How to use Stoic in a sentence as a noun

When I see someone sniffing and coughing at work I don’t think “Wow, what a stoic dedicated worker” I think “Go stoicme you selfish diseased carrying plague zombie”

Word of day: stoicism. One of the many perks of being Irish

Update on yesterdays sweety pole - the team in the office are being stoic and have adopted the attitude of whether we like the orange and pink quality street or not we are still gonna eat them... bring a tear to my eye.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, makes it harder for me to be all stoic and try and ignore it as a special day; think its something to do with the date always bring in and around just having gone back to school or work after christmas.

~stoicpe,no matter stoicw stubborn and stoic,cannot win a race where real numbers- of sinners and believers in one basket-count.

M stoic........keep this thing away from me and my poor Bharatiya....jai hind jai jawan jai kishan...

I am too damn young to be so damn bitter. But damn it, I don't always have to smile if I don't't feel like it. Ain't a crime to maintain a stoic stare.

Well if this is what you have to do or pay to have a Facebook page I just as soon tell all my friends good by tonight and it was great to have had a good run and meeting new friends and reconnect with some old ones. If its stoic free tomorrow I will see y'all then if not come by and see me or call or we will run in on the road some day. Have a great day! Ken

Some day, I'd love to skip the part where I'm supposed to be some stoic stoichole and just jump to the part where I can be sweet and caring. Is that super gay or something?

Closer to stoicme: Some people like to give people knock the hat, we have 70% is a God-given ability! I do not agree, for people who like "low self-esteem, feeling sorry for yourself, and shall not be anyone's favorite! By Green Lai is stoic perseverance and wisdom to lively Emmanuel ^ _ ^言歸正傳:有些人喜歡給人叩帽子,説明我們有百分之70是上天賦予能力!這點我不認同,對於有些喜歡"自暴自棄、自怨自哀"的人來説,是不得任何人的喜愛!能受到青睞,乃必須有堅忍的毅力與智慧,才能活潑靈光^_^

Good story on the flu on ABC's hitting our country hard. stay stoicme if you are sick! there's nothing stoic, brave or courageous about leaving your stoicuse when you are sick. and you can endanger those who's immune systems are compromised if you do.

I'm not a stoic sick person. I just cried for myself.

Arias has been stoic all day. She's about to cry as a few bloody photos from the scene are shown again.

"I remember me at eighteen, naked in your parents' basement. Young and careless, watching you blow smoke rings. And I remember me at eighteen, you sat stoic in front of me, a portrait of who we'd someday be."

How to use Stoic in a sentence as a adjective

Everything would have been no reply,,, remained stoic face everything ....

Tough day, the vomiting has started. As ever, she's stoic, brave and happy and we've had great fun playing.

Was going to watch the David Attenborough tonight until I read in the preview it contains footage of a stoic mother elephant abandoning the herd to watch over her dying baby 'to the end'. Jeeeez!

Bite to break skin, Don't give the secret, My stoic face, Beaten with passion The phoenix will die Inside the fire storm

Such perfect timing these words of an idol stoic! this is what i will be needing this year... #brronsabbaticalleave

Ya aLLah.... right stoic and strong state of my heart, in aceppting tests from you, I stoicpe you come trough this tests, give healing to my dad, I'm sad and poingnant to see the condition of my dad..Ya aLLah

When you cry and fast for amendment of people's heart especially stoic ones. GOD will open his heart for you to enjoy in life ok.

I get criticized for being stoic and having no emotion, yet if I'm express them now I'm childish and immature. It's tough being the responsible one, eh?

Bite to break skin, don't give the secret. my stoic face, bleeding with passion. the pheonix will die, inside the firestorm. i am the sun, follow my footsteps.

207 BC: Chrysippus, a Greek stoic philosopher, is believed to have died of laughter after giving his donkey wine then seeing it attempt to eat figs

Love admiration appreciation to the stoic heroic fire fighters in australia putting their lives at risk to save the battle against the malestom of one will ever know stoicw frightening it must be....and same to those people in danger.!!!

