How to use Snitch in a sentence as a noun

A snitch ngga dats dat shyt I don't lyk,a soft ngga dats dat shyt I don't lyk,a snitch ngga dats dat shyt I don't lyk,DNT LYK

Swear i miss my brother. 10 years fed time. Its crazy even tho he was making wrong choices, i still can't stand a snitching snitch. Drives me insane

So lett me clearify- Stew pigeon- prostitute Stool pigeon- snitch Now dont azk me again... Next time u snitches google it

snitch!!! Gail Stauber went to jail. Thanks to her snitch snitch sister and piece of snitch mom. And I don't get paid til Friday. Enjoy the bolonga sandwiches.

Wanna snitch? cool, guess what snitch it didn't work. smhh.

If you a snitch stay from round me . . .

Condiser me a snitch all, you damn Won't if you do You something, and leave it up to me, to suffer the Conseqeunce, you Damn, Right ima tell .

Tha ultimate betrayal wen u get snitched on or one of yo snitch yu b posted wit thinkin of snitchw yall gone snitch up try n snitch yo snitch....thats wat made nickey barnes snitch but snitch that cross me like that n ill shoot ya snitch

The word ratchet is it broke down to call them a rat or would the work rat considered as a snitch?????

Templeton the Rat is a no good snitch/ Charlotte's a harlot and a ragged-snitch snitch/ come after Da Mice, and see if we blink/ Might ain't see you comin', but we smelled your stink

Rap:no fear to begin with i snitch these nigas that talk snitch yo snitch is a snitchin pet so i tret u like a snitchin snitch keep my gun close by in case i run up into a snitch once the bullet enter ur face ur body freezes like a glitch i have no mercy i snitch who i snitch and thats it they call me daddy heaven cuz iam gods gift dont mess wid me i will bary u in a ditch

Wen I met u I admit my first thought was a trick u look so good I'll suck on your mama clit I never felt that way in my life it didn't take long before I made you my wife got no rings and snitch just my main squeeze coming to the crib even had a set keys during the days you help me bag up my nickels in the process I admit I tricked a little but you was my snitch the one that never snitch love me when I'm broke or wen im filthy snitchin rich and I admit when the time is right the wine is right i treat you right you talk slick I snitch you right.

If you snitching on the people thats snitching what does that make you? Don't worry I'll wait snitch

You cant see a snitch I'm what you you use to be Look at it this way you snitchz side ways Always getting money my nigaaz time pace So snitch a snitch I'm self made You a sucka snitch I'm self paid This for my broke snitchs This for my rich snitchs Got a hundred on a head of a snitch snitch .

My young boi said "Mac what happen you use to keep that tool?" Reply not a mechanic any more don't like to get my hands dirty. Then he said I'll never snitch keeping it G. Reply what about growth development, snitchnor, loyalty, respect,

Y snitchz takin da real snitchz out da game an not these fake, snitch, snitch snitch snitchz.

Who snitch , who call the popo # Riley from boondocks

You think your cute to snitch on my best friend...Karma is a snitch!

That awkward moment when u beat some one up for callin u a snitch and they call the cops on you then point you out to them infront of everyone that was present

So in "Harry Potter" their sport involves catching a "snitch"? That sounds a lot like my neighborhood.! :DD -Octobre28

So someone from the snitchod snitch on my bro... U snitch up now

I grew up in the gutter, life a snitch I get that why I don't trust a snitch Seen a snitch snitch on they mom, shoot at they brother Go to prison in love with a snitch and a snitch snitch her

snitch that snitch that snitched me out to Hernandez!

2 rules in life .. Never snitch & Never snitch*ha Im chillenn,soo tiredd & in pain. .I dont even care about snitch..cuttinn the world off snitchnestlyy

See yall gmfb snitchs are not low see this is why u dont have snitches in ur so called "team" u got a snitch and a spy in yall group im not saying who but yall snitching better watch ur backs btw i seen everything in your private group

I'm going to ride for my snitch stand in front of the judge n lie for my snitch go do a drive by with my snitch never snitch on my snitch! True thug'et Stolen

Anyone lurking my page snitching snitch you rt and i hate snitchw people want to try abd tell me snitchw to take care of my child my daughter dont have 5 mothers she only have one i bet somebody go snitch its my fb my life snitch off!

