Paragon in a sentence as a noun

He is not a paragon of society, he is simply someone who is very good at tech and making money.

The paragon of success is a popular website or well-used software, and for that, you just have to be a bright, creative geek.

I don't see anyone in the discussion here "holding America up as a paragon of all that is evil.

So, is your average jock some paragon of chivalry and philogyny?

Review:Christensen is the best speaker I've ever heard, a paragon of equality.

And, yes, I do use that paragon of GNU software, GNU Emacs, and surely you realize the folly of trying to tell me my editor of choice is bloated.

A paragon of magical realism and my second favorite author.

We can't condemn atrocities anywhere in the world without first holding America up as a paragon of all that is evil.

You being not exactly a paragon of physical fitness will not be a barrier to getting deals -- there exist many people in the industry who are not.

I love how you're this paragon of stoic virtue, and I'm a drama queen, yet, here you are talking about it even more instead of ignoring it and going back to whatever it was you were doing.

Hmm, I've always viewed K&R as kind of a paragon of C perfection -- I first learned C from K&R when I was 16 or so and have used it as a trusty companion to systems C programming all the way through grad school.

"So he's unable to actually live up to the work ethic he espouses and purports to be a paragon of and as a result wants his staff to fill in the blanks while he works on "something else"; to just "get it ******* done" and not be "jokers".

Hitherto the paragon of collegiate studies, these textual discourses nowadays propagate freely in the super-plebeian fantasy-made-reality cyber-utopia that is the infosphere.

I would tend to agree wrt HN nitpicking except in this case nirvana is presenting himself as the paragon of objectivity setting the story straight against the unwashed rabble of knee-jerk Apple haters, when in fact he is nowhere near objective when it comes to Apple, and shooting ignorant fish in a barrel is not good enough to validate his points.

Adria, and arguably dongle-joke-guy, made some mistakes, and the use of this incident to third parties like myself is to take a moment to contemplate how to avoid making similar mistakes.-------------------Some choice snippets from her statement:"I have always tried to conduct myself in a way that builds bridges for everyone"Almost no one can honestly claim this, and we've seen plenty of comments in the past weeks which, if true, show that Adria is no paragon of virtue, including a few from activist feminist women in tech who feel that Adria's high-profile unreasonable belligerence has repeatedly damaged the cause of equality.

Paragon definitions


an ideal instance; a perfect embodiment of a concept

See also: idol perfection


model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal

See also: ideal nonpareil saint apotheosis nonesuch nonsuch