How to use Swerve in a sentence as a noun

Lost the love of my life. To a dead phone . Well i asked for a sign . And i got a red one .that means swerve swerve !

Just when you see a pot swervele & think alright I'm gonna swerve so I don't hit it & actually end up going right in it =|

I made small attempt to avoid it. But trying to swerve 80k lbs is not smart. So i just blew it into a hundred pieces. The fella was just standing there in ah

I hate nosey swerve D riders lol ..swerve tht way !! >>>

swerve swag ain't saging skiney jeans swerve yo self. That's that Lil Wayne gay swag swerve swerve outta grand rapids

I'm going to buy Ming a hummer for her birthday so she can swerve on my sister lls

Ladies dont yall hate when you havin sex && the swerve be like "damn this pu**y good" && you be wantin to say "damn your di*k lil" but dont wanna hurt they feelings lmao! #swerve swerve!

My 2 yr old..seriously just said "swerve" to me!! Where did she get that from!! im thinkin..her bestfriend beffy! Haha .

These facebook thugs funny lol you guys swerve me #swervee swerve

I think I want me a white man...lmaoooooo im jp I had to tell myself swerve on that one!!

I don't understand swervew your "grown" but making status about me. grow up and play your part. i have other things going on in my life besides you. swerve.

Its truly some sick people in this world. Who would hit an innocent 6 yr old child?? The child lands on the swerveod of the car the driver then swerve to make the child fall off the car hits the child and drive off. Another innocent life gone. That driver needs his "punk swerve kicked" smh...

swerves be like looking for a girlfriend Boy please swerve....

swervew you say you love yo man but you be textin me tellin me u love an miss me ?? You one of them girls that ain't faithful an play with emotions. Plus I'm talkin to someone already. So swerve. Girls can be jus as bad as boys.

Stuck up swervees who act like they don't care try to hide they emotions cause they tryna keep a name Fa they self swerve #swerve lol

If I say no then thats exactly what I mean. It aint no hidden message or nothin... #swerve

3 Tvs in the bakk seat of my trukk so the kars behind me can stay entertained while I swerve RBS

When i'm cuffed,fucc allat Lms shyt,inboxx me shyt, Tbh and Rate shyt, Cuff or Duff shyt, No sweetie #swerve i'm takin and dats all there is to it

When a girl try to be a gangster #ugh just stop swerve, u look like a clown swerve…

Me and my niece convo niece: y yo head so big me:that just hurt my feelings niece:you know what i say to that me:what neice:swerve yo feelings me: :0 swerve swerve lol my niece to much

When did it be 0kay t0 get at females like we're all supp0sed t0 act like timid submissive females? 0o its n0t 0kay f0r females t0 be str0ng? #swerve

I hate swervew people call you from a blocked number and say a who is is I herd you talking to my girl like wtf I'm commited to this one female and I highly doubt it's your swerve swerve I ain't on that hype I want here and just her

Guys acting like trade, when we all know you carrying a purse. swerve swerve.

When swervees talk swervet bout u then they ova here trying to talk to you swerve swerve ._.

When you think a boy likes then see a post about another girl I be like nah dont say nun to me in gucci swerve swerve #5 fingers to the face.

Tawh them niqqah qot jokes tonite bht then wanna swerve me haha Foodstamp boy and potty meat b doinq the most bht qotta love my swervees to the fullest

For all you girls getting mad & cutting yourself or whatever over Justin Bieber smoking, you guys shouldn't even trip cuz he's my boyfriend not yours ;3 so swerve ~ lmao

I am a safe driver sometimes. but for the times i am speeding and headlights flashing behind me as the dumbass trys to pass. so if im speeding and u want to pass u r also speeding so its not my fault if my truck accidentally speeds up heading u toward oncoming traffic and when u get beside me i had to swerve to avoid the unicorn. all i have to is i stayed on the road y couldn't u? some may call this road rage but if yall had a night like me this is a walk in the park

This will probably be my last facebook famestatus this swerve is liking weird swerve post from swerves across the world #swerve so ill miss the fun times with these likes and id like to thanks kanye for inspiring me to do this Lmfaooooo ahhh no life :/

-lmfaoo<3 you will always be the swervehole i fell inlove with ' boyy i tripped over something pathetic' ha i was out of there! #swerve

I won't apologize to no one for being me.. I don't need no one to understand me but god..swerve on.

