Foolery in a sentence as a noun

I figured that would stop a lot of tom foolery, I guess not.

It honestly wasn't more than 8 hours of foolery to get all that working.

The best way to deal with said tom-foolery on the web is to just not go to those sites.

You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an “Independent Press”!

The [bunk] [hogwash] [stultified] an [oafish] [foolish] [foolery] [in sheer madness] Tricky: Make sure "a" vs "an" is still used correctly with replacements.

HN really needs to do something about its implicit approval of such foolery tarted up as meaningful commentary.

Engineers would have to be honest in actually connecting the switch directly to the camera rather than resorting to some firmware tom-foolery.

Their stock price obviously isn't a proper indicator of this trend bucking, but I'm glad that they, being the poster child for this sort of foolery, aren't the apple of every tech investor's eye anymore.

Foolery definitions


foolish or senseless behavior

See also: folly tomfoolery craziness lunacy indulgence