How to use Saint in a sentence as a noun

Become a saint to nerds after taking on a company that wont let you do what you want with products you've paid for...ends up at a company that in no human decipherable terms owns your social identity....Who woulda thunkedit: I think it's worth mentioning, I'm not decrying either he or facebook for their acquisition of talent, it's just an unexpected maneuver.

Portrayed as a saint, she was actually an extremist religious nutjob.

Gates is no saint by any means, but I can't see how after working on such big-picture issues, he'd want to come back and run a business.

What this story shows is that Wozniak is a saint, not that Jobs is evil.

How to use Saint in a sentence as a verb

But that certainly doesn't make Bill a saint, and I suspect that this hyperbole and short-term memory-ism can fuel the backlash.

When I take a kid or two with me, they look at me like I'm a saint, much moreso than the moms who have kids with them.

In other areas, the reaction was almost uniformly "saint".

That doesn't make him a saint, but I think it makes him someone worthy of respect.

Saint definitions


a person who has died and has been declared a saint by canonization


person of exceptional holiness

See also: angel


model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal

See also: ideal paragon nonpareil apotheosis nonesuch nonsuch


hold sacred

See also: enshrine


declare (a dead person) to be a saint; "After he was shown to have performed a miracle, the priest was canonized"

See also: canonize canonise