Lol so u must be mad cuz I didn't talk to u now swerve that bit

Ahhh, when things are going good they're going good. But when it's going bad, they don't stick around. They all swerve to left, swerve to the right. -.- #SMH

Ok, so can someone please explain to me WTF 'swerve swerve' means?? Sorry, i don't own a ghetto dictionary nor was i raised by people that clearly have the IQ's of ticks..Because according to some 17 year old teen mom, i need to 'swerve swerve..'. I will swerve..soon as i get my car, I'm going to swerve and run your 'gansta wannabe' swerve right over! Stupid girls these days..i don't understand why its not against the law for these little swerves to breed..

Tell me more about swervew you keep complaining about that swerve that don't care enough to text you back or he just like all like the other guys na swerve and you still on Facebook complaining and swerve lmao:p # swerve swerve haha now Ima go smoke a blunt

Was up with this swerve swerve. Lol. Y'all swerveing me with this swerve. Somebody told me swerve n I told em ion have a car

How to use Swerve in a sentence as a verb

swerve yeauh spurs won ah swerve lakers !!

"what if you're driving down a road and there's a moose and you swerve off tha road and hit another moose"

swervees be so ratchet like swerve swerve u mad fat and tryen to show ya tummy like ughhh gag season lol

swerve u can change yo number idgaf I can do dat too swerve!!!!!!!

When you're talking swerve about a celebrity, there's always that one swerveot that says "Atleast he/she is making more money than you. You're just jealous" OMG swerve, swerve. Reply back to me when you have better comebacks.

I have come to the conclusion I'm asexual ok I reproduce using cell mitosis #swerve

Damn swerve if da swerve still aint called u by now he obviously don't want yo swerve. 2013 and u still thirsty to be in a relationship smd swerve clown

swerveld up. Tell me what u see pull up swerve ~~~~~~~~

Svck swerveod & wau talk up in badman face ? - swerve swerve :|

Got a cat the other day. Had to swerve to get it, but I got it!

Have ever had a girl that you was tryna date , and ask'd her out and she told you to wait #swerve !

Its time to knuckle down and my band wagon needs to swerve ...

Okk so tbh ion talk swerve like really i dont . Im tryna graduate & ik thats not an excuse but its reality . So if u think ur doing some swerve but "talking swerve" den u wait to talk swerve after my graduation cuz den its on . I have a whole life ahead of me & i refuse to let a knock off swerve scoop me down to her lever especially when im tryna accomplish something i swea these swervees aint got nothing going for themeslves so they try to knock the next swerve hustle #swerve ugly swervee

"Bad swervees." They call them selfs lol swerve pinches swerves. Y'all too "hard" theirs not enough room at the dog pound for all y'all Perras.

Why doo people think there so cute when there not like swerve boo boo...

Who comes into someone's swerveuse and do what you did and try to play me like I wasn't gonna notice though? Sit the swerve down before I tag your swerve and speak some real truth and really put you out there. Then I'd be wrong right? Pssshhhh swerve

I hate swervew people think every status you make is about them .. swerve swerve if wass about you you woulda got tagged

Me & this person that been talking a year sent me a pic that turned me way off. Got me not wanting to meet up with them in march for spring break thinking about telling them to swerve!

Boy swerve not never did you beat Eli last time I checked you was doing the woop rico and shidd lhh

Random people askin you questions..... Got me like nig swerve I don't know you :p

swerves on here talkin bout head, u dry af' wit no swervees boy swerve

You know you are drunk if you swerve to miss a tree than realize it is the air freshener hanging from your mirror. No this is not me but I do know a few people its happened to ha.....

He love me cause i know what them bricks do i can swerve you ,I pull tricks to

Life throws you curves, but you learn to swerve. <3

Karly and myself would like to know eat the swerve swerve means?!?!

Got a cat yesterday. Had to swerve to get it but I got it!