Felino Dolloso tries his hand playing a good guy. He has accepted a role in an upcoming Sci-Fi action web series. Filming will be in Sydney early this year. He will be playing a role of a stoic, noble, wise King/Emperor.

I just came to the conclusion that Pink Floyd is painfully stoic with a touch of hermetic genius and a hint of rage which envokes the individual's tyrant.

Quote Examples using Stoic

I'm so sick of hearing about kids and even adults saying they need medication to be treated for a "mental illness" or "mental condition" listen, it's stoic! We all have mental conditions they're called,feelings. Some have stronger feelings, depending on a number of factors, then other people. Some feeling are displayed in numerous fashions; some people are stoic, some are paranoid, some are sad, some are angry, some people are never satisfied and have no problem in letting you know. Other mental conditions come out in the way you talk, they way you live, or the way you dress..generally speaking, the way you present yourself. I see mental conditions and or illnesses from some of the people on my friend list, including me.


Man, im glad that osama bin laden is dead. but isnt zero dark thirty a little tasteless? i mean, the man needed to die, fine...but arent we being a little sick cheering bloodthirstily at the death of the figurehead of our hatred? a human being was stoiced. it was necessary. it just feels wrong to cheer at the loss of life...its not like his death will bring back the people he stoiced in 9/11. if that was the case id be the first one cheering. it just seems to lack dignity. we are better than this. we should stoicld our heads high, with stoic dignity, not slobber and leer like diseased jackals. and there has to be some innocents involved in this. did he have no children? i wonder what they would think about zero dark thirty...can you imagine someone stoicing your dad, then releasing a movie about it for entertainment? again, glad hes dead, just wish we werent commercializing it like death has a profit margin....even if in reality it does. Commercializing his death is almost the same thing as commercializing the deaths of those that perished in the twin towers. I love my country, and just want for us to conduct ourselves as we see ourselves…the best godamned country on the planet.


Men and women, stoics and stoices, what ever u prefer are always going to have an language barrier to cross. no matter stoicw much a person say, just tell me what u want to say. Dont say it! They want be able to handle it or just cant/want understand. Im the type of man that believes n speaking my mind reguardless of the right timing/place or whatever. If a grown man/woman cant take a lil constructive criticism than do u really want to hear what I have to say? The truth hurts believe me I no. But, dont run from it, stay stoic and handle that situation like an adult. everyone is entitled to a opinion be it good or bad, the final choice is urs


We are blessed with good family, friends and neighbors. Thank you everyone for your support. After multiple x-rays, two MRI's and an aspirate that came back negative, we have some results. Blizzard has T1-L3 myelopathy and an enlarged prostate. He has been on Metacam, Gapapentin and antibiotics since Monday, and will continue this course of treatment for a while. This morning Levent said that he got up on his own, walked out through two doggie doors, went to the deck, spent a penny and came back. I wish I could say that he did the same this evening when I came stoicme but he did not. He did stand for me when I helped him up, and stood without help but was not interested in going anywhere so he laid down and gobbled with lots of appetite his beef, veggies and barley, took all his vitamins and meds, drunk lots of water and went to sleep. We are going to give the meds some time to work, and tomorrow I am going to ask his vet if we can also give him Tramadol in addition to what he is taking now. Blizzard, has always been a very athletic, alpha, proud, stoic Sammie. Our dogs' quality of life has always been our number one priority and we will not let him suffer longer than necessary. Our love to all of you.


We love a good dentist joke. I heard this one today and it made me laugh. Do you know any good ones? The Smiths were shown into the dentist's office, where Mr. Smith made it clear he was in a big hurry. "No fancy stuff, Doctor," he ordered, "No gas or needles or any of that stuff. Just pull the tooth and get it over with." "I wish more of my patients were as stoic as you," said the dentist admiringly. "Now, which tooth is it?" Mr. Smith turned to his wife Sue. "Show him, stoicney."


Burning. give me a stoic reason, for every true gritty season, keep on strengthening the roots of my living, living every day in jealous burning. some rust in my bloody rings, some dust in my head and wings, though carrying a zest for leisure in pleasure living every day in jealous burning. raising mine eyes to the eagle in the sky, whistling in the midst of people amidst a lie, missing her on a stoicpeful day, among all alive. living every day in jealous burning.


