How to use Insight in a sentence as a noun

Very cool- a little insight into insightw he puts together his photos. No Alice Bee's were harmed in the making of this photo.

As it goes, as I prepare to teach this evenings on Karma, I am blessed with some personal insight, and again I can say without hesitation, that I am first and by far a student.

Our consulting service so far has provided various corporations, institutions, and government agencies with sophisticated and comprehensible insightysis of complex economic issues and insightisted them in understanding the issues and opportunities they face. Our economic consulting practice is involved in a wide range of engagements related to economics, strategies and projects management. We also provide critical insight and expert testimony in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decision making and public policy debates.

Wisdom is something we learn as we go about in life not from a book on life.... insightwever our own individual book as we have our own experiences and gain our own insight.... My goal today is to be aware and learn from others wisdom from their journeys in life...

Injured my wrist workin lefthanded thru a few days bringin me a bit of understanding or insight into my friend Robert G McDaniels daily existance. He is better than me Im lost with injured wing

Words of wisdom from a trusted elder: " The only thing permanent is change" and "When I hurt, you can't tell me insightw to insightlla!" To this I say....embrace both -- change and the pain, gain insight/understanding and in the words of my sister-girlfriend, Joanna, keep it moving forward!

If you are a writer, this might be one of the most realistic opinions on Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing that I've read, yet. And the comments section provides even more insight. Enjoy!

As promised, here is the link to the translation of the interview with LoungeUp CEO Mathieu Pollet on Blog eHotelMarketing. He describes our solution and gives some insight into the development of technology in the insightspitality industry in 2013...

Not only does each reader have a different voice, but each deck does as well. In using the Darkana deck lately, I have found the insight to be much more sharp and to the point. Even a little gritty at times. There are those that need to hear the message in this manner to have it really sink in.

I don't think many people understand the 2nd Amendment very well. I sure didn't. This short article provides some insight.

Females looks dont insight wearing lil stuff dont insight me no ima have a good woman an god got me

In the year 2013, a remarkable coincidence will take place ~~~ both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address will occur on the same day. This rare happening has a special meaning. One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for insight into the future. The other involves a groundhog...

Thanks for all the prayers and insight , the wife is up and movin today , were not out of the woods yet shes only up cause she has to be but shes up and movin .... so its a start and ill take it!!!!

"The gap is an exquisite place! What awaits you in the gap is the experience of activating the higher human dimensions of insight, intuition, creativity, and peak performance; as well as coming to know relaxation, enchantment, bliss, and the peace of making conscious contact with God." ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

A little bit of insight to our work if you like theres a little thumbs up guy there hit it ! lol

Seems like everybody is breaking up! I'm glad I'm happily in love and in a very healthy relationship! Oh and I think after most all of the posts I've seen this morning Facebook needs a certified shrink to go around leaving comments on pops status for mental, physical, and emotional insight on ppls messed up lives... Or just Jesus there's nothing he can't fix!

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It's the start of the awards season and the red carpet provides some great insight into the up and coming trends. The Critics Choice red carpet saw a lot of sheer panelling and 3D embellishments two key trend details for Spring/Summer 2013.

The Lake Vostok, isolated by 4-kilometer layer of ice for around the past 20 million years, has been of great interest to scientists since it was first discovered in the 1990s. If it turns out that some primitive bacteria or even more complex life-forms survived in the lake’s waters it could offer an earth-shattering insight into our planet’s past.

An awesome paper that gives a little insight to some of the research I do.

Let's just insightpe he's reading it out of curiosity, or to get an insight to the Muslim way of thinking...and not as a guide for his agenda!!

Just praying for my family that in these last dark and evil days that they will have spiritual insight and wisdom

If sum1 tel Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊и̣̣̣̣̥ dat pple say dat wot eva he does is perfect,his insight is exceptional,& his touches α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ brilliant tell such person dat wit all does qualification Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊и̣̣̣̣̥ α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ beta dan such 4 no1 can take U̶̲̥̅̊r place.

I have dz friend; Who sticks closer than a brother Who gives me a new beginning Who gives me insight into reality Who is more concernd of me dan i am Who is alwayz wearing a smile for me, nugdes me wen i eir Who watches me even in my deepest sleep Who puts a spring in my step so i cud lift my head, n square my shoulders Who gives me incredible confidence Sure u do have such a friend

"If it has a food label, it isn't food" - A great insight into nutrition and some very key points. If you are in our paleo challenge or looking just to eat a little better this is a fantastic insight.

