Glom in a sentence as a verb

Take the 1st part of the 1st name and glom it onto the last part of the last name.

Overall a great way to glom great ideas.

I'll second FPComplete - a lot of people seem to glom really well onto their web-based IDE.

The other side of the coin is you don't glom onto people when they obviously don't want to talk to you.

You provide the answer yourself "Powerful people want to glom together and form a clique at the top." That will be very much a given!

* A comment on a political thread that states a clear polarizing opinion for people to glom onto.

It is suggesting the solution is to glom everything together.

From what I've read, she was much more pragmatic than the angry anti-government types who glom on to objectivism.

Best to avoid the question and glom on to something you perceive as offensive and white knight for those poor people whose tender feelings may be rustled by my brutish and ugly language.

So people take a passing interest just long enough to glom onto these labels and call themselves "geeks" or "nerds" every chance they get. I feel a sharp pang in my head every time some moron on Twitter or Facebook says something like "i'm doing my homework i'm such a nerd LOL!!!

I'm an avid sports follower, and in general, I glom onto different teams and story lines at the beginning of the season, and it seems to have to do with proving to other fans my predictive abilities.

Level 1 - you believe every research article you read and everything your advisors tell you, and you glom onto one area or viewpoint in particular without considering alternatives.

Because you can glom Lua into any C code base, and give yourself a much comfier language to do business/game/architecture code in, while still having a fairly large degree of raw control over the C runtime power, to boot.

Crypto-creationists glom onto these shallow local optima and make out like they have incredibly deep minima hidden in their midst, which is utterly implausible unless you reject evolution as the force that shaped us as species.

One reason that things have homogenized is that we've developed a much stronger expectation for how websites should look and act. But, these are complex to design and develop - well out of reach of the average individual - so we glom onto template services that provide a nice design and out-of-the-box functionality: comments, social, CMS, etc. And yeah, most sites on the respective platforms look relatively the same.

Sure, interoperability sucks, but surely you're not suggesting that the solution is to glom everything together into a single monolithic app that does everything?By all means, fix the fact that tools are painful when you want them to work together.

Glom definitions


take by theft; "Someone snitched my wallet!"

See also: hook snitch thieve


seize upon or latch onto something; "The Republicans glommed onto Whitewater"