User in a sentence as a noun

That's why they're listed on a page where the user has but one action to take.

It works well and aligns us nicely with our users' interests.

So you can blame the user, or you can try to design something easier to use.

" There is no normalized way of a user agent saying, "if this flag is set, I'm a bot.

All of the accusers had karma greater than 1500, and atleast two of them were on HN since at least 2 years.

Sure, it's easier on the eyes, but it's a much worse design, in that it makes the user experience worse.

" You literally would have to substring match on user agent.- Okay, let's just substring match on the word "bot.

There is probably no better person on earth to light a user- and product-focused fire under Yahoo.

And you still haven't learnt the first rule of kernel maintenance?> If a change results in user programs breaking, it's a bug in the kernel.

Fedora[2] was also spun off at this time, as the free successor to Red Hat Linux that was supposed to be only suitable for home users.

When we do fix bugs we will try to get to users as fast as possible.> 8. Replication was lackluster on busy serversThis simply sounds like a case of an overloaded server.

Paltalk exercises extreme care to protect and secure users’ data, only responding to court orders as required to by law.

It's a Web where user agentsbrowsersmust navigate a nest of enforced duties every time they visit a page.

"""Consequently, while the workstation may be viewed as an Internet host in the sense that it implements IP, it should not be viewed as the entity which contains the user's mailbox.

> E-mail marketers will no longer be able to get any information from images—they will see a single request from Google, which will then be used to send the image out to all Gmail users.

What else can you configure "so easily" I wonder?Then you get into how they are hacking CSS and iframes into the email body, to substitute for Javascript, and actually create a workable user interface.

We do not disclose user information to government agencies without a court order, subpoena or formal legal process, nor do we provide any government agency with access to our servers.

" Obviously some sort of FeedBurner bot, but it doesn't have "bot" or "crawler" or "spider" or any other term in there.- How about we just make a "blacklist" of these known bots, look up every user agent, and compare against the blacklist?

The critical eye of an average iPhone user will appreciate the fine craftsmanship & precision of the painstaking work that went into translating the iconic clock into an exact digital replica.

Oh, that's in there too... they ship a 'configuration profile' which adds a new email account, so your password is leaving the device in cleartext and being used to create the profile server-side which is then shipped back to the phone and installed, how exactly?This just gets worse and worse if I understand correctly... I'm surprised that configuration profiles can be shipped to an arbitrary device from a third party this way without the user manually installing LinkedIn's certificate as trusted.

User definitions


a person who makes use of a thing; someone who uses or employs something


a person who uses something or someone selfishly or unethically

See also: exploiter


a person who takes drugs