Tomfoolery in a sentence as a noun

Calling it a Ponzi scheme seems an invitation to this exact kind of semantic tomfoolery that I'm posting here.

I just wanted to share my mostly-irrelevant tale of mental tomfoolery.

If I were forced to give up nearly 2 hours per day on commuting and the related tomfoolery, then I better be getting paid for that time.

They'll send an email proscribing such tomfoolery and consider the issue resolved.

It also gives us some slack to spew on about civil liberties and other constitutional tomfoolery.

It gives Republicans some slack to spew their lies about gun control and other constitution-backed tomfoolery.

And here I was expecting tomfoolery!I used to do something similar with this early into the beta of my product by using LocalStorage.

People being tricked into carrying around an urn full of ashes, and believing that a convincing AI truly represents their late relatives, and similar sorts of tomfoolery.

One could imagine a Microsoft that found a way to meaningfully innovate purely on the good old PC platform and be successful without any of this mobile devices tomfoolery.

Unfortunately soon Google and other carriers like them will be asked to implement all sorts of nasty filtering, censoring and generally anti-privacy tomfoolery.

Tomfoolery definitions


foolish or senseless behavior

See also: folly foolery craziness lunacy indulgence