Swerve in a sentence as a noun

They can detect it just fine, but they can't tell if it's safe to run over or the car should swerve to avoid it.

As I approach the intersection, I see a pothole, swerve to avoid the hole, and the van pulls forward.

When I'm driving, I'm more than fine with cyclists who stop at stop signs, use hand signals to show their intentions, don't swerve around wildly in and out of my lane, etc.

Do you swerve the car to look at a billboard?Drivers who are affected by passive distractions are usually inexperienced.

Longer execution times typically result in poorer results, since a stock's price can swerve away from where it was when the order entered the market.

Swerve in a sentence as a verb

I've been in a couple of car accidents caused by other people luckily and not once during any of those crashes did I weigh up my options between which car or which direction to swerve.

Not only will auto-braking and auto-swerve technologies solve the distracted driver problem.

Has helped ever since and eventually the thoughts faded away ... now ******* is merely a passing curiousity that momentarily pops into mind as a "Y'know, I wonder what it'd be like to just swerve into that truck coming down the opposite lane right now.

In particular, because a human driver focuses on monitoring the road ahead, they cannot determine instantaneously whether it is optimal to continue straight and hit the animal or to swerve into oncoming traffic or the adjacent lane.

The math does not work out when you take into consideration that bicycles need to keep a greater distance to the right to avoid morons who open doors into traffic and that, having only two wheels, they will naturally swerve left and right, and often do so on purpose to avoid the various pitfalls that are not maintained roads, where a light hit to the suspension on a normal car can dead stop your wheel and send you flying.

Swerve definitions


the act of turning aside suddenly

See also: swerving veering


an erratic deflection from an intended course


turn sharply; change direction abruptly; "The car cut to the left at the intersection"; "The motorbike veered to the right"

See also: sheer curve trend veer slue slew