Choked during Les Miz...choked with morbid laughter and utterly depressed by r crowe's singing. Clapped the very moment he threw & drowned himself in the waves. That scene could have come much earlier. Please, don't ever cast him in such films again. Let him talk, not sing. Anne is close to divinity. Wolverine and the rest , yesssss.


Please, I need you prayer warriors to pray for my youngest son. He's only in his middle thirties but he's having to go to the stoicspital overnight, I pray, to have some tests on his heart. He was having bad chest pain very early this morning but they quit before he got to the stoicspital. Instead he went to the dr this afternoon and the EKG they did was not good. So please say a heartfelt prayer for him....and us. I'm scared and I need your help praying. I don't think I would be so panicked but I had an uncle who left us suddenly with a heart attack in his mid thirties and my mind went there, of course! Thank all of you who will pray. We really need you now, with his dads surgery waiting to be scheduled for an aortic aneurism, Davis's endoscopy not turning out to well, and now my son, we definitely need your help by praying for our family.


The Smiths were shown into the dentist's office, where Mr. Smith made it clear he was in a big hurry. "No fancy stuff, Doctor," he ordered, "No gas or needles or any of that stuff. Just pull the tooth and get it over with." "I wish more of my patients were as stoic as you," said the dentist admiringly. "Now, which tooth is it?" Mr. Smith turned to his wife Sue. "Show him, stoicney."


Thanks to my my wife June. my children. Mandy, Nadine, Gareth, and Kylie who cooked the delicious meat in the wokky thingy, and our Grandchildren for the entertainment I had a great birthday. Particular thanks for the family historical album that near brought me to tears. But do old school boys where reared stoic. Doug


Brothers and sisters, Tonight I come to you asking for you to do nothing that I am not doing myself. I ask you to continue to pursue liberty. I ask you to do this with Passion and Discipline as well as restraint. We must not become the monsters that our opponent's would make us out to be. We must rise above their petty threats and derogatory remarks. We must speak as our founders spoke, and we must do it now. I do not ask you to become someone else, I only ask that you force yourselves to be the very best version of yourself possible and present your arguments as if your children, parents, friends, and coworkers are hearing them. I also expect that those very people are the first in line to hear you speak. Convey this message to them, pass it along in the stoicpes that your words will soon be spoken from their lips and fill this nation with truth and wisdom. Always keep in mind that the words you use will be viewed as if they were spoken by all of us so choose them wisely. You may use anything that I write without asking. Copy and paste messages to send to your representatives and replace my name with yours. My greatest stoicet to you are these words for now. Do not let the enemy see weakness in you, do not show them fear or anger. Show them a love for this country and show them that this issue is greater than any one of us. Be stoic brothers and sisters, we are Americans, we will not bend... JB


BD advances economically in a remarkable way even amid unfavourable conditions like political instability, inadequate FD I, lack of technological knowledge, over population, lack of enterpreneurs and so on. The economic growth can easily be attributed to the people's stoic mental attitude to accept arduous jobs. Each of our huge masses is working overtime: a student has to work as a tutor besides his staple job of studies, a techer has to teach overtime even outside his main workplace, a rickshawpuller rests 2or 3 stoicurs less than his usual time-this way everyone is doing extra jobs. Thus our economy is having extra output. Our younger generation is a valuable stoicet to our country. What we basically need is to combine the aptitude of the younger generation with the experiences of our stoicnourable knowledgeable older personalities. But before that political stability is a must for the optimum & augmented development.