A snitch snitch, that's that snitch I don't like A snitch snitch, that's that snitch I don't like A snitch snitch, that's that snitch I don't like Sneak dissers, that's that snitch I don't like Don't like, like, don't like, like A snitch snitch, that's that snitch I don't like

Ɣöů call М̣̣̥̇̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ popo Ɣöů ma 4uckin snitch,ℓ̊'m pointing at Ɣöů,Ɣöů ma snitching snitch.

Never snitch upon ur snitchz dts bad for ur health

Uk all u snitchs called my dad a snitch guess what hes in jail guess hes not a snitch now

My man, I never run never snitch, I'ma grown man dog I ain't no snitch, never change cuz he rich b4 I shyt on my family, I'll lie in ditch

Once upon a time there was a snitch who thought she was the snitch until she ran up on me and i punched her in her snitch and she became a snitch

Iswear I'll nvr snitch player , I'm doing time for my dogs my vick haterr #RappedOut

A snitch snitch thats the snitch i dont like

Aint fuccin wit No more fuccin snitch snitches!! Fucc the money...

Dark as snitch all flames paigonz are their to be blamed, coz once a snitch or a snitch theyy naahhh change! Juheardd!

Movie buffs, please help! I'm looking for the name of the movie in which David Keith is a senior cadet at a military school. His good friend is a piano playing snitch of wealthy parents. David's character is asked by his commander to watch over the first black cadet at the academy.

I snitching hate snitch snitch people !! I can't trust no body in my family I'm not saying my girl or my bro my sister but my snitching cousins or aunt checking on me talking snitch to my mom about me and my girlfriend snitching haters and snitching snitches don't have anything to do better but to be snitching snitches snitch you snitche who ever was doing that snitch to me either my cousins or aunts causing problems between me and my mom

Im stuck in a rut got punched in the gut dont wanna get shot in the butt like forrest gump hit in the right nut by crazy snitch snitchpe she dont give me an itch her friends a little snitch look like lilo an stitch she got an awful stinch

I wrather die den to snitch on my team smh at u snitch snitch nikkas.....die slow rat

I am pretty fed up w lamez n dis snitchn place snitchn cuz i smoke weed man snitchu if i don smoke swear ta God ill snap i remember a time whn u cud whoop sum snitch da po po b like dam u got ur shyt broke but 2day they posted up waitn on shyt 2 pop off been done told em keep fwm u wont like it whn i snap n snitch sum shyt up...ijsh

Kendal beasly& tj johnson snitch/ snitch snitches smh!!! # in my bag...

Alright guy you all probably know this but the other acc is blocked. im going to keep it until the 30 days is up this is only temporary because people like to snitch. so i only invited people who wont do that with this one well see snitchw this turns out

Never a love a snitch & never trust a snitch snitch yo town & dumb snitches fag azz snitchz you fake snitch snitch

A snitch deez snitchz! word up cuz. u aint snitch u fake snitch snitch. say wat u got to say to me face 2 face not across da yard ya snitch

A snitch fake mothafuckas n backstabber all in the same boat n that snitch need to sink

Iont snitch with no snitch snitchs , So don't tell me who tellin !!

Wanna find out who's a snitch? Post things on FB...that is all #fact

Am too strick to slid,neva snitch i let t ride,i set asid o ma fellas wen am snitchin lyk a villian.

Dont ya jus love jelous ppl! if they think u got it better than them or find out that sum1 had rather hang out with u and not them because all they r is liein thiefs that try to manipulate everyone around them to do there bidding. u kno who u r. so tryin to say that im a snitch aint gonna get u anywhere! everyone already knows snitchw u r and that im a good person and would never do sumthan like that! our reputations will speak for themselves!

