Undefendable in a sentence as an adjective

Please stop defending the undefendable, bare naked social costs are too high.

I thought her actions were undefendable the way she described them, but this would make it a whole different beast.

Maybe it's the ridiculous tone of defending the undefendable that all these posts have in common.

But when deployed in defense of the undefendable, it really does disservice to "our" community.

But you are here trying to use a ridiculously nearly undefendable action to spin the argument of some actions are bad or dangerous.

On HN there’s always brilliant commentary and there’s always posters defending the undefendable.

And I don't think he was imagining it. Here's one reviewer:"In the context of string theory, he literally floods the pages of his book with undefendable speculations about some basic results of string theory.

Ever single square meter of it was designed to trap humans and place them into undefendable positions where they could be caught in an easy cross fire and slaughtered.

To be honest, an apologist for any repressive regime would probably use similar relevance fallacies as a way to defend the undefendable.

I do admit that in some way I believe that it is " more ethical is to discount the lives of smaller, wild animals in comparison to their larger, meat-producing cousins" and I know that this is an undefendable position.

Here is your argument: If you say "The easiest way to launch an undefendable argument against a person who is a brown elephant from mars is to claim that they have too few stomachs" and then I accuse you of having too few stomachs, obviously I am wrong, or there is something inherently wrong with my argument.

Undefendable definitions


not defended or capable of being defended; "an open city"; "open to attack"

See also: assailable undefended open