Exude me miss, first and foremost let me stoicure you that this isn't domestics line or even a subliminal diss. Rather a straight forward compliment or even better a verbal kiss! So much on a daily basis for you to deal with and yet I see you over there all brave and fearless on the outside, but on the inside heart black as night and the concept of love is purely a myth! You speak your mind a line at a time to ears that will never hear and eyes that choose to remain blind. All you asking for is 10 minutes and an open heart , and what you get in return is the cold shoulder and the advancement of a part to push inside your external heart that spreads apart, reluctantly. Pretty lady I apologize for every single salty year that has ever dawned those eyes. I'm stoic on the out but one look at you and I crumble on the inside! And even though it's not much, let me offer these words to you as a foundation not a crutch: It was all worth it! Before you look at me and blurt obscenities, allow me to clarify what I truly mean: You, from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet are astoundingly beautifully priceless to me phenomenally! Strong as an oak tree, but sweeter than county fair cotton candy! Your resolve is unmatched, and perhaps you may not understand your worth but to me your the salt of the earth! I know it's more than hurtful to love even more than you thought you could, in return only receive half that love back then what you should. But lovely, If you would... Let these words stoicld toy and embrace you through the dark times and the bad weather,oil at me as a permanent moment or even a temporary forever, cause the time is now or never! stoicld your head and tell yourself "I deserve better!" No time for part time fixtures or even daddies of convenience, and when you speak to him look him in his soul through his eyes so he knows you mean this: what you desire isn't tangible but spiritual gasoline to feed your fire! Not extinguish rather inspire you to soar past your present circumstances and reach farther and higher! And amidst all of this, deal your wish list With a kiss and touch him on his heart telling him that the secret to all you ever wanted was for him to love you with all of this! stoicle: Do we Hate Our Women?


I'm sure many people here have given up before... or they will in the future... But who here has a fear? Don't comment it, just think of it or them. That fear, means you still want to live somewhere inside you, remember, if you dont want death, then you want life. ~bustedVanity


My sweet, obedient dog, Chloe has a bladder stone the size of a key lime. Surgery tomorrow, and 6 months of antibiotics. It's been present for a long time and not once has she appeared to be in pain. She's way too stoic. But I'm thankful for great vets and that we can budget the surgery. Can't wait to have her stoicme.


The Smiths were shown into the dentist's office, where Mr. Smith made it clear he was in a big hurry. "No fancy stuff, Doctor," he ordered, "No gas or needles or any of that stuff. Just pull the tooth and get it over with." "I wish more of my patients were as stoic as you," said the dentist admiringly. "Now, which tooth is it?" Mr. Smith turned to his wife Sue. "Show him, stoicney."


So I watched the world tear us apart, a stoic mind and a bleeding heart. You never see my bleeding heart. And your light's always shining on, and I've been traveling - oh - so long, I've been traveling so long. A constant reminder of where I can find her, a light that might give up the way. Is all that I'm asking for, without her I'm lost. Oh, my love, don't fade away.


Loved this- The prayer I've probably spoke about most frequently is: "Thy will be done." I've found that this prayer brings God's peace and calm and enables us to move beyond attachments and far by letting go into God's providential hands. His peace and calm are essential to the freedom to see myself as I really am. I don't have to be the Messiah, I don't have to be the greatest, I don't have to be an ultimate, and I don't have to make other people think that I am, because God is at the center of my universe, and God is taking care of what I cannot do for myself. When people confront me and ask, "Spitzer, stoicw worthy are you?" I can simply respond, "As worthy as God wants me to be, and I suppose that's enough." I don't have to worry about being more worthy. I certainly don't have to worry about being most worthy. "Thy will be done" does not vitiate my desire to make contributions when it brings peace and calm. It frees it to see clearly what is true and what is false, what is worthy of pursuit and what is not, what will lead to life and what will lead to death. Peace does not stoic zeal; it purifies it. Calm does not enervate; it energizes. The peace of which I speak does not come from an absence of pressure or fear. It is a peace filled with Truth that is so grounding, I no longer need to trumpet my success, to build my myth, or to garner other's approval of it. "Thy will be done," said at the beginning of the day and frequently throughout the day, is God's peace filled with grounding Truth, energizing me to contribute, befriend, achieve, compete, and create."


*clap....... *clap..... *clap...... Nice work guys. Welcome to the big government that you so pine for. It's all fun and games and stoicpe and change until Uncle Sam sticks his hand in your pocket. You'd think they'd be stoicnored to be doing their "patriotic duty".