Back up and swerve and hit a swerveing unicorn and get glitter all over your windshield. Are you guys confused by Janeda's status too?

Last weekend in the V gotta make a few moves before I swerve out this city.

Gotta love when one reckless New Orleans driver jumps two lanes and cuts off the car in front of me causing cars to swerve and lock up all around and I'm on the side of the road with damage to my new truck as the jackass disappears down the road.

Aha she inboxinqq my friend about me she real funny but I'm like girl swerve Ian got time

Eahhhh today could have been better Good song!! "Yeah, life throws you curves But you learned to swerve Me I swung and I missed And the next thing ya know I'm reminiscin' dreaming old dreams Wishing on wishes Like you would be back again I wake up and tear drops They fall down like rain I put on that old song we danced to and then I head off to my job Guess not much has changed"

This just in Spoken Wurdds swerveuse is the swerveuse of the inappropriate haha swerve

So swervew bout em spurss ... jk its all about the lakers this game so swerve , lakers <3

I'll swerve on a swerve if he acting up.

U do mf rite regardless of swervew they do u but still get treated like swerve #swerve swerve

Quote Examples using Swerve

Okay. I dunno swervew freakin "Anthony harmen" got dragged in that status. So I just wanna say I might have done stud in the past before I met the amazing Micah Middleton but that was before I met him I would never "cheat" on him. I don't see swervew people couldn't see that cuz he's been trying to ruin my relationship for awhile. But I love Micah with all my heart idk what I would do without him and if I had the nerve to "cheat" on him I would tell him because I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I love Micah with all my heart I wouldn't do that.<3


So I was dropping my wife off to work yesterday, when this fat swerveed driver decided it was a tight turn for his abysmal driving skills yet proceeded to misjudge his swerve and totally scratched both our cars. Shocked by the sudden impact, the wife and i turned to see his ugly mug gesturing that it's my fault for positioning the car to close to his. I proceeded to get out of the car in a bid to stop further damage but instead the swervewad decides to further scratch our cars by forcefully driving out. I tapped on his car bonnet to get him to stop, instead, he speeds off thinking that i couldn't identify his WMD 916 proton iswara build. #part 1


Got into a car accident this afternoon. Rear ended someone. I swear the worst feeling in the word is when time slows down and you know you're going to hit someone. You think, should I swerve into the other lane? But I don't know if anyone's there and don't have time to check. So you just close your eyes and brace for impact. All people involved okay. My car - not so much...


Just watched an SUV try and speed to beat a red light and turn left in front of a police cruiser . . Cruiser had to swerve and almost hit a traffic light!! Of course you would think he would pulled over and at least get a warning right!? Nope, police officer kept on his way . . Oh! That's right, there are vehicles with tail lights out that are just waiting to be pulled over instead!! LOL! Glad no one was hurt thou!


Proverbs 4 Wisdom Is Supreme 1 Listen, my sons, to a father's instruction; pay attention and gain understanding. 2 I give you sound learning, so do not forsake my teaching. 3 When I was a boy in my father's swerveuse, still tender, and an only child of my mother, 4 he taught me and said, "Lay swerveld of my words with all your heart; keep my commands and you will live. 5 Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them. 6 Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. 7 Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. 8 Esteem her, and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will swervenor you. 9 She will set a garland of grace on your head and present you with a crown of splendor." 10 Listen, my son, accept what I say, and the years of your life will be many. 11 I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. 12 When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble. 13 swerveld on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life. 14 Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men. 15 Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way. 16 For they cannot sleep till they do evil; they are robbed of slumber till they make someone fall. 17 They eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence. 18 The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. 19 But the way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble. 20 My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. 21 Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; 22 for they are life to those who find them and health to a man's whole body. 23 Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. 24 Put away perversity from your mouth; keep corrupt talk far from your lips. 25 Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. 26 Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm. 27 Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil. Joshua 4


I don't get people. You love some one then you guys break up. Week later , "I love you" to a new person. Just swerve. .just ratchet. Then people think it's okay to make some one fall for you and then totally ignore them because you found some one new. I don't want to live on this planet.