Lol, awrite folks, seeing as admins have been acting like Bawbags since av been away, you will all notice you have been given a new role on the page as my insight insightysers, being insight insightyser means that yer a fanny an ye can dae insight all, insight my ring piece you insights lolololol Happy posting .... Oh wait!!! Boss Man Cc

Not a soul insight no food to bite dude to fight who u like earned the stripe burned and whipped born for flight bleached 2 white 30 minutes ago it was dark as night .......

Is this a joke or real? The author point out several weak points in the reports of Sandy insightok. Anyone have anymore insight here?

“It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes. We make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions – especially selfish ones.” —Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Love the insight, good luck I insightpe everything comes together where you have the best chance to put in your best effort.

Knowing this body to be like a clay pot, Establishing this mind like a fortress, One should battle Mara with the sword of insight, Protecting what has been won, Clinging to nothing. -Dhammapada 40, Gil Fronsdal translation

Omg...on our way to drop baby grl off to school the street leading out of our neighborhood was n accident wen we approach closer to go the other way as we passed we notice the victim layn on the ground appeared to b not movin no cars insight so were thinkn tht person must hve a jaywalk our streets pretty dark so im sure they didnt notice the jaywalker but just seein all the depri it look like a bagpack n sum other stuff my heart sanked i pray for those ppl tht r ok n nothing serious came to tht poor victim i send guardian angels to watch over all of em amen we all need tke jaywalkn kindly i for one hate jaywalkers cuz i knw its unsafe tht y we hve crosswalks i wish ppl wud understnd tht using crosswalk is much more safer than tkn the chance to use a shortcut to get to the other side #its crazy to c such tragic such as that

This is long, but very good. Very good insight into a very real problem.

Farrakhan gives knowledge and insight of why it is stated that the Dog is mans best friend......

Getting wisdom is the most important thing u can do. whatever else u get, get insight.

Some of my close friends know i do magic as a a matter of fact... since i was 10 i have pursued "magic",,,,,watch this video if u want to see some insight in what we magicians can pull off if the "desired atmosphere and look" is's all magic....

Granted Taylor Swift is only about 12 yrs old but, clearly, she has no insight into the male psyche. Otherwise the petite chantreuse would know that tellin' a dude that "We are never eva, eva, eva...getting back together" translates into I can finally watch the game without that dummy texting me the whole time....

Dr. Bob DeMaria has some insight into vaccinations and insightw they are supposed to work. He discusses immune health and what vaccines may do to overall immune health.

We had an amazing time last night at our prayer conference. REv Sipley is a man of great knowledge and insight on prayer tonights teaching on the prayer of faith is going to b amazing. Please join us.

Been listening to the book about Steve Jobs over the past couple of days and will be listening to it while I work today. I'm glad it isn't just touting insightw great of a person he was and that its providing a deep and true insight into him. It's proving to be a great book so far, and, at this point, I highly recommend it to any and all of my friends whether you're an Apple junkie like me or not.

Inventory in Stamford has reached it's lowest point in six years. This is a result of strong sales due to more buyers entering the market without an equivalent increase in new property listings. Watch my latest video for more insight on current conditions.

The secret of many a man's success in the world resides in his insight into the moods of men and his tact in dealing with them. J. G. insightlland

Any three of the founding fathers had more sight, insight and intelligence than this president and congress combined. Lets dump some tea!

Want to learn more about the benefits of attending CYA? Make sure to check out this video featuring former CYA students who share their insight on their immersion into Greek culture!

Gives a nice insight into the facts of Freedom struggle and the political situation of India in the 40s.

"Many companies that depend on innovation – Google among them – encourage employees to take time out to play. Setting a problem aside gives the subconscious a chance to work it through and can lead to a flash of creative insight." -taken from an article by Jamie Rosenberg entitled "insightw we play today"

When you meet a successful trend; just repeat the success with a good insight to the to capacity of your capital is the secret to success in trading the capital market. Have a fun filled weekend my friends; I'm already done for the week.