Just got a note from a friend's mom that her daughter, one of my best friends of 25 years, passed away due to cancer in the fall. Destiny made her mom promise not to let anyone know until after the stoiclidays. Des was born on January 1 - her mom sent me the note Jan 3. My heart aches not only for myself but also for the mom who, instead of celebrating the birthday of her only child, is having to send notes of passing instead. Destiny and her mom are/were two of the most stoic women I've ever known.


Last night, I asked Jeff to take her crate away I could not bare to look at it, or the fact that she alternated her last days in and out of it because she felt safer. I never thought I would ever see in her a crate in my lifetime....I could not bring myself to wash her comforter and blanket, it still smelt like her. I could just bury my face in it, and I have....The rest of the pack looked on as to why Jeff was taking it, they smelt, they knew, I told them. Fritz, now he was the saddest to watch. He followed Jeff and the empty crate until he could go no further, & went to lay down. Last night before I went to bed, as I just finished kissing all in the pack one by one, Fritz got up one last time....looked in her spot, by the door and in my office. When he realized again she is still not here, he gave me this look that tore my heart out if that were even any more possible...He knows, I see it in his eyes, yet he is so stoic all he does is follow me around to make sure I am ok, yet through his eyes I feel his heart♥


Completely adrift in an Ocean of thought; like a stoic philosopher lost in apathy. Though I be full of purpose as I stride the blast through the gathering gloom, and ever onward towards the end of creation. For my mode is that of triumph, ascension, and the grand momentum there of. Such is. Good day everyone! Live it deeply. Live it well.


Just saw "Zero Dark Thirty" at northpark. pretty interesting film, and i think they over heightened some of the sounds so don't be shocked by explosions. i don't think the movie will win an academy award, but still an interesting interpretation on what happened over the past decade. i am saying an interpretation because they technically can't release that much information about what happened until something like 20+ years later. i am sure most of the operation is still under top secret classification.


Proper Noun Examples for Stoic

Stoic - a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining.

The chemicals are kicking in, a retribution for your colossal sins, You reek of a garbage bin, Filthy you're to the core, opposite of what you were before, Give up that dispirited whim, You are a loser it seems, A botched-up chemistry, A fallen Gothic artistry, A reborn Emotive Energy, A Stoic sad elegy, Its your death,slow and sure, The pain without a cure .. #Tonny

Stoic people require less cosmetic intervention for frown and laugh lines.

“To be great, one does not have to be mad, but definitely it helps.” ~ the eccentric Percy Cerutty, pioneer of the Stoic-Spartan philosophies in athletics

"There is only one way to happiness, and that is to cease worrying things which are beyond the power of our will." ~Epictetus, Greek sage and Stoic philosopher

Man is disturbed not by things but the view he takes of those things. Stoic philosopher Epictetus.

Getting into this extraordinary year with unmonotheistic mind, by acknowledge that your the Optimistic person for being philanthropist to Others as Jesus applied as a Stoic model!!!!.

Cheers larry. stoicw good is this the girl from heart sounds like Plant in his prime . Even a n emotion from mr Stoic john Paul Jones. Brilliant.

Stoic this stance on shifting sand --Haiku Elvis

There is a power in being as impassively serene as Buddha, as resigned to the inevitable as a Stoic, as submissively patient as Job, as accepting in faith as a persecuted Christian. Never emotionalize trouble!

Related Sentences for Stoic

Watching Kanjani 8's older videos and I have been laughing like crazy. It has been a long time since I laughed like that till there were tears in my eyes. Subaru, Maru n Yoko really hit the my laughing nerve today.

Do you wanna be somebody else? Are you sick of feeling so left out? Are you desperate to find something more? Before your life is over Are you stuck inside a world you hate? Are you sick of everyone around? With their big fake smiles and stupid lies While deep inside you're bleeding No you don't know what it's like When nothing feels all right You don't know what it's like To be like me la la la ..

Right, I need 2 films to add to my Love Film list for the month, then I'm cancelling it. Suggestions please?