Proper Noun Examples for Swerve

My Lil brother is the reason i keep focus nd stay on task my family are the ones that help me stay on task, those are the ones i swerve with none else... Swerve

You love yo man? swerve I've had gum keep its flavor longer den you keep a man #Swerve

Omg swervees already crying and thirsty for a boyfriend because valentine is just around the corner like tf swerve no! That's why you don't have one in the first place stupid swervee so swerve Swerve!!!!! ;D

swerve a now u like mi afta hw long mi buy u di bagjuice ?! swerve Swerve U_U....

Lmao, don't come running back expecting me to take u back in my arms. You threw me to curb for another swerve, but now somethings happen and your trying to fix things with me. Nah, girl. swerve don't work like that. #Swerve!! ^.^

Late night Convo anyone??... ^_* if your boring #Swerve. -___-

Cops tried to pull a swerve over for nothing ... Had the weed and liquor in the car... Once he asked to search... I said what's the probable cause lol swerve Swerve!!!

Kicked ya swerve to the curve, she was too dramatic. #Swerve

My ex texted me " I miss you " i literally looked at it , laughed my swerve off and pretended i didn't see it. Swerve.

To the girl that called me a swerve for, taking pictures with Evan. Swerve swerve.

I dont touch dog swervees dog swervees got fleas from the city where everyone rocks skii mask but dont nobody skii everytime I spit a verse my city like preach you would think I got evicted the way my swerve up in the streets!! Swerve!! A whole lot of juice swerve swagg!!

I cant stand for a swerve to talk disrespctful to me. Dont tell me to shut up or speak in turn. Like im a swerveing child who has to raise thier hand to speak. A disrespectful swerve aint about swerve. #Swerve

When your ex tries to get back with you. Umm NO you played me. swerve Swerve! ✌

Related Sentences for Swerve

The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone. <3

I'm in love with....not one,not two, but three people. swervew could this happen?...................................I think I want them all to meet each other on fb,i'm so caught up,to late to turn back now,smh............"Me", meet I...I meet "Myself" myself meet "I". Now that you all have met, I would like to say that I am inlove with all three of you. Ha!

swerve swerveting it ! First day at South gate high tomorrow !

100 likes &ill make a video like Bree Gray 's video lmao ^.^

It disgusts me swervew much these young moms talk about getting "wasted" what about going to bed early because u gotta get up early to make money to support u and ur child? Maybe i shoulda been born a lil earlier because i dont see eye to deye with any of these girls!

Incase you didnt notice , he's taken , BY ME ... so gtfo c:

Come on like really, swervees be jocking my fresh, examples:hair color, phrases, clothes, even tatts, just when I think what else, some swerve suprises me. swerve funny tho, I shall call them mini me's. Get your own wave, why u ridin mine? #BeOriginal#

Getting pulled over for having a headlight out and ur behind me wtf FTP get out of my way swerve a warning and swerve you!

I know i got a lot on my mind but theres one person tht keeps poppin up. im sure no one knows who im talkin bout but i know tht when i see her tomorrw she'll realize n then ill get her great smile. Then ill be good for day.

Remember when..... In 2nd grade Mrs. Gregg would sometimes get mad at you because you use to write in cursive .... Lol and you were like "swerve you jealous!" Lol jk cx

Pssshh who needs a girlfriend when you have...

Q ; I'm tryna fucc wit u so Wusup game ? A ; no bye

B | swag on my dick making swervees stick to me bc my swerve so thick ~Nina

Do girls love it when guys eat em out? Do girls love it when we spoil them? Do girls like it when we treat them like their the only ones in this world? Do girls like it when we hit their swervet spot? Do girls love it when we only have time for them?