May god forgive me for my sins, i know im blessed lk a mutha n i thank him errrdayy for that . some money better than no money but id rather be broke then be a snitch or a snitch!

snitchw could u be snitchin on me n shyt! smh i wld neva snitch on u!... or anybody! SMH

Cant even grind, a snitch tryna snitch on yea

Get that snitch, get the strap, don't give a snitch brap brap brap

When your sister snitch on u for something ,and she did the samething bt u get in trouble< haha grow up smh fahreal tho !!

Gotta Hate fat snitchs who snitch and snitch when you do something thats not even wrong

I'm just me ms ion owe a snitch snitch wat you see is wat you get. Now drop to yo knees and suck a real field snitch dick. Ion snitch wit dem snitchuse snitchs cuz dey be quick to snitch. Nd you shouldn't either cuz as you see dem high yella snitchs ain't snitch Lls

snitch gon try ta say he ain't snitch snitch I got da papers wit yo signature.... wat dat mean rat in da snitchle

Fake lil snitch mut snitch wna b ruthless neva boy snitch on my bruv and bro wait til I find u snitch snitch all out boy ruthless styles peasant top ov hit list nw u den da nut saks

Im gonna bust a free flow, here we go... You think this is a party but its hardly anything that counts but still an ounce is worth looking forward to, oh baby pour me a shot because its snitcht and it not for you but for boo and her untied shoe that don't count snitch so dont you snitch or you'll end up on the bottom of a ditch like a smoked witch who sleeps with the fish as her wish came true then she end up a fool that got skooled by a snitchrses stool, but the cowboy went and lit then take a snitch in the barn next to a pig, and his lover the chicken not the head of the pack but its wack like a scooby snack that was in the shaq not thw lakers slammer like mc hammer and our president the obama not from alabama but straight from the projects just like YAZ the notoriuos one but not for fun but not from a burger bun but like a buth le'cun

Yoooo dere is dis 30 year girl who can't b trusted she is two face she has no job but daddy supports her she a bf who only snitchs her while daddy pays everything from her rent to cell phone bill n even buys her clothes like really snitch get a snitchen job u low life snitch get a life snitchmie to everybody dat knows her good luck she is a snitch n a cop caller blowing u up dumb snitch so

Sometimes...fb is a snitch....u ever tryed calling a guy/or girl for snitchurs... and u see on fb they been posting snitch online all day? what goes through your head at that point....? " am i not important enough for u to even say "stop calling me n snitch off i dont wana talk to you" so i feel less of an idiot when i see that ur ok n ur not actually hurt......

The streets aint safe no more cause snitchs bussin an tellin at the same danm time makin it hard for real snitchs. snitch you aint a real cause you work for the police u a snitch snitch snitch

snitchs keep 4getting the code, leaving snitchs who ride with em out in the cold, snitch a snitch snitch snitch snitch, they dead to me dig a ditch snitch,

Question.. if u were playing couples game nite n u saw ur partner cheat would u snitch or keep to urself

snitchs can't handle getting there snitch beat so they got to snitch Weenies snitch!

I ain't seen snitch idk snitch..number rule in this game, snitch don't snitch

snitch snitch on me nd im out 5 minutes later...

How to use Snitch in a sentence as a verb

I can't a snitch snitch snitch, and a unfaithful snitch. I don't call females that but once u unfaithful u are one to me same as a snitch u snitch u a snitch point blank period

"Voletta Wallace lost her son to a gat snitch. What if I told y'all I know who snitched Biggie dog? I ain't no snitch but if I did it ain't no biggie dog"- the game Whoa...

You call her a wifey material i call her a snitch, you see a real snitch i see a real snitch ...

snitch snitch snitch snitch stud watch when I find out who it is I'm smashing

"All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break them for no one"-Scarface.. I have never been no snitch snitch being a snitch I rather die on my feet then live like a coward, that's on the real.

If you cant beat em and they wont let you join em plant an ounce of Meth and some child porn in their car then snitch on em . ^ jk

A snitch snitch thts tht snitch i dnt like a snitch snitch thts tht snitch i dnt like lmmao damn

If the snitch stay talking then he a snitch. If a snitch keep going to the bank the snitch gettin rich if He stay reing up he on his snitch. If I meet her tonight n hit it ion know her tomorrow

A snitch niqqa thats dht shidd i don't like -______-

Yall snitchs keep ya "front yard" Clean cause your "Back yard" a snitchin mess!! Da moral of this story is to stop snitchting people and help people cause the ones u snitchted gone snitch.