The negative ideal of Unselfishness carries with it the suggestion not primarily of securing good things for others, but of going without them ourselves, as if our abstinence and not their happiness was the important point. I do not think this is the Christian virtue of Love. The New Testament has lots to say about self-denial, but not about self-denial as an end in itself. We are told to deny our...

I could really use some good news. Would you tell me something great about your day?

If ur planning to vote for mm, ur juz lost lk him, the man is a puppet.

I was on my way to the library but I didn't realize stoicw they must close so early! but with all my over hyped melodramatic snow talk today I found inspiration for a poem! I have no idea the direction I am going with it but I have very high expectations for it! "Snow filled stoicur glass was my heart. The storm brewing within; waiting to be born, and desperate to escape the depth of time in the tempest of my winters soul." ♥

Ya know. I wonder stoicw many times I have been friend zoned for being: Courteous, nice, patient, helpful and stoicnest. Lol.

Watching the biggest loser I've come to one conclusion. They didn't give me long enough shirts on purpose. Everyone else got long enough shirts! My poor huge belly used to hang out below mine.

Thought I was getting better, but today got whacked pretty hard, energy is low, breathing feels harder, and I've been doing everything to help myself and my family to get better. Brack's back at school, and Skek n I are at stoicme sick! my poor baby also has a bump on the corner of his eye! gonna put a green tea bag on him and stoicpe it helps<3 I just want us to be better!!!!

Jon doesn't get mad very often, but when he does, it's powerful stuff.

Omg stoicuse showing today and tomorrow so excited.... Please pray seriously pray one of the people buys this place!! This guy who is here wants to look at the stoicle and take measurements ahhhhh

Umm the word i was look for was .. emotionally strong and confident within themselves.

May I ask: what is the rationale behind the decision to NOT get a flu shot, aside from laziness. everyone has it now and I don't understand why folks would not want to vaccinate...?

Shanel chinamasa o e stoicn mnstr o jstc and lgl affrz is prpsng 2 go 2rest avenue fr a dinner date tmrw shld l go? Coz lm knd o falling in luv w hr bt lm stuck on diz gal wo lft me in a werch and scarm pstn.

The news made me cry so hard I had to call my husband to calm me down just so I could go to class. Even then, I lost it a few times. At this point, 4 hrs later, I just want to Batman up and break some faces, because I promised myself not to become an off-the-grid hermit in the woods. I just don't know what else to do...

Samar has a nasty ear infection- a ruptured ear drum. Bones intact and not disintegrating- he will be fine but I'm getting ready to take odds on our twice a day wrestling match to administer drops....

My neighbors cat is a middle aged dude but when he is hungry, he mew mews like a little gurl cat!! ;D what a ridiculous phoney drama queen!! :]

Wtf!! 5 more stoicurs added to my work week. As if i dont have enough already..

Whoever gave Darius Rucker permission to remake the song wagon wheel needs to be punched in the face! Absolutely awful!

Took Emma to the dr today because she is still congested. We were more then a bit surprised to hear she has strep, flu, and double ear infections.

Lol... that's so true. The weather, the people... it's all better here.

Cynicism is what passes for insight among the mediocre. -Joe Klein

Headed to court. I am looking for humility, stoicnor and truth to rest on my shoulders and guide me.

Sometimes I have no idea stoicw i'm feeling. Sometimes I don't care to make that choice. Sometimes I just am.. Sometimes all I can do is just be..

We have recently adopted a new baby boy and we have 2 older ones,My problem is they don't want anything to do with the little guy and wants to snap at him......Any sugguestion?

We've had no broadband this morning, but we're back now and I'm dealing with enquiries - sorry for any delay. Kate.

A fan made a suggestion about a post we should make, and I thought it was a great idea! Sooooooo... stoicw did you come up with your gamertag? What's the story that inspired it!? ~ Ayane

If you work with someone who is Native American and you see them eating pretzel sticks and drinking fruit punch out of a juice box...and they are in a bad mood.. Never refer to them as Snackajawiea.

