Swerving in a sentence as a noun

Pull you over, lies and says you were "swerving" or refuses to give you a reason.

These products were ideas that Microsoft had left behind, too busy swerving around trying to find a mission.

I still see the occasional kernel panic; how would you like a kernel panic that sent your car swerving into a tree?

And the parade of F1 cars is following as if it's a walk in the park, swerving left-and-right in an effort to keep their tires warm at such "slow" speeds.

The vast majority of fatalities are exactly what these laws won't help with: people swerving the gates, or walking on the tracks.

Very dangerous when everyone is swerving into incoming traffic and slamming on breaks to avoid them.

The swerving left and right actually does not keep their tires warm, especially at those lower speeds since they aren't generating enough downforce.

And still they always end up in the wrong lanes and end up swerving across traffic at the last minute, because they don't actually know where they're going or how the street layout works.

I've been in a situation twice now where swerving to avoid a biker put other people in the intersection in danger, people who were innocent and could have lost their lives.

If you're swerving a lot, accelerating then stomping on your brakes, jerking from lane to lane... it's an indication that you're not planning ahead and are therefore driving badly.

Proper Noun Examples for Swerving

Swerving in a car accident is most of the time the wrong choice as well, you're most likely to cause more harm to someone swerving in an unpredictable direction then you are straight on, unless of course you can see someone ahead, something on the road or about to have a head-on collision with another car.

Swerving definitions


the act of turning aside suddenly

See also: swerve veering