Lunacy in a sentence as a noun

When this lunacy ends and people are left with racks of useless miners, is there anything they can be repurposed for?

This is lunacy and incompetence at the highest level.

We need increased lunacy outside of the software industry for people to understand how broken patents are.

Unfortunately those of you who really deserve patents will not be able to make them rise above the noise of this lunacy.

But being against the idea is lunacy - why do you think the Gnome guys realized in the early 2000's that they needed something similar?

Posner may well be one of the most important figures in tech in the coming decade for standing up against the lunacy of software patents.

First, equating "burning them at the stake" to "deleting their accounts on that persons website" is absolute lunacy and I don't know how anyone could take your points seriously.

Is Common Lisp "an extension to C" because ECL transforms it into C?Utter lunacy.> Yes we all know where vendors that do that got usYes; they got us tried and tested ways of implementing things like gradients, so that the standards body had something in the real world to base a successful standard off of.

And then the parts about Google X developing "war robots" and Google threatening to release a "massive amount of carbon"?Just... no. I thought the protestors had a reasonable argument about Google hindering the development of better public transportation and displacing San Francisco individuals by running private bus services that isolated Googlers from the community, but this is sheer lunacy.

Lunacy definitions


obsolete terms for legal insanity

See also: madness insaneness


foolish or senseless behavior

See also: folly foolery tomfoolery craziness indulgence