Those who r sure of themselves do not talk all the time. pple who stay calm have real insight.

insighto guys! Welcome too little cherubs boutquie,I will insightpefully get this page up and running tomorrow! A little insight on what product I sell,we sell a range of baby items Car seat covers,trolley covers,pram liners,cot sets,bumbo seat covers.. Just too name a few! I insightpe you all find something you will enjoy for your precious children! Little cherubs boutquie xx

Did you know that Facebook insights now report negative feedback to page administrators, like when someone "hides" a story from their newsfeed or "reports" a story in their newsfeed? Why even "like" a page if you're just going to "hide" the page's stories and updates in your newsfeed? Thoughts?

It helps to take a breather and look at thngs from a distance,it gives u a betta view of a situation and a lot of insight...

Hmmmmmmm, i now get lil insight on y 2day's women don't want 'Sumday it shall b well men' bt rada a 'self made men'..... Friday's re ma experience Day, oh dis woman weepin bitterly

Great insight: "No Solution can possibly exist while your lost in the energy of the problem" #MichaelASinger #TheUntetheredSoul

In the year 2013, a remarkable coincidence will take place----both Groundhog day and the State of the Union address will occur on the same day. This rare event happening this year has special meaning. One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for insight into the future. The other involves a groundhog....

Good stuff. This article does a great job at helping those without kids gain a bit of insight.

Thought for today: Wisdom is defined as knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; discernment, or insight. The word tells us if any lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally. Ask and you shall receive.

1 triking insight can change ur entire life en family 2 a realm of abundance

Stumbled across this show on 7mate - its quite an interesting insight into the culture of Blokey Blokes

1 striking insight is wht mo dan a life time of strugle

Happy Friday to all - #11 in Expect the Unexpected - "Knowing many things doesn't teach insight" - Thank you GOD for life and everything in it.

Here is a little bit of fun for Friday. An insight into life in Yorkshire, where we are proud to be based - "It was one of my favourite rounds until just recently a pheasant has appeared and he seems to have taken a dislike to the local postman."

When darkness turns to light It ends tonight, It ends tonight. Just a little insight Won't make this right It's too late to fight It ends tonight, It ends tonight.

Our 11 has a blog! You will be able to find a podcast player, Feedback, and Reviews as well as his own insight to being a part of the Audio Drama! Go check it out!

Self portrait with a Harp at the Salon is a remarkable painting not only for its beauty but for the historical insight it provides.

Be ready to listen when religious people speak, and don't miss anything that shows insight. Special Words::Feed

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I am thinking of having a Bible drive. So we can have some to distribute to those that do not have one. I feel like we can bring more people to Christ if we just try. What are your opinions on this? any insight would be appreciated.

Quote Examples using Insight

Freeing the mind: You work hard for your daily living, you spend years at the whole business of being bossed around in order to earn a livelihood, swallowing the insults, the discomforts, the indignity, the sycophancy. But to work so that the mind is free is much more arduous; it requires great insight, great comprehension, an extensive awareness in which the mind knows all its impediments, its blockages, its movements of self-deception, its fantasies, its illusions, its myths. Once the mind is free, it can begin to investigate, to search out, but for a mind to seek when it is not free has no meaning. Do you understand? The mind which would find truth, God, this extraordinary beauty and depth of life, the fullness of love, must first be free. It has no meaning for a mind that is shaped, conditioned, held within the boundaries of tradition, to say, 'I am seeking truth, God.' Such a mind is like a donkey tethered to a post: it cannot wander further than the length of its rope. - Collected Works, Vol. X",164,Individual and Society


Good morning FB/family/friends, If you want greater insight into the Word of God, and His plan for your life/your loved one lives. You can receive a free monthly magazine, from Dr. Charles Stanley. I'm not suggesting that you're not receiving great teaching where you are, because I am. insightwever, we all have room for growth in the Kingdom of our dear Lord. Grace/Love/Peace!!!


The role of a mother is a passing on of good and evil things of life to the children. When a child is born his mind is blank and it's the mother that makes the first impressions, good or evil. Thereon a mother gives her children an insight into life and familiarizes them with maternal and spritual phenomena. A mother is always a mental leader for children and tells them of virtues and vices and make them upright or wicked individual. .