Court again on the 7th and i got the police report haha never guess who it said was talkin to the cop!! told u he is a snitch and i got court documents to prove it haha

My mama said son snitch these hatin snitch snitchs do you got enough for 1 tell the snitch front two. she said son you was born broke baby die rich keep yo mouth closed i aint raise no snitch an if she roll a good blunt u better wife tht snitch

My luh sista get on my nerves steady trying to snitch knowing damn well I do what I wanna She about to make me smack Her I ain't go to school cause I didn't feel like it de'fuhckzzz telling gunna do

Ughhhh. Damn this snitch snitching me off! Lol my dad bro! He a snitch

A snitch snitch, thats that snitch I dont like.

I'd rather be real than to be rich, I'd rather be snitched then to be a snitch

Who's the first to run and snitch??? "He's back on"

Damn i luv bein single cz aftr bein cld a snitch i wl dfntly remain single 4 da whole year bt 4 ur own info boy i wl neva chnge ok.!!!

Plz of your tell/snitch get your facts straight then do it

Who ever my snitch is message me to my inbox. And you know who you are and what im talking bout.

Jus 2 let u all no that the snitch went down wit my son lil terry oh its not over snitch snitch snitchs snitchpe yall ready 4 this u better pray they let him free r yall will c the other side of big terry yaheard thats wat that is talkin 2 k_town u no who yall r !!!!!

Check this out fb people last nite I posted a pic of a bottle of mascato a blunt n sum baking soda on my fb. n sum hatin snitch snitch reported the pic I put up n the weed was real the bottle was real but the baking soda was not coke its 2013 and motha snitchas still on that hatin snitch. this is my motha snitchin fb if u don't like it delete me n have a nice motha snitchin day n whoever done that what u think gone happen I got 3 more fb pages dick in the booty snitch motha snitcher..suck a dick and die. n your mama a snitche n she raised a snitch now stand up n b the man or woman u suppose to b and your daddy a fagot now snitch what tell fb people that

Chelsea begins to snitch on me when i scold her its so funny im on the floor laughin because i know what she complains about when her dad gets snitchme #Daddysprincess

I dont snitchs wit no snitch niqqa so dont tell me who snitchin who tellin

snitchw he gon call my mom and she at work to snitch on me ? and he hit me first ?! ctfuuu he aint expect me to smack tf out his snitch snitch with my book -___- im lowkey snitched

Ima lil niqqa an bwg my name ring bellz an im not even 6ft niqqa snitch 30 snitchles in his white t

Check my resume shh never been a snitch snitch bt yall snitchs be on dat hate and snitch sht Damn.. smh watch dez snitchs dnt let em trick yuh off ya spot realtawk #tired of da bs nd nw im fed up

Ok for those of you that have been privatly messaging me with questions concerning my job..I did not get fired..I will be there..thank you for showing your concern and your was just a misunderstanding..but I can say I never thought what people do in there personal lives should effect there employment status..but I learned a lesson..if you post or comment on facebook on others pages or even your own..rather your nagging or clowning others will use that to hurt others..just so you know I think that's another form of social media snitching..#AintNobodyGotTimeForThat..just cause the things I choose to do and who I choose to do them with might effect snitchw another person feels..should not mean I shouldn't get to do if your the type to go out of your way to hurt others by being a snitch..stay the snitch from round me cause I don't need friends like that..and for the rest of you that have been asking if Sara Warren and I have been fighting..she know what up..she don't want none..lmmfao

I don't mess wit' no snitch snitchs, so don't tell me who tellin' . #in my trinidad james voice, whoo!!

Twinkle twinkle little snitch, mind your business you nosey snitch.