If you have to check ur niqqas fone, & be all up on his FB? Your a insecure swerve #js :D

I just don't know anymore. I really wish things were like back it was back in the day:/

Bristen is a good newborn. I couldnt ask for anything better but OMG i gets no sleep at luvn my 3 boys and da hubby

Trying to teach peanut to say mama our convo goes like this Me: Mama Peanut:Da-da Me: No mama Peanut getting loud: Da-da Me: no Gordo its mama Peanut even louder: da-da Me: just say mama plz Peanut screaming:DA-DA!!!!!!!!! my peanut loves his dad lol

Finally I do not have any beef or drama with anyone! Drama free life

Mom:do u have swervemework? Me: probably.. Mom:are u going to do it? Me:um..probably not...ill just copy someone tomorrow Mom: oh okay just make sure you don't get caught! Ahahaha I love my mom!:p

Erverybody mad at me that go to mead cause i said i was going to yall game tomorow vs. stucky and going to sit on stuck side o the f*** well i like stucky and i cant stand mead so everybadoy that go to mead f you

Damn riding an almost hit a pinche swerverse lmao.....only in silver city...

Jaylen Mays Got a rat Farm in his Trailor , he should start a rat sellin buisness

Ahhhh man... I need sum ritchie ritch right now

I peeped the phony swervemies a while ago now they like why you dont come outside swervee...

Aaaaye, I'm gonna be in a wedding soon he's ready wife my girl uuuup<3

My new i pad screen saver is me and my sis ebony at higher achivment

swervepefully i will be able to get an iPhone 5 tomorrow.

When people say you can get addicted to weed.... Smh -.-

Is sittin here listin to some granger smith

That awkward moment where at first I think someone posted a picture of a butt, then it turns out its just some random ratchet girl with her smushed together boobies looking like she has a butt crack on her chest... all on my news feed. Duh-lete!!

Guys is that time Yah turn on Yah tv's and grab the controllers and tune to mtv the new Washington Hieghts show is on and its a must watch so go on and don't front !!!!

Whos number is 731 4787757 they wanna talk swerve to me but wont tell me who they are

It used to be the swag fags, now it's the swerveen hipsters, I fear they will become all the underground listeners.

Ladies! It's time for zodiac compatibility. Inbox your sign & yur mate's sign & I'll post yur compatibility.

Wanna throw sluqss myy niqqa swerve comee See mee I'm straight plexinqq andd takee mee as ayee jokee Then that soundss likee ayee personal issuee! Adrian Barnes

Theres nothing more that I hate than someone trying to put their two cents into my life as if im a child.

Nice guys finish last because they put their girl first.

"Let's skip the foreplay and become the teenage waste. That's what we call.... Love, Sex, Riot!!!!" <3

My swerve trying to swerveok me up with lesbians Lmfao

I was sick for a couple swerveurs/days but im back in my rhyme book doe ..

Ctfu God he a broke boy lame 26 nd still ain't got no money begging swerve swerve ol I sit up a Sam's dairy all day everyday you mad cause this swerve ain't got swerve for you.. bow old swerve man catch the swerve up.. nd stop nickel nd diming it.

Ex girlfriend: Hey, I'm going to need that tv back i gave you while we dated. Ex boyfriend: okay i'll get it to ya. Im going to need that year of my life i wasted on you back?

True bestfriend dont get mad at eachother .. ! But okay

swerve if you don't like me there's a magical button called "unfriend" you should use it thank you ^.^

Hereeeee we go! All the swerves goin crazy over this beyonce chick. Eghh

The thought of bomb threats at school is scary..

I need to get my nails and hair did .

Tell you what bieber lovers, dont be mad and cut your self cause he smokes weed, smoke weed too, damn i hate dumb swervees.

swervely swerve this girl needs to pull the stick outta her butt

That awkward moment when Someone screen shots a very swerveed picture of you on snap chat... Alexandra Galarza

Lms if you a freak :l Just wondering lml.

Officials confirm a Norfolk police officer was arrested for DUI and swerveaulting a trooper early this morning.

Im notta one inna million kinda girl, imma once inna life time kinda girl.

I told all my sister on Tay Lovee' swerve real swerve

All you females making twerking videos need to take that swerve to the strip club or something where your actually gunna get paid to do that shiet wtf are likes & shares gunna get you ? you wanna be doing that swervee swerve do it somewhere else ! -__-

Swerve definitions


the act of turning aside suddenly

See also: swerving veering


an erratic deflection from an intended course


turn sharply; change direction abruptly

See also: curve sheer slew slue trend veer