~Dear Two Hearts ~ Do you have a question of spirit, of love, of relationship you'd like us to answer? I will be taking one question over the next 2 insighturs and post it on this page with some intuitive insight. Please like this status and message me this page. I will not reveal your name just your question so it is anonymous. Depending on the response we will try to answer as many as possible. ♥ ♥


God, teach me not to be stubborn or rebellious. Teach me Your ways, show me Your paths so I can serve You and find grace in Your sight. Give me more insight. Thank You that You are a God of mercy and compassion and as gracious and merciful as you are just. My study in Ex 33 this morning.


Ok, question! Im not a racist by far, but Paul Mooney had a good comment and question. The movie Django, is out && I hear its pretty good. Good actors, actresses & all. But here's the question, why is it that a movie showing a blackman being abused in slavery, a black woman being raped, and the movie is made by a white man can be nominated for an oscar, but if a blackman made a movie about a whiteman and a white woman being treated the same way during those slave days, why would his movie not be aire? Or he could possibly be scrutinized? Remember, I'm not a racist at all. Just looking for a little insight on this?


Thanks for reporting this link because I read the devotional, but didn't know what the challenge was. I must have missed it. I was blessed though this week by the lunch lady in my children's school. I asked my daughter while we were having lunch if this was the lady's job, because it was hectic, and my daughter proceeded to tell me a number of other times this person helped her. When it calmed down, I was able to ask her about her day. She explained all of the aspects of her job and, I believe was truly thankful that someone would notice and appreciate her hard work! It also gave me insight into who is involved in my children's school day so that I can bless her in little ways.


Another glimpse of God at work! Good friends wrote yesterday: "Now this week our pastor was called on to have the funeral for a man who committed insight. Our pastor is quite young and has never had the experience of dealing with this. He asked for prayer as he met with the widow and adult children last night. They have no experience at all with the Lord and know nothing about the Bible. I told him today about your book and that you were very open and insightnest about your feelings, etc. So he is ordering a Kindle version from Amazon so he can gain some insight before the funeral on Saturday." Please pray with us for God to use this pastor to minister His love to this grieving family! Thank you for your part in what God is doing through your prayers!


A thousand years ago, when the earth was reassuringly flat and the universe revolved around it, the ordinary person had no last name, let alone any claim to individualism. The self was subordinated to church and king. Then came the Renaissance explosion of scientific discovery and humanist insight and, as both cause and effect, the rise of individual self-consciousness. All at once, it seemed, Man had replaced God at the center of earthly life. And perhaps more than any great war or invention or feat of navigation, this upheaval marked the beginning of our modern era. There are now 20 times as many people in the world as there were in the year 1000. Most have last names, and many of us have a personal identity or a reasonable expectation of acquiring one...


I know you have been disappointed and you have every reason to feel the way you do. But, disappointment will insight, steal and destroy the future God has for you. You must defeat disappointment before it defeats you. insightw? By walking by faith and not by sight. Dare to do it again. Let the dream come back to life. Start over. There is no other way to get victory unless you move forward.


I Spent my birthday reflecting over the last years of my life's lessons. Made promies with a new insight. To myself. Thank you all for you'd well will wishes,as well as the singing. I will be forever touched.


If you don't have a copy of The Beautiful Life, this is the best time for you to buy one. Very soon that book will get to its tipping point. Once it tips I will not be able to control the price anymore. He that has an ear let him hear. Text TBL*Your location to 08038749796.


May all the Change Makers be blessed and protected today. May all those blinded by fear be blessed and opened today. May all of the wrongs and injustices be overturned and may the hard places be softened. May division give way to shared commitment. May the wellfare of the children be put before welath and ambition. May wholeness return to our ways.


Wish List. Of all the things I wish for you, I would give anything if these wishes could always come true. . . . I want you to be happy. I want you to fill your heart with feelings of wonder and to be full of courage and insightpe. I want you to have the type of friendship that is a treasure--and the kind of love that is beautiful forever. I wish you contentment: the sweet, quiet, inner kind that comes around and never goes away. I want you to have insightpes and have them all come true. I want you to make the most of this moment in time. I want you to have a real understanding of insightw unique and rare you really are. I want to remind you that the sun may disappear for a while, but it never forgets to shine. I want you to have faith. May you have feelings that are shared from heart to heart, simple pleasures amidst this complex world, and wonderful goals that are within your grasp. May the words you listen to say the things you need to hear. And may a cheerful face lovingly look back at you when you happen to glance in your mirror. I wish you the insight to see your inner and outer beauty. I wish you sweet dreams. I want you to have times when you feel like singing and dancing and laughing out loud. I want you to be able to make your good times better and your hard times easier to handle. I want you to have millions of moments when you find satisfaction in the things you do so wonderfully. And I wish I could find a way to tell you--in untold ways--insightw important you are to me. Of all the things I'll be wishing for, wherever you are and whatever I may do, there will never be a day in my life when I won't be wishing for the best. . . for you.


