Veering in a sentence as a noun

This rant is veering off onto "man telling women what to do" and for that I apologize.

On the plus side the visuals from the multiple planets veering close to destroying it would have been a sight to remember.

It would be strange for me to assume he is veering off topic rather than commenting on the situation I described.

Any deviation from that as a possible path is seen as veering off course or failing or "career ending" and you just end up in mere "jobs".

My understanding is that ukraine was veering towards closer alliance with europe before all this started.

> all it tries to do is get a behavior comprable to screen So, veering from the tmux defaults to change them to the screen defaults takes more work in tmux than in screen?

This is veering off the original topic, but isn't the ability to embed arbitrary text into the blockchain a bit problematic?

Apple, Gruber's Beatrice, is engorged as a company, and seems now to be veering from interestingly complex to dully complicated.

This is frighteningly normal.$500,000 won't make prosecutors suddenly interested in veering away from extinguishing people to win.

I couldn't make it past the first page of the article because I felt it was veering too much into the territory of "I have an axe to grind, and I'm looking for anecdotes to support it.

Veering definitions


the act of turning aside suddenly

See also: swerve swerving