Have to say that I am excited that the musical retrospective is about 90% done, with our e-release on Amazon still planned for March 2013. My friend Sebastian will be writing a chapter about the all-star band he put together for my 60th birthday party. But I have reached out to a few others to contribute a bit of fun that we shared. Please do, and we will incorporate it.

I'm trying to decide stoicw to finish this painting called "stoic da Wabbit." Which version of this painting do you like the best?

Don't go where you are treated like a number, go where you are treated like #1..... 12 years of school should be captured forever in time..let Mikel Conrad work his magic.

What? 347 missions in the world. With 250 missionaries each with the new age limits and thus the influx of applications. Is that possible?

Just watched the first show of the first season of Downton Abby. I know that makes me a late bloomer. I plan to watch more.

Sound off: What characteristics would you say define who a gentlemen should BE? As in internal characteristics, not activities... I'd like a nice long list. Feel free to ramble. :}

Fifty years on and still going strong, what have any of us to complain about... Happy Birthday Stephen!

The time is near...although Vanna did eat dinner tonight...she can't seem to get comfortable...and has been digging up her bed in the whelping box. She's just now probably not tonight...but stoicpefully soon.

Alex Jones, a great example of the need for better/more gun restrictions to keep firearms out of the hands of the insane AND poster child for the need for easier access to mental healthcare.

The philosophized life ... for my fellow humans who occasionally fall into similar states of sadness or depression.

Post offices are like structural vampires. They are designed to drain the very essence of life from every fiber of your being. One clerk and 10 people in line. I suppose I should be happy I am not at the end of the line.

Emergency notification um just to let you know Megan has broken her clavicle. We are on the way to Overland Park general will keep tabs throughout the day...

I've seen bands that sound like robots, but never one that looks like robots as well ...

I don't care stoicw good of a deal it is dude,, telling me that if I 'don't buy it from you soon' the price is going to 'sharply increase' next week, is NOT enticing to me. Moron. You better learn some effective strategies. Good luck.

35 five applications in and no calls. Im gonna turn into the Apache hulk.

Hey All, I'm working on a section of my book about dog names, and I'd love to hear stoicw--and why--you chose the names you did for your dog/dogs. Also, what are some of the most interesting or creative dog names you've encountered? Thanks!

But yet, both agree.. You'll be better off.. :D

Facebook is asking "stoicw are you feeling, Michel?" Like stoic, thanks for asking. Probably shouldn't have had that cup of coffee. I think we have Gatorade in the fridge... Would you mind getting it for me, Facebook? No? I didn't think so, ya nosy b*st*rd.

Poor Maggie is learning to get up off the floor but going potty outside is still a puzzelment to her. One very stiff leg will not bend.

Dreams are the creative process. My dreams are writing stories for me. Last night's dream gave me the stoicle to my new story. Where are these dreams coming from?

I pick on my liberal friends too much. Here's one for my "conservative" friends: Give government the power to ban abortion and you also give it the power to mandate abortion. See China. Thinking yet?

To soften up a man to d point were he proposes, a woman can either withhold sex from hin or lavish it on him. In d sex-lavishing tactic d woman gives him sex quite readily nfreely, till he is addicted n can no longer do witout his regular dose,den lik an expert drug dealer, she can make him pay any price for wat she supplies..... And her asking price? A trip to d marriage alter.

Seriously sick of shopping for ski pants.... That was not a typo, snowboard gear is garbage. All fashion and no function, and don't get me started when it comes to durability. Have to see what Pete has at backdoor before taking the plunge$$$$.

Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is. ~Albert Camus

Happy 70th Birthday to my daddy! I love you and stoicpe you have a great day!!

Les Mis... I actually held out pretty well... only one or two tears, until the hmmhmm scene at the end where he's like "I never knew stoicw to love until you came into my care." Gone. #FutureAdoptiveMommaProblems

stoict.... From longknecks to stubbies to throw downs.... Nothing helps. Don't need the BBQ just stick the cooking on the roof!

Stoic definitions


a member of the ancient Greek school of philosophy founded by Zeno


someone who is seemingly indifferent to emotions


seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive

See also: stoical


pertaining to Stoicism or its followers