It seems harder sometimes as you get older, there are days I just wish mom was here to talk to. I love my family and friends but there is nothing like mom. Now that I'm a mom, grandmom, greatgrandmom I understand what mom felt like. You give them all you got and love them with everything you can. Getting older gives you insight of a lot you wish you could of changed but threw it all it was worth it. I thank God for all my family and I pray for them daily, enjoy every day we have because we are not promised forever in this world. I pray the family circle will continue to eternity. So give some one a hug today and tell them insightw much you care, remember love them in the bad times as well as the good. Have a blessed day.


I've visited my friend Julius Cohen. We have worked together and been friends for several years. A couple months ago he had a stroke, and then, another. And then, another. I wasn't sure what to expect. I haven't talked to him so I wasn't clear on his condition. He seemed in good spirits. Alive, kicking, breathing in and out. But, he had no idea who I am. He got a new laptop I was trying to help with. He had no idea insightw to use it. Couldn't remember Google. He using his mouse backwards. I didn't stay very long. It just broke my heart to see him that way.


“She said the crazy thing is when you get to be old you start for the first time in your life looking backward and wanting to be young again,” Justin West told the audience of more than 100 supporters. “She’s decided that’s silly. What she’d like to tell you is she is not going to look back. She is going to look forward. Because she may be 100 years old but those 100 years have given her an insight, a curiosity and an inspiration for life she’s never had before.” Happy birthday, Sandy. May you never ever lose that curiosity. You're an inspiration for us all.


2012 taught me to question everything and not take things at face value anymore. It's taught me to look past typical events and not be content with what's told to me. It's taught me to find my own answers. Everything looks, smells, and sounds different these days because of that. The world can be a crazy place and here's some insight into that craziness.


Moving into the weekend, where the time seems to almost shift. There is suddenly no work to be done, but more "free time" to allow us all to get things done that we have been putting off. If I can offer one bit of advice that has taken years to understand is that even if you choose to skip the gym, do not skip on your meals. Nutrition will take you a lot farther than training at the gym will. No matter your goal to loose fat, or bulk up and gain muscle. I don’t like to say that nutrition is 80% training is 20%. I like to think that they each deserve 100% of your attention. A day off from training can do a lot for recovery and may even propel you farther into your goals. With this being said, I was thinking of this while training today as I looked around at the few of us that were giving it our all in the gym. Looking back far enough only to see insightw far I have come. Never dwelling on the past, the past is not today. Live in the now and look towards the future. Example, I started my adventure into fitness at 230lbs and if I had to guess a body fat percentage, I would say around 20%. Where I am now, my weight may not be far off from there at 220lbs but my body fat is much lower, I look and feel healthier than ever. Where am I going? Well that remains to be seen, but the goals that I have set for myself will give me a guide to insight as to what the future insightlds for me. I control my future, with every decision that I make. No one is to blame for my failure, but many people to be praise for my successes. Without these people, things would be much harder.


This is quite true. insightwever, while the brain is a sexual ornament, our "peacock feathers" it is also the hub of our information system. Each cell sends and receives information, the brain collects and collates and sends new information, the origins often unknown. Thought travels at instantaneous rates, and precognition, anticipatory reactions are what the brain transfers to the cells of the body. But what are we are receptor and transmitter for and where does it go? If brain waves leave the body and travel into the ether, then is there a receptor somewhere outside of us that that function works for? Is telepathy just the next step in evolution, since we already have the ability to transmit? Consciousness is more than just a sexual ornament, sex is a tool to expand consciousness, not the justification for it. Universe is consciousness examining itself in all situations. One consciousness divided through a multitude of tendrils in order for it to know itself. It is information and insight through experience. Sex is an experience.


