Interpreter in a sentence as a noun

"I don't believe in comments because they slow the PHP interpreter down.

I was their first deaf corporate employee, and had to fight for every interpreter hour I got.

When the compiled function is done, control comes back, and the interpreter steps to the next instruction like normal.

You can find interpreters and transcribers all across the board on the technical spectrum.

Sure, the interpreter would be signed, but what it runs is totally arbitrary.

Are you sure you wouldn't say the same thing if it was 1975 and they'd made a Basic interpreter for a toy computer used by a few hobbyists?Big things often start small.

In addition to being a hard problem, writing an interpreter and a compiler makes you understand how programming languages work.

I went through a number of interpreters before I picked my regular interpreter, and trained her on the vocabulary.

I majored in Chinese at university and worked for quite a few years as a Chinese-English interpreter and translator.

There is no way in **** that this code could ever have anything resembling the intended effect, on any Javascript interpreter, platform, or architecture.

* RPython is the language the PyPy interpreter is written in, it's not really meant for general purpose code, it's designed mostly for VMs, but it does run at basically C-like speed.

Since the proposal is for a new bytecode, the author will have to implement their own interpreter and/or JIT compiler for it, and writing an efficient one is an extremely large chunk of work.

I wrote letters to the border agency, the prison governor and the home secretary and he was granted asylum and an interpreter was arranged so that his legal visits would be more productive.

Nobody, not even Torvalds or van Rossum, could throw a switch and shut down your Linux boxes or your Python interpreter, so any needed migration to an incompatible system can happen at your convenience.

So the oldest core routines have single letter variable namesvariables aren't declared; when you use a name, the interpreter just travels up the call stack looking for somewhere that variable is defined.

As I learned Mandarin Chinese up to the level that I was able to support my family for several years as a Chinese-English translator and interpreter, I had to tackle several problems for which there is not yet a one-stop-shopping software solution.

When it notices that some piece of code is getting interpreted over and over a lot, it'll pass it into the JIT; get back a function pointer to real, native, optimized code; and then patch its in-memory representation of the code you fed it, so instead of saying "A, B, [C, D, E], F", where [C, D, E] is the block that's getting executed all the time, it'll say "A, B, jump to [this native address] and run what's there, F".That single instruction will transfer control from the interpreter to the code compiled by the JIT, through the function pointer.

Interpreter definitions


someone who mediates between speakers of different languages

See also: translator


someone who uses art to represent something; "his paintings reveal a sensitive interpreter of nature"; "she was famous as an interpreter of Shakespearean roles"


an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose; "the meeting was attended by spokespersons for all the major organs of government"

See also: spokesperson representative voice


(computer science) a program that translates and executes source language statements one line at a time