Autism in a sentence as a noun

And I realized Matthew’s autism wasn’t the enemy; it’s what he is.

Coming to a blog post, why most computer specialists relate to autism.

Next time you might like to work in a zinger about autism, neckbeards and/or fedora ownership.

If you had autism or downs syndrome you would find all kinds of support, even get college scholarships and job placements.

Their response was as follows: they would cover it if I was found not to have autism and they would not cover it if I did have autism.

"I ask because I have a son with autism, and I have met leading immunologists in famous medical schools who subscribe to this hypothesis.

Asperger's/autism or not, school was pretty much miserable for me, and I would have been grateful for the opportunity to learn how to really connect with others.

As someone with borderline autism, I find this sort of guide extremely helpful, because things that may be obvious to you take me immense amounts of time to learn and internalize.

Calling Zynga and Groupon pump-and-dump schemes is a mark of one's one's understanding of business in much the same way that believing vaccines cause autism is a mark of one's understanding of science.

They're disruptive, intrusive, unreliable, and for many people with autism-spectrum disorders, extremely uncomfortable.

The autoimmune hypothesis is yet another autism hypothesis that is advanced primarily by parents, because it offers more hope than a neurological etiology.

A lot of people hold strongly to the hope that autism is just a set of symptoms that are triggered by something tangible and readily treatable like a nutritional deficiency or a food allergy, rather than a permanent difference in brain structure.

Autism definitions


(psychiatry) an abnormal absorption with the self; marked by communication disorders and short attention span and inability to treat others as people