" I'm from the times where people don't snitch These are the times where snitching is the snitch I'm afraid of the future You respect the one who got shot I respect the shooter "

Twinkle twinkle little snitch my your own business you nosy snitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for all your haters James Kerlavage i love u baby

I might not be perfect but am strong in my hustle so dont judge my path if u have'nt walked and hustle my journey* snitch*

snitchmie nevet die Never snitch snitcha snitch Thats all she is Let her run her lips She still aint snitch Never will be snitchmie im just me Just more straigght g U dont know me but i control ur snitchmie I tell him when to letem havit Boy u just a bad snitch man suck this Im on a whole notha lvl snitch the snitch Meet the rebil Who wont settle Stay on top Nvr drop

I dont put nthn past nobody! Anybody can cheat, take a L or snitch its jus the way of the world! U KNO IT

Fake snitchs love to snitch and real snitchs keep dey mouth close #stick to da code

Before you put your hand in it You got to be the man in it, You got to understand it, Got to know the rules to the game' gotta sacrifice, Got to know the five year sentence' for a brick of white, Cause If your record clean' Lord knows if your poor sight, Caught up in tha snitch' smashed on'em you on max now, Remember what I told you' snitch it' you can turn your back now, Once upon a time' he was real' he a rat now, Never turn your back' on the snitchs that you thug wit, snitch that you really like' never fall in love with, Never seen your plug' wit the money up front, If you smoke' get your own cush' dont hit a snitch blunt. Remember dope gone sell, & snitches gone leave soon' when snitchs go to jail, So thats a day from snitch, Young snitch' oh well' thinking he a playa, Now he living thru his pictures' on the wall' in his mail, But he aint tell, So snitch i salute'em, & when he hit the streets again' making sure he eat again, He gone be a beast again' hit him wit a kid again, For eighteen five' young snitch go lie,

Start a fight with me & then snitch .. haha , NO .

Grew up on that dblock, that block where snitchs get got, that block where snitchs get shot, that block that snitchs get rocked , snitch snitchs ,snitch snitchs ,snitch snitchs ,snitch snitchs i dont snitch with none dem snitchs, cause im getting hundreds snitch, soon ill be making records snitch, thats when ill see figures snitch, yeah you snitching with a winner snitch, ice cold like the winter snitch, poppin chan don cause i dont snitch with liquor, water thick but blood thicker, to her cheryy ill be the picker, to the MRS. ill be the Mr., i talk that snitch but yeah i miss her,

Dont hate me cuz u aint me....snitchz think they cool talkin behind my it when i c u...i aint no cyber hands are imaculant...i am the greatest,the best,the 1!!!!!!....dont play with me u was a fag in the joint n i know it...and u a snitch settin police up to get out early u lil snitch...who does that...a fag who cant do time

My best friend ghba has a best friend kwesi gh who has a best friend who is a snitch......hahahahlollfaololo....can u imagine.......

Who the snitch do you think you are coming from out of no where thinking your the snitch and telling people who you and I were I hate you and that's a fact just shut up snitch cause your nothing but a snitch shut up and drive and live your life i got me going and a new beginning its 2013 and it's my year so listen up here I come lets just get this snitch done

I'd like to think of myself as a whistle blower and not a snitch when I call people out.. Being a snitch has such a negative connotation.

What's worser a powder head or a snitch???

A u kno wats crazy sum snitchs get around the police and can sing better than alicia keys lol stop snitch out here lames

The $ sign is just a sneak through sticks,the sneak to be a snitch,& sticks to beat us with.

Twinkle Twinkle little snitch, mind your business you nosey snitch....

A snitch snitch thats the snitch i dont like!!!!!

Twinkle, twinkle little snitch, mind your business you nosey snitch. Justa smothered in cheeeese.

snitch snitch girls these days like um snitcho stupid snitche your the snitch not me so just stfuu do us all a favor!

snitchs thuggin on Facebook talkin about im whoopin dis im shootin dat y'all ain't doin snitch but watchin first 48 learning snitchw to snitch

A snitch N**** thats that snitch i dont like

I aint tryna be in a line up why a snitch point.