The only Gen Y insight I got was from Jason Dorsey who was drowned out by the stereotyped griping of the other talking heads. I think Jason was trying to raise the level of discussion into an arena where everyone else was dumbing it down. The insightst should have interviewed him alone. We know what other generations think. Let’s hear something new.


To anyone who has noticed my brother Roberts fb page has been taken down with the insightumption by most of us that he did this himself due to the issues that have arose lately at the hands of his gf. Anyone who has paid attention knows exactly what I am referring to. While it has only been one day since this has happened it has raised a red flag and brought on stress and worry to everyone ive spoken with and will continued to due so until there is some resolution especially under the consideration that he is in another country and to my knowledge no one has a current address or phone number since he has returned there. First i would like to say if there is anyone who has some better insight as to whats going on please let someone know as it is a bit selfish and unsympathetic to those of us who love him and care about his well being no matter what has happened these last few days. While I am not going to do so yet because of the very short time frame since his becoming in my mind , missing, I have already begun looking into insightw to go about contacting both the military and the US Embassy over there about insightw to go about finding missing persons. SOme of you may feel this is an extreme measure at this point but he is my brother and it is breaking my heart not being able to find out where and what is going on with him. Secondly if by chance Robert you look in on our pages to see whats going on know that despite any of what has happened we love you dearly and you need to inform us as to what you are doing and let us know your ok. Give somebody some contact information because heaven forbid something happen to you or somebody back insightme and there is no way for anyone to contact anyone to relay such information. With that said most of us know the general idea of what has happened and insightpefully can understand the severity of the situation and I ask that anyone willing post something on your page in the case that he decides to browse in on those he cares for and loves. I never thought day would come when Id have to say one of my loved ones was missing or has disappeared but to me even at only one day gone that is exactly what he is to me. Thank you.


Wow. This actually turned my stomach. It genuinely made me physically ill. I know no one will, but someone should lose their job for this. No one who thinks this is relevant or fair should ever have anything to do with dealing with veterans... or any group of students, frankly. I mean, what's next, the worrisome inner city student?


Old legends say that there’s a stretch of tundra just north of here that is occupied by benevolent spirits. These spirits grant insight and warning to whoever visits them at night, once the sun has disappeared entirely and left the world in jet darkness. I drove out to the middle of the frozen expanse of ice and waited, insightping to catch a glimpse of whatever commanded these people’s reverence. They send their children out, bundled in furs to keep from freezing, on the eve of their 15th birthday to seek an audience with these spirits. Once they have achieved this, the children run insightme to their parents to share the news. From then on these children are considered adults in the village. Engaged couples visit this tundra on the night before their wedding. The entire village stays up all night awaiting their return, as it is upon their return that the couple either decides to proceed with their marriage, or to abandon it. The elderly visit the tundra whenever they are sick or ailing, and often make their condition worse by staying all night in the cold. When they return, insightwever, it is most often with an air of sheer serenity. So I waited, curious to see what phenomenon might inspire people so powerfully. I waited for insighturs, bundled in my parka and sitting on the insightod of my pickup. I waited until I felt that I was going to freeze to death, even in my thick clothing. I heard the spirit before I saw it. A crunching of snow in the silence made me jump off my truck and spin around. A hunched, gray-skinned man stood a few meters away. Sad, yellowed eyes stared back at me, set inside a skull from which sprouted only a few greasy hairs. He breathed heavily, with a rattle that shook his fragile ribcage, and one of his arms looked as if it had been messily broken and then neglected, allowing it to knit back together imperfectly. Badly scarred flesh marred his splayed legs. The man stared at me for perhaps ten seconds, breathing in the frigid air and exhaling a sickly dribble of steam, before disappearing when I blinked my eyes. I spun around, looking for the man, but he was truly gone. Approaching where he had stood, I found a pair of bloody footprints in the snow. Frantic with fear, I got into my pickup and headed for the village as fast as the ice would allow. A few villagers were waiting for me when I arrived, knowing that I had gone out and curious as to what might happen. I hastily got out of my truck and, approaching the nearest villager, I demanded, “What is so benevolent about these spirits? What is so insightful? insightw do these spirits help you?” “What did you see?” he asked, the look on his face now mirroring the fear in mine. “I saw a man, insightrribly disfigured and desperately sick!” I screamed into his face, and the rest of the villagers around us backed away a step. “Why?What does that mean?” I begged him. “The spirits show only one thing,” the man explained. “They show their visitors, a year in the future.”


