Thieve in a sentence as a verb

To thieve something, there must surely be some thing to thieve.

When drones land to drop down goods, they are quite "vulnerable" for a thieve to catch them.

It seems to me the opposition is just upset that their "freedom" to thieve content is being reduced.

DOX: Search for and compile records about a specific person in order to hack/prank/harass/thieve them.

Amen, google has turned into a genuine identity thieve.

Anyone who has any sense of piracy in a historical context knows they thieve, pillage, ****, rape, enslave.

I discount the looters in this, cause thieves gonna thieve given the chance, but I haven't seen a rock thrown that wasn't in response to getting tear-gassed.

If I rent to someone will you sell me insurance on the item in case they damage/thieve the camera?Edit: Can you add Boston too :D

?So what's your proposal to deal with such a problematic behaviour?The guy is quite nice - he only made the thieve risk his reputation by the consequences of his own action.

The chances that this acquaintance who goes snooping around your physical cubicle is going to also run a brute force crack is pretty slim...because such a person will likely have an easier way to violate your privacy/thieve from you.

Sadly, formalisation is not necessarily an engine for change: we have had plenty of very hard laws against theft and ****** all over the planet, for millennia, and still plenty of people will routinely thieve and ****** every single day.

Thieve definitions


take by theft; "Someone snitched my wallet!"

See also: hook snitch glom