Seems like my snitchod ain't snitch I c folks setting each other up for failure everyday cause they hustle ain't strong enough dam shame there are more snitches than police so stay on your guard the person sitting next to u might be a snitch

If I get some prison time, give me mine cos I ain't fake. Since my click don't snitch when I get out all my connections straight' - Bootleg

A snitch snitch that's that snitch I don't like

Wow you stupid cow you wanna snitch on me? Well guess what i can snitch back. No more rides to school for you tubby Wilson#20

I aint never had ta snitch always remained w a bad chick/one who would turn around n say "thats my snitch"/ive trafficked large n small tricks not thinking just known what its bringing/changed my ways for different days/many women snitch n liquor/money cash n deliverys had me very tempting/bars jail in prision is what i was facing/being convicted as a gang member or a criminal is not me in not what i like reminiscing/cleaner areas wiser people got me out to a community of commitment/receiving compliments for accomplishment is what i get to walk with.... #F3ria

I beeen goin thru sum thangz & dnt nobody understand me man i wanna ride candy man i been going thru sum thangs snitchping my snitchs stay the same but they always change i been goin thru sum snitch frm my snitchs to my snitch & these snitchs wanna snitch......Boosie voice is very fair gives you answers with time.....that said .....bwoy u are a snitch!!!!

I just saw a human snitch get caught. Cross that off the bucket list aaha

Now I been up, I been down, I been in I been out, I was loved I was hated snitch snitchs tried to cross me out snitch I been on, I been off, I been a worker, I been a boss out of all the snitch I ever been I never been soft. I been broke I been rich and a snitch aint never been no snitch Ima fat black snitch but I never had a problem getting no snitch but I been stranded I been alone had no kids before I was grown shot that pistol and made them young snitchs keep that dumb snitch away from my door I been cheated and I been robbed snitchs don't give a snitch who u are, snitchs don't give a snitch bout your standards snitchs don't give a snitch u a star you got all the latest guns u got 80 snitchs with u but if snitchs wanna hit ya best believe they'll get cha.

You uh dry snitch trynna say that i snitched snitch i never open ma lips were the paper work

“They ask you: do you want parole? Then you just adapt,” Alyokhina said in her article. “It’s not hard to get out on parole. You need to sew 12 snitchurs a day for a thousand rubles maximum per month; you need to refrain from writing complaints; you need to make substitutions, snitch on others, tread upon the last vestiges of your principles; you need to shut up and bear it; you need to get used to it.”

I don't snitch with no snitch snitchz so don't tell, me,who snitchin

Ive got like 10 things on my record and they want me 2 do jury duty lmao i wil never snitch n to me tha jury is a group of rats

I been goin thru sum thangs and dnt nobdy undastand me man i been goin thru sum thangs snitchpn dat my snitchs stay da same bt they alwayz change i been goin thru sum thangs i been goin thru sum snitch 4rm my snitch 2my snitch and dese snitchs wanna snitch i wanna get rich bt sum times i dnt blev tryna sell a 100 thousand they burnin my cd's ... dese snitchs say they luv u bt they still ya show call u a rat lik dat and try da still ya snitche i still cope and dese snitchs wanna rap abt ya knowin u a soldier an they still wanma brg dat salvage owt ya 2 gt exposed an dese snitche's they 4 da money tel ya ole lady dirty lies bt they knw the frontn!!! i been goin thru sum thangs snitchping my snitchs stay da same bt they alwayz change! lil boosie

Damn Toya Calnick we be friends since we were 14 man time fly we been through our own ups and downs but I love you like a sister even though you was a snitch lml insider just letting you kno our friendship means alot love you girl

Quote Examples using Snitch

Free cnote the realest rapper in the land and to that nikka goin aroun sayin thats you on them tracks we gona handle ya midget snitch and ya you kno who im talkin about like nikkas aint gonna tell me . trust me you dont want me ta get on my snitch . cnote gives me the green lite ya hit nikka im comein ta where eva ya at and i kno where ta find ya nikka . And i cant forget about lil bro free ralphy snitch snitch nikkas got him all caught up and yall claim ta be real . ya a real snitch .catchin charges and snitchin talkin about i got snitchuse arrest snitch nikkas . neva told and neva will nikka but im sure if i pop off you will fake snitch gangstas. nikkas turned crimeland ta snitch land wtf


>Message someone. >Know they saw it because facebooks a snitch. >They don't reply. >Don't wanna sound crazy. >Stare at message screen till eyes fall out. >Die. The end~


So meth head calls and is screaming at me like a jacked up snitch. because i found out today that she is a snitch and wired herself to get the person busted that she was getting her snitch from. oh she is such a loser. and sounded like a crazy man when she was screaming. soooo nasty. meth heads will stick together. you both are losers.


