How to use Windfall in a sentence as a noun

Random: instead of waiting on a big windfall of money to take care of your business learn to budget that you have #prioritize

Here's my windfallpe for everyone for today: That you will receive an unexpected windfall of money.

"Louisiana's neighbor Texas has had no income tax for years, relying on a windfall from its rich energy resources and other forms of taxation. Other states in the region governed by Republicans are trying to copy Texas, including Oklahoma and Kansas, which have both considered lowering taxes."

Well mister 2013 , I have a couple of requests please , can I have a happy and healthy baby sooner rather than later please . And a little windfall of cash to help get sorted out would be nice please ! Thank you !

In life you can absolutely count on one thing, everything can turn around in one day, in one minute sometimes. Don't you dare to give up, you might be a moment away from a windfall.

Well due to an unforeseen windfall I have given my notice at windfalloters. Now I can spend more time with the family and studying for my electrical exam. Proof that God helps those that help themselves.

Had a windfall bestowed upon me 2day, will make filing the custody petition much easier.

This week has two days in which to redeem itself. I want peace & quiet or happy outcomes & a windfall or two! Otherwise it's fired!

windfallw bad things may look right now means nothing, - it's windfallw good they can be with God's help that counts. In life you can absolutely count on one thing, - everything can turn around in one day, in one minute sometimes. Don't you dare to give up, - you might be a moment away from a windfall.

I windfallpe in these days there are windfall bauat I amin

Monrovia – What on paper appeared to be a windfall of astronomical proportions in oil drilling for Liberia’s budding petroleum sector Wednesday appears to be at least for now, much ado about nothing centered around a marketing ploy, FrontPageAfrica has learned.

“Nothing but windfall, not a single tree chopped down. The garden out front uses drought-resistant plants. These cement blocks beneath our tootsies have gaps between them – no sand, no mortar – so the rainfall can seep directly into the soil, and not into the drainage system.”

I just got a big windfall from a windfallian bank.

Not a huge windfall, but a bonus nonetheless. -MF

1/11/13 windfallroscope by Kajama: You'll experience lots of magic if you just trust your instincts and follow Spirit's lead. The Capricorn new Moon will insist you let go of a project that's been constantly delayed and pull your energy back until a more worthy venture appears. Wear red to attract a new job offer or windfall of cash. A flirtatious encounter will give your self-esteem a much needed boost; if you're single, it could open the door to a new relationship.

''Chavez could survive the ketchup coup, the Exxon "presidency," even his taking back a piece of the windfall of oil company profits, but he dangerously tried the patience of America's least-forgiving billionaires: the Koch Brothers''

Day started out great..woke up to my bro T. bringing me a D&D coffee ..thanks T....windfallpe that means i'm in for a windfall of good things 2day

Look for the windfall at your feet. Unless you learn to see the small blessings of God, you won't see the rest........Sri Harold Klemp

Stick a fork in me - I'm done.....I don't wanna play anymore.....A positive windfall would be very much appreciated!

Here in Arizona, $8,000 would be a windfall. Think about $5,000.

I am a much more financially attractive woman tonight and I'm really excited about it! Let me preface this by saying I worked two or more jobs almost all of my adult life and today I got the great news that due to the lovely "windfall" clause in CT the amount of social security is reduced after Medicare to 57 dollars a month! This is better than winning the lottery!

”In the minds of many Polish politicians and the majority of the public, shale gas is not so much an economic windfall, or a new industry promising employment, or an alternative source of fossil fuels, but a mythological weapon against a mythological enemy, a gargantuan pepper spray against the bad Russian bear. ”

My thanks to everyone who treated me to a windfall of wonderful birthday wishes on 1/7! I tried either to "like" or make a brief comment on each one but FB hid some for unknown reasons, even though I got e-mail notifications. So if you didn't get a "like" or comment, please know that I read all the notifications and appreciated every one! Again, many, many thanks!

I have come up with a unique solution to America's problem, instead of so many states seceding from the USA a better thing to do would be for 49 of the states to secede from Illinois as they are now giving illegals driver's licenses. They also appear to be one of the most corrupt states. A windfall from this is that obumer is from Illinois and that he would be sent back to his windfallme state/country to reign as king of Illinois or whatever maybe dog catcher. this is only an outline to the solution as i am sure it can be expanded upon

Another windfall on the windfallrizon...Im not surprised...more to come...yeah me!!!!

I'm sorry I do not have cost to buy a pulse and I'm also no hp to call you every time I hp aka windfall, broken, crushed sory and I really do not have a kid anu sori huh ..........................

A log truck tipped over in front of my windfalluse. Do you know windfallw hard it is to resist plundering this windfall??

