Meter in a sentence as a noun

New apartments in West Perth now sell for up to $10,000+ per square meter.

- Livery drivers don't have to use any kind of meter.

You're not going to get electrocuted by a Fluke meter.

If you're doing voice input on windows phone, the vu meter is just a series of very small dancing dots.

If you stick your cheap multimeter in resistance mode and whack ot across a 400v 30A supply its going to blow your hand off.

You wouldn't write a poem and try to fit the meter by asking readers to change which syllable in a word is emphasized.

You had to spin up the generator and vary its speed whilst monitoring the relative phase on a meter.

The new expectation, after that, became 40+ hours of metered work, and any off-meter work was to happen on your own time.

Meter in a sentence as a verb

This thing is supposed to survive plane crashes; not just being dropped a meter off the floor, but smashing into the ground going 100's of meters per second.

Multimeters can be made for $10 or $15, but Fluke continues to dominate the market with equivalent meters costing 10x more.

In fact, whereas meter in English poetry is based on emphasized syllables, meter in classical Greek poetry is based on syllable length.

One of my favorites are very high power-to-weight ratio 2 meter-ish gliders with thousands of watts of power.

> Last month the US embassy in Hanoi said it was "deeply concerned by the decree's provisions", arguing that "fundamental freedoms apply online just as they do offline".My hypocrisy-meter just broke.

Cheap meters can't be calibrated at all by calibration services as there is nothing other than a single master voltage reference inside which is usually not a constant current or voltage source but a resistor/voltage divider across the reference voltage.

The other 20-25 hours were to be spent on off-meter work, such as networking, continued education, and research-oriented side projects that might not work out but would teach something in the process, all of which were intended to keep the professional current and improve his or her long-term career.

This is not exactly nefarious, even to the severely-damaged-evil-meter version of nefarious which includes "intentionally and with forethought committing the sin of marketing.

Meter definitions


the basic unit of length adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites (approximately 1.094 yards)

See also: metre


any of various measuring instruments for measuring a quantity


(prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse

See also: metre measure beat cadence


rhythm as given by division into parts of equal duration

See also: metre time


measure with a meter; "meter the flow of water"


stamp with a meter indicating the postage; "meter the mail"