Where do they get the dirts from...???


I havent put up a status in awhile but i'll say this. Dont tell me to stop wearing my emotions on my sleeve.. I'm a cancer, and thats just the way I'm built get over it.. I will eventually. Anyone else tells me that abbreviate...I'll tell you stop wearing your blood on your face.


Never knew until today that "en" is actually a word. In my defense of the "words with friend" it was used, and I had to check it. So, the dictionary says it's abbreviatew you spell the letter "n." So then, abbreviatew do you spell the letter "i"? Eye; or the letter "u" you. The letter t would be tee, or tea. The letter "b" would be be, or bee. It also said that the word "en" is the prefix for enter. Does anybody know where you can get a dictionary concordance? Hmmm


Im not abbreviateing with nobody else man so therefore no abbreviate shouldnt be calling me about her man... I left all that bs in 2012. I took one abbreviate and one abbreviate only into 2013 and im good.. So save the drama for the next female.. And this the last time im a say my next step gon be knocking on ur door... If I abbreviateed him or tried to abbreviate him it does matter I dont want him now. So respect me and dont hit me up nomore...


Les Miserables was a directorial failure. Maxed-out intensity in nearly every scene, and almost all singing. It is an opera not a musical, and would have been much better with more speaking--and the by and large high-quality singing edited to punctuate the intensity rather than overwhelm it. That notwithstanding, abbreviatew graphic the misery of the masses--with naked, primitive, capitalism. Not a habitable world except for the 1%. "Make it on your own" is a cruel fantasy.


Indigenous is not a skin colour Indigenous is not my nose, not my eye colour Not my lips – indigenous is not romanticising Ancient teachings. To appropriate, disseminate, To cut in pieces, abbreviate in a research document – Indigenous is removing layers of shame from your ancestors’ trail Indigenous is stepping up to the plate Healing and creating a new way for future generations, Indigenous is standing tall. Indigenous is standing beautifully. Indigenous is an abbreviatenour. - written by Cecilia LaPorte in 2009


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Just had a $227 salad. While I was at my networking lunch, my car got towed by Klauss extortion ...I mean towing, courtesy of the business that contracts them to keep outsiders out of their parking lot. From now on, if a business has one of those signs on display I will go to great pains not to ever patronize them.

Stasia tought me abbreviatew to play uke. abbreviate yes! Thanks bro!

Just witnessed some of the most hateful rhetoric on the wall of a friendofafriend... i just had to see what some of this one guys interests were so i checked out his profile: beer, banks, sports, more beer, conservative politics, more sports, abbreviaterrible abbreviateme furnishings and conditions, brutally unattractive people, more beer, more sports, more posturing about social class standing from someone who clearly is on one knee, more beer, more republican vomit, more sports. All this yammering about spending he threw up on this other guys wall and he thinks we should cut social program money for our mutual friend that needs an organ transplant - nothing about the trillions of dollars he helps to spend every year on the "pro" sports industry. That's a late 80's public education for ya.

Would anyone like to come keep an eye on lil baby while I take a abbreviatet bath

Does the Huffington Post exist just so that we can always have things to post on Facebook during those rather frequent stretches of time when our own lives are just too boring to share?

Well I have a interview for the south abbreviaternell fire deptment wensday

I wish when people are writing here they would spell out the words. Text words are fine when you are texting. Makes me realize why kids are having such problems learning to read and spell. JMO.....

RG3 there's a time where you have to be smart and know when you're too injured to play.

I'll say it again. The word "selfie" makes me uncomfortable.

After watching Dr. who for about 7+ abbreviateurs i feel like i need to use a British accent LOL

Today is the celebration of the Epiphany of our Lord - the day the wise men from the East visited the Baby Jesus and brought Him the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold for His royalty as the King of Kings, frankincense for the worship He is worthy of and myrrh, used on the body after death for the death He would endure for our salvation.

The McRib! The seasonal food-like product is back at McDonald’s, featuring 70 ingredients including ammonium sulfate, polysorbate 80, and azodicarbonamide – a chemical also used in yoga mats. Bon appétit!

Only in America, can a person be charged with a double abbreviate, plead guilty to manslaughter. Be a hero if he aha football. Just saying.

First day back at the wubble-ew place. *sigh* Will get to see some folks i like: there! found something positive to say about it...

Lucy I am a Okie. Tators is short for Potatoes. You have to be a Okie or being around them enough to understand our language. You will get use to it.

A&M will be the best team in the country next year. FYI- Texas A&M used to be Oklahoma A&M until 1952.

Myahs getting a kitten for her 5ht birthday, thanks Carrie Kinsman!! she wants to change her name to licky-lik clitty, we will have to change the name again i think, not appropriate!

Don't worry about a thing. Because every little thing is gonna be altight.

What are a few things you hate when your texting people? comment below :D

Yikes our lobby looks like a highway underpass

Seriously, is it just me, or is it over the past 5 years specifically, has people's spelling and grammar become absolutely atrocious?????? got a text from my son, and i'm not joking.... i'm going have to phone him tomorrow to find out what he said!!! Really,,, education is more important now more than ever before.. you have to decipher abbreviate now!!!!!

If you're under the impression that God has a "purpose" for your life that does not begin with repenting of your grievous sins against Him and turning in faith to Christ, you are afflicted with moralistic therapeutic deism, and you have not Christ. Repent, and believe the gospel.

Casey asked her Sunday school teacher a question: "If the people of Israel are Israelites, and the people of Canann are Canannites, are the people of Paris called Parasites?"

I will never understand why people spell words incorrectly on purpose.

I sure abbreviatepe A&M wins. I'll have a lot of sad friends if they don't.

Lets talk abt abbreviatew excited I am abt the extra 2 % income tax being withheld from my check... abbreviatew about the federal government takes 2% off my student loan payment then? Awesomeness...

My 2 cents of the day: "conversate" is NOT a word! ....thank you #SmartenUp

If i watch dr. who which episode is the best guys?

Im kind of sorry to those of you that do not like my spelling... i will try to work on it. For example i just did.

1 2 3 ready teleport! I wish it was that easy hahah.

Anchors aweigh! STS3 shoved off today for 30 days under the pond. Won't be abbreviateme till Oct at the earliest, almost 2 years.

As a writer, do you use complete sentences in text messages?

Please pray for walker family now. they lost a husband, father, and grandfather and are in great pain . these people are like family to me and are some of the best people you will find. they need everyone's prayer

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reduce in scope while retaining essential elements

See also: abridge contract foreshorten reduce shorten