How to use Luxury in a sentence as a noun

Fashion is not a luxury, it's a right! Like if u agree!

Would you love a luxury pushchair at a bargain price? Mamas & Papas have 50% including their Mylo! Its now only £297

"One thing I learned is that a free weekend at a luxury luxurytel can be very expensive."

Tonight continues our 12 Cocktails of Christmas! Come indulge in our luxury lounge and enjoy some amazing food and cocktails!!! 321 Pine St.

Kings' Shops welcomes Cariloha to our collection of luxury and boutique shops. Come by and check them out!

A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life. - Henry Ward Beecher

Alan Pardew: "Myself, Mike and Derek all agree we should have bought one more senior player in here. "For whatever reason, it did not happen. "We have learnt from that, and that is what comes from the luxury which is the security of the owner. "The owner has great faith in my ability and I have to reward that with what I think when we make an error and say we have made a mistake."

Joy has nothing to do with material things, or with a man's outward circumstance ... a man living in the lap of luxury can be wretched, and a man in the depths of poverty can overflow with joy. ~William Barclay

The designs for the luxury apartment complex to be built on Broadway in Albany have been sent out for pricing. The Hesnor team worked incredibly hard on this project and put in countless extra luxuryurs to complete it in time. We're all very excited for our company luxuryliday luncheon on Friday. We have some very large projects coming up! Check back here or on our Twitter page for more information.

Can any of you knowledgeable lovely lot recommend any luxury B&Bs, luxurytels or self catering places? As it's a secret could you email me presentcupboardlove at gmail dot com

Ok I love ice boxes which are obviously a luxury in asia- luxurywever they make the wine last longer and you can stick your face in it for a frequent chill when you are luxuryt, luxuryt luxuryt- nothing like a good cool down. Loving Sri Lanka even if the sun don't shine!!!!!

What is the price of our apparent "personal happiness"? All across the globe, the many suffer for the continued privileges of the few: animals live and die terribly to feed our gluttonous and excessive diets; adults and children alike toil for 18 luxuryurs a day to make the handy gadgets and accessories we've come to rely on and define ourselves according to; we throw blame around at each other to avoid taking responsibility. Every "positive outcome" in the world is designed to go to those who are already in positions of power and luxury while the "poor" are stuck with the "negative outcomes", kept in line by having "positive rewards" dangled in front of them, just of of reach.

Vote for your favorite and then choose one of our luxury vehicles to take to the awards show Jan 9th #peopleschoice #limoservice

Lanvin campaign movie with a very funny touch. It shows that luxury fashion doesn't have to be that serious.

Join this online store selling gorgeous luxury scarves based in UK and shipping worldwide, Beautiful scarves to order

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Reminding you of our annual travel show - Sat. Jan. 26. 9am-3pm at Classic Catering. If you're looking for luxury and/or adventure travel, it's the place to be. Presented by your Virtuoso-affiliated travel agency in Clovis


Well, the big packages are off to the fiber mill!!! We are restocking on CVM luxury blend and will have a gray blend with CVM, gray/silver mohair, bamboo, silk, and black alpaca. Should be very soft, heathery gray. CVM blends that Wanda has put on Etsy seem to be very popular, and it is a fiber that responds very well to blending with other wonderfulness. Additionally, the other blend currently in the works is a Cormo, silk, and bamboo mixture in white. The undyed fiber will take dye better in the wool and silk and less so in the bamboo. This produces an effect where the lighter bamboo seems to "light up" the roving and the yarn when dyed. I love it, and I luxurype you will as well. Since the mills was Speedy Gonzalez before, maybe we can have some soon.


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Anyone thinking of getting engaged at Christmas? check out our 2013 wedding package Last Minute Luxury. great value great quality

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I have scheduled a vote in the luxuryuse on legislation to make tax relief permanent for nearly every American.

There was a discussion on This Morning today: In today's Hub we're talking about a government aide that has suggested people on benefits should be banned from buying booze or cigarettes with their state hand-outs. Instead, he wants claimants to be issued with welfare cash cards that can only be used to buy essentials, like food and clothes. Can the government dictate what people buy with their hand-outs? Is it fair? What do you think? DB

What vacation spot do you consider your "winter wonderland"?

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Inadequate sleep screws up blood sugar metabolism, testosterone production, thyroid output, HGH release…get to bed on time! #BeatTheBS

Luxury definitions


something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity


the quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive

See also: lavishness sumptuosity sumptuousness


wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living

See also: luxuriousness opulence sumptuousness