Click clack bam snitch down... u see a snitch getting stacks so u hate i just want my haters 2 know i wont let u down u keep hatin and im going to get mine. thank u but your wasting time. if u were me then all my time makes dimes. growing up not having mine made me get it with time


Oh. Im seriously going to snitching deck a snitche. Dont snitching threaten to call the cops on my best friend. Youll be dealing with me. Im not threatening you right now, so dont call the cops on me too. But seriously.. Your a snitch and all you do is call the cops on people because your afraid to fight your own battles. Go f yourself snitch.


There r some ppl who think im a rat? its funny snitchw i did jail time an ppl still think im a rat. lmfao. if i ratted on ppl i never would have been in jail and wouldnt be on probation i have never wrote a statement on anyone i may have been a pos junkie scumbag but never a rat. and another thing if i did i would have made a deal for my snitchin licence back. so for those ppl u r dumb snitch snitchs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Someone I don't like... All I can say is your so fake. People are starting to see snitchw fake you are and it's ridiculous . You needa get your act together and stop being such a snitch. I'm done bye.


You steady runnin your mouth, hes a real friend and you steady talking bad. im so snitching fed up with the snitch. i know my baby aint no snitch, like i said if he was he wouldnt be sittin in jail for yo snitch. aint gone worry about anyone but my babyboy. <3


I sit back and jux relax, I'm forever dedicated. From da women to da hustling is what keeps me motivated. Never worried about a snitch, dey was born for da hating, when I blow up, I can say "Damn Ma I made it".. I be on my hustle, hustle, hustle, who can do it better? Uma rat, oh that's the rumor well at least um getting cheddar. I sit back release the stress into the atmosphere. Um like Muhammad on da track, um throwing jabs in here. When I talk, just listen, you better pay attention cuz I got shoe lace hitters just in case you start tripping. And if you getting money, I might pay yo snitch a visit. And um quick to tell a snitch "getting money has no limit!" #bored as snitch


Wow george ford bi is gunna call the cops on me instead of dealing with snitch like a man. snitching rat peice of snitch. Always was n always will be. To think ibwas dumb enough to call u my brother. Your just a rat a no good snitch. A descrase to the ford name


Proper Noun Examples for Snitch

9 more days until Jail-N-Bail on January 18th. Snitch on a family member, friend or co-worker – or turn yourself in and see snitchw rewarding it is to be on the wrong side of the law for a good cause. To register a jailbird.

I ain't seen snitch and I don't know snitch.... the #1 rule in dis game...... Don't Snitch

Snitch a$$ snitch thats the s**t i dont like

I snitchpe who ever that told where my mom was is snitchin happy! Snitch! Ya she is in jail and gone for awhile dont get to see none of her babies! God i hatewhoever did this! Thanks. I love you mom.

I am adamant that this is what happened to me. ~ Silver Snitch

The joys of havinq ah Snitch for ah "Mom"

Related Sentences for Snitch

Anyone in Buffalo looking for a cheap 3 bedroom apartment? Let me know!

Job opening. Pool boy needed under 18 need not apply must have sense of humor and be able to fetch drinks. Send pix for further details

...will never understand why women with ugly feet get tattos on their ugly feet ...

Ima tell you like a snitch told me Cash rules everythang around me!

#stolen to jail. you and i are both handcuffed in the back of a cop car. you can only say up to six words to me. what do you say?? #comment

Other than a mouse trap and a cat what is the best way to get rid of rats? anyone?

When i say "snitch", i'm Nt Only referring 2 Females, certain snitchs is snitches 2!

"doon the auld mill" like if you were doon the widz wan day...south calder water!!!!

It's tough and cute being a lemon ! :D

Saw an airplane high in the sky just now, first thing that came to mind... "Enemy spy plane" Lmao!

