Career in a sentence as a noun

I've been coding my whole career and I'm still coding.

* The earlier in your career it is now, the more important this time is for your development.

In a past career I used to work in the Controller's office for one of the Big 3 auto companies.

" [1]Plus, Michael's quote from the announcement, "I now fully expect to spend the rest of my career pushing VR as far ahead as I can.

People I've known who have gone into management generally didn't really want to be programming - it was just the means to kick start their careers.

Those are great places to build your career and gain some credibility/savings/experience while society figures out where the future will be.

The pay is usually better and it's a natural career progression most organizations are built around.

But how would you even know that if you don't hire them?No career plans or visionI've been programming for 33 years and still have no idea what I want to do when I grow up.

Career in a sentence as a verb

My fellow HNers:It does depress me, daily, that I do not have a career in physics or chemistry or biology or medicine where I could work on "big problems.

It was one of the highlights of my professional career, and I got advice and inspiration that directly helped get AR launched the following month.

He acknowledges, as several comments here have pointed out, that he made inexpedient career decisions.

We need to add a new rule to the political rulebook that she's playing by. Ending her career is necessary to send a lesson to every other prosecutor who sees a guy like Aaron the way a housecat sees a cornered rat.

This was not a "dead-end job", he was the first hire at a newly formed company, there was definitely an opportunity for him to grow his career in a highly lucrative field.

I think we should care more about women earning 77 cents on the dollar and having an unfairly hard time recovering their career progress after maternity than about an occasional dongle joke.

That made me think of a way to evaluate the hiring procedure mentioned in this blog post--do empirical validation of whether people hired through that procedure really do better work over the course of their career than people hired through other procedures.

Jenny, the manager of the YUI team back then, really took a chance on me, and that really changed my entire career path.\nI solved a bunch of YUI bugs, added a few features here or there, and I always tried to help other folks on #yui on IRC, the mailing list, or in-person here at Yahoo, which I really enjoyed.

Career definitions


the particular occupation for which you are trained

See also: calling vocation


the general progression of your working or professional life; "the general had had a distinguished career"; "he had a long career in the law"


move headlong at high speed; "The cars careered down the road"; "The mob careered through the streets"