Spokesperson in a sentence as a noun

This Googler is not a spokesperson for the company.

The man's gone completely insane, and makes a frankly woeful spokesperson.

She should become a marketer or spokesperson, not a coder.

I don't think he's a particularly good spokesperson, but he makes up for it in other ways.

Let him be the spokesperson so he gets the attention he desperately needs and leave the coding standards to people who code.

They've recently told most of the world to go **** themselves, and one of their members of parliament is a Wikileaks spokesperson.

> An FBI spokesperson said to Hill that the $80m worthThe FBI gave the number denominated in USD, so the journalist had to estimate the true number of BTC.

In the movie, the phrase is used to describe the defense "I've got a mortgage to pay", offered up by a lawyer^W spokesperson who worked for large Tobacco firms.

"That quoted sentence includes the interesting phrase "Tesla's spokeswoman at the time," seemingly implying that the company has a new spokesperson in just the last few days.

It could be true, but half the time people don't even realize they have symptoms until a "spokesperson for the community" reaches out and informs them of the terrible conditions they're living in.

"A spokesperson from Boogle Ireland this morning said that they have long been publishing helpline numbers on their website when a user enters certain search terms, and that this was simply an extension of that service.

Or it doesn't even have to go that far; some government spokesperson lets your name slip in an interview as a "suspect" and the media attention you'll get will forever ruin your life even if the government does nothing.

He's just been stating the obvious all this time!- NSA surveillance!- Hadn't anyone heard about Echelon?- He stands for freedom of users!- But users don't care about those freedoms, they just want something that works!- He's antisocial and extremely rude!- Autism spectrum.- But he's not diplomatic at all, we don't want him as a spokesperson for Open Source!- It's GNU/Linux, not Linux.- See?

Spokesperson definitions


an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose; "the meeting was attended by spokespersons for all the major organs of government"

See also: interpreter representative voice