Undefended in a sentence as an adjective

Worse, it is on this undefended flank that great future pain may be inflicted.

Your post is based on a lot of actual and epistemological assumptions that are either incorrect, or undefended.

Even if you are subscribing to the morals of that tribe, then he wronged her by leaving her "undefended" and vulnerable to the gang rape she endured while he was gone.

There's a great passage in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon about the problems of moving pallets of gold that are sitting undefended in the middle of the jungle.

The moment that North Korea crosses the line China will simply roll through the undefended Northern border, dismantle NK's military, and install a new puppet regime from within the current government.

' Unlike copyright, trademarks can last indefinitely; but also unlike copyright, if abandoned or left undefended there is no automatic or minimum period of legal protection.

Actually, the rise of photosynthetizing blue-green bacteria and the subsequent rapid climb of atmospheric molecular oxygen levels[1] may have caused a catastrophic extinction event, wiping out most of the contemporary life forms, undefended against the dangerously reactive chemical.

Undefended definitions


not defended or capable of being defended; "an open city"; "open to attack"

See also: assailable undefendable open