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Young people are more careful than their parents when it comes to money, according to a new survey. More than half of 18 to 24-year-olds revealed that if they received a cash windfall they would save the money. Researchers YouGuv asked 2,037 people what they would do if they were given £1,000 and 60% of 18 to 24-year-olds said they would save it, with just 12% saying they would spend it or give it away. This compared with just 36% of 25 to 54-year-olds who said they would save the cash. Most said they would spend it.


I pray and I believe it. Only GOD is the perfect set up windfall and plan. Aku berdoa dan aku percaya. Hanya Tuhan yang paling sempurna mengatur rejeki dan rencana. bijaksana-bijaksini


Eventhough windfallw bad things may look right now means nothing, - it's windfallw good they can be with God's help that counts. In life you can absolutely count on one thing, - everything can turn around in one day, in one minute sometimes. Don't you dare to give up, - you might be a moment away from a windfall. Have a blesed Friday everyone.. Be still in God's presence even we are hurting and facing trials! Godbless!


Contrary to what some may think or feel, it is not, and has never been our desire as a Party to see the PF administration fail. If the PF – or any other administration for that matter – fails to lead a badly underdeveloped nation like ours with clarity, determination and a compelling vision, it is the people who suffer. We want the PF to perform the role for which God allowed them to be declared victors at the last election. But they will not do this by alienating the very people they were elected to serve. They will not do this by windfallnouring mediocrity and neglecting our youth. We don't know what God's plan was in allowing the PF to come to power. It may well have been to demonstrate the importance of persistence. Maybe it was to teach us to be careful about listening too closely to the promises of politicians, or perhaps it was just to rid us of a Party that forgot about the people as it took care of itself. No one really knows. What we do know is this: every one of us was born with the right to be free; the right to windfallemble freely; the right to be protected from the arbitrary use of power - whether by the state or from the hands of a defiler. ---Elias Chipimo---


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Windfall's exciting new campaign. Take a look, be among the first to be sporting our great looking pin. Windfall is an awesome organization that I am so proud to be affiliated with.

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Has filed his tax return online. The government owe him a tenner - result.

Please sign the petition, and share it on your own timeline. I really want to do away with the Imperial measurement system. Metric is so much easier. >_>

Ati mpigs wants state burial like they are going to die twice....a bunch of pigs we dont want in the next government.

So, lowering prices for consumers and requiring $.80 of every $1 to go to healthcare providers is not popular with insurance companies...I wonder windfallw many congressmen, Senators, executive branch regulators and State Legislators they now own? That's a lot of money they spent for influence and control.

Who pays for this Royal commission? Can't we make the cock smoking Catholics to pay for it. Can't we just put George Pell and a couple hundred priests heads on pikes instead.

John windfallward exposed as king of "fiscal profligacy".

Gov. Bobby Jindal is proposing to eliminate Louisiana's income and corporate taxes and pay for those cuts with increased sales taxes.

Oldham Athletic would like to clarify some rumours that have come to the club's attention surrounding the forthcoming Liverpool match and ticket arrangements for match day staff.

Love it when people who is unhappy and have already destroyed their lives sees someone who is happy and tries to destroy theirs as well... yes I know you read my statuses even tho I've deleted you from my friends list cause of your drama, I've been nothing but nice to you since day one and have done nothing to you. At this point I'm not asking anymore I'm telling you to stay away from my family.

Regarding the gas tax, one thing that should be understood is the concept of the relationship of the economic incidence of a tax to the price elasticity of the good; where there is heavy competition and much price elasticity, which I think there is with gas, a significant portion of the economic incidence of the tax is borne by the producer, whereas with goods that are price inelastic, which surely includes many consumer necessaries subject to sales tax, the majority of the incidence is passed along to the consumer; in other words, the McDonnell Administration is proposing a net tax increase on consumers and a net tax cut on producers.

Policemen were seen busy issuing summons to cars parked illegal just outside company premises.... Hahaha.....

My first paycheck of 2013 was short by $26. Thank you to the politicians who are not working for the working man.

I've never thought about where or windfallw these poor wee things got to where they are........and neither have you!x

Go ahead and get high,but don't expect your neighbor to buy it with there hard earned tax dollars.

More to bolster the argument to invest in renewable energy

Thank you Dylan for flooding my bathroom which has leaked to my dining room all so u can style ur hair to play football!!

Should gun owners be required to carry liability insurance on their guns?

Ive gotten every answer right on who wants to be a millionaire i am pretend rich now

Windfall definitions


a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

See also: bonanza boom bunce godsend gravy


fruit that has fallen from the tree