Plunk in a sentence as a noun

It's free for others because she chose to plunk the B.

Don't just go and plunk down a single pixel color change, or a flat color.

Try to plunk out chords on the piano with the music and see for yourself.

But that doesn't mean you can just walk into EVE, plunk down $1500 to buy ISK, and walk off with a titan.

They will go to Barnes & Noble, scour the educational section and plunk down $200 without blinking.

Plunk in a sentence as a verb

Sure, Apple spent billions of dollars acquiring companies and developing Apple Maps just so Google would come in and plunk theirs down...

They complain incessently about DLC, DRM, 0-day patches, unimaginative games, yet line up, year after year, to plunk down $60 for the next Madden.

Don't just plunk it down on them set up an automated system requiring justification for every expense.

The sort of person who's happy to plunk down $300 on a home theater component is already going to have a much more capable device driving a surround sound system.

I imagine signing up for a service somewhere, and I just plunk my special notification address somewhere in the settings.

Plunk in a sentence as an adverb

Others have mentioned travel, skydiving, etc... Those experiences are what make the memories that last a lifetime, long after you're past the novelty of being able to plunk out tunes on the piano.

While you don't want to plunk down and watch TV when you should be working, you can do things like meet a plumber at your house without taking time off.- Build in a hard stop at the end of your day so you don't blur lines between the workday and personal time.

I don't even care about a CD player, the phone will handle it all through aux.- Cruise control is cool, but I won't pay a dollar more for it- 0-60 in under 6 seconds.- 5 star crash ratings all around- sell it with civic/accord like reliability for 5 years- then I'll buy iteverything else is cool, **** I'd love to plunk down on a top of the line model-S, I drool when I watch Veyron top speed runs, I love this stuff, but honestly when I get down to it, I think of cars like rapidly depreciating transport appliances.

Plunk definitions


a hollow twanging sound


(baseball) hitting a baseball so that it drops suddenly

See also: plunker


make or move along with a sound as of a horse's hooves striking the ground

See also: clop clump clunk


set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise; "He planked the money on the table"; "He planked himself into the sofa"

See also: plank flump plonk plop plump


drop steeply; "the stock market plunged"

See also: dive plunge


pull lightly but sharply with a plucking motion; "he plucked the strings of his mandolin"

See also: pluck pick


with a short hollow thud; "plop came the ball down to the corner of the green"

See also: plop