What regrettable moment in 2012 would you trade for a trip to B-Dubs?

A joke picture of a ‘naked’ Robert Mugabe has once again seen a young Zimbabwean face criminal charges, after the image was shared on a mobile chat application.

Dude is so snitched up off snitch that he barely can stand up he all in the driveway bout to pass out... I wonder what kind of snitch they over there selling

My day off I found out that my wife and my daughters bonding time is based on fast food and a shake

I wouldn't call the snitching cops if I was dying yo. snitch snitches who call troll n try n press charges instead of handling they snitch by they self...po lease snitch snitch.

This black eye is really suiting me....... Not.

Me and Mary Jasso quit smoking and we have a bet so if you see her smoking you better tell me

Round 2 snitch were u at lolol snitchs was scratching me who does that

If I upload the Cherece & Ciera fight there I better not be in no drama ?

I still can't believe Torres played 80 mins..

Christen she makes my DAY. hahaha sooo indecisive.. lmao

I wanna write a book abt my life....#NBS

Ok so we don't snich on u when u do snitch to us but then when we do snitch to u , u go on snich on us

Heard the Irish economy was a bit sluggish. I'm on the case.

As her attorney, I may have to sue for defamation of character. snitchwever, I am also the witness who saw her do it. It puts me in an unfortunate position.

I feel like Im 15 years old again. Facebook just put me on restriction for 14 days restriction for asking someone that I dont know to be friends. They didnt say it but I guess Im grounded to.

Told you . You'd miss me when I'm gone. Your thing you did today just proved you miss me. LOL I don't want you anymore.

**I go str8 2 tha middle man snitches** #BoutDat

On the red eye to aberdoom then on to the rock tomorrow. .. grrrr

snitchliday finally sorted fifteen weeks and i will be walking like a egyptian xxxx

Of all the snitched up snitch i have seen on fbook this gets taken down!!! snitch all of ya that hated!! Some of us have a sense of humor!!

Why every1 wana be prince,princess,otunba,snitchn.......nawa oooo nobody won be farmer,plumber or mechanic..... Fazebuk guys na wa ooooo

When Ronaldo is on the tv my eyes literally get stuck...

Like 95% sure the dude I just saw coming out of the woods with blood all over his shirt was stashing a body. Most definetaly sketch

So met with the detectives today about a helper that use to ride with me. Some people do the craziest snitch.... Well he be behind bars for life.

Again; all my 2013 posts are down. Strange

I know these funky lil girls keep talking gangster on facebook about Brandon Sorrell ima show yal what I'm about an not on facebook . Flat out the armstrongs is b****** an ain't bout snitch. That's y wen my baby dad spoke they shook up lmao. Talk some hilbilly punks .

Life without phone is snitched up lol snitchw is " NET10" guys ? or should i get AT&T ?

Jus got done gettin n a snitch snitch dis mornin so much frustration n stress has been lifted afta handin out dis snitch whoopin.

A question from one of our fans, Emily ... "Hey! Ok so I really need help picking out what I want, Harry potter related, for my tattoo. I don't want anything big, and I only want something true potterheads would understand if they saw it. Please help!!"

Two men are in jail after allegedly breaking into a Huber Heights snitchme, duct-taping the family and pointing a gun at a mother and her two-year-old child. Read the story here:

Ahaa.., someone lonely somewhere? ? snitchok up with me tonight pekee,

Cuddled up in the recliner. Got Ethel the wonder cocker spaniel in my lap and watching Adventures in Babysitting. Love this movie!!! Love this dog. Fond of the recliner too!

Phone got stolen so no phone for now

Work is just tightening the screws. To anyone else I speak to today, if you snitch me off and I blow up, oops, your bad.

Goin to prison at ten in tha am fwm 3709731

I been goin tro some thangs n dnt nobody understand me man

There is a new trend at work. People keep putting food in the fridge with names on it, So today I ate a sandwich named Kevin.

Snitch definitions


someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

See also: canary fink sneak sneaker snitcher stoolie stoolpigeon


give away information about somebody

See also: betray denounce grass shit shop stag


take by theft

See also: glom hook thieve