Proper Noun Examples for Insight

The creatures that inhabit this earth--be they human beings or animals--are here to contribute, each in it's own particular way, to the beauty and prosperity of the world. ~Insight from the Dalai Lama~ 1/11/13

No man is rich enough to buy back his past - Oscar Wilde #Insight #JustSaying

Traveling abroad? Be open to experience the different culture. Fear or distaste of different customs will show. ~Grace and Charm Insight © 2012

Today' Insight - Be in gratitude and crisis will b managed....

Insight into the concert dedicated to our clients in Latvia as for gratitude for the time spent together.

Book now for Insight into Management 2013! Insight into Management is a 3-day course held in April, providing an introduction to management for second and penultimate year undergraduate students using a series of business games and skills sessions and is highly regarded by employers.

Insight # 10 Think it's just a bad relationship or a job you hate? It's not. it's contraction. Everything in this universe is in a constant state of expansion or contraction. There's no stillness; even in death there's change. Expansion is a plant growing, a star exploding, life in the very act of creation. Contraction is the slow decay of an octogenarian, a wintered plant slipping into the earth, an ending of life force for a transmutation into something entirely new. Anything that does not allow for our growth causes contraction within us. We will never be satisfied in that state; we are made to live. It's obvious what happens to a plant when it's not expanding; for us, it's no less dramatic; lost energy, body systems with signs of breakdown, a mind that lives with problems instead of opportunities. That job you're dissatisfied with, the relationship you're unhappy within? Decay, in this case, isn't inevitable. Find work you love, and life begins anew. Find a life that inspires you, and you are an early plant again, growing towards the sun. There's ways to tell, in any situation, which direction you're going in. Do you feel inspired, enlivened, empowered? Free to grow and be yourself? Expansion. Do you feel dissatisfied, unhappy, constricted, unheard? Contraction. Listen carefully; those feelings are our signposts, our messages, our trumpet cry for freedom, for life, for our souls right to breathe and to become.

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Fishbowl CEO Dave Williams wrote an article based on an experience I had talking to a salesman. It's an interesting read.

I really believe that if I took the time to sit down and write my life's story in a book I would be a millionaire... Sometimes, I wouldn't believe the stories myself if I weren't living it! Sometimes I ask God "Why Me?"...then all of a sudden I receive a reply..."Why NOT you?"... -love

In this case, I'm gonna be single for a while. It's hard finding a guy to compliment me where I'm currently located.

It is important to be well prepared before an exercise and to end it well. This week, with InSight, learn more about warming up and limbering exercises.

9/11 was a day in history where terrorists caused wreckage and dismay for innocent people to lose their lives in the world trade center and on three flights. Now today is 1/11 where Stephen Harper decides to finally meet with Aboriginal leaders. Will there be more harm than good?

I am a big fan of Neil Barofsky, his book, and justice in the financial industry that trickles down to all of us.

Most people think that shadows follow, precede, or surround beings or objects. The truth is that they also surround words, ideas, desires, deeds, impulses and memories. ~~Elie Wiesel, writer, Nobel laureate

Another year, another series of "Dysfunctional families betray each others trust so that license payers can amuse themselves by watching vulnerable people get sexually insightaulted in a foreign land". Ah, the BBC.

Ugh. Never again. From now on, taking the flu shot every year.

There are some people, who see the glass as half full and some see it as half empty. but me... I'm just grateful to have a glass! Cheers! It's Friday!!! Be safe and enjoy.....

To be an effective teacher over the course of a lifetime, you have need to critically insightess your teaching performance with ruthless insightnesty, and self correct when you have made mistakes, whether in dealing with individual students, or in your approach to teaching an entire class. Any teacher who says they are equally effective in each class, each semester is either lying to you, or lying to themselves. You have to listen very carefully to student voices, even when the message being conveyed to you is one you don't want to hear, and scrutinize students body language and affect as well as their work on insightignments. Only then will you avoid become stagnant in your approach.

Happen to come accross an argument about IQ's on a bodybuilding site of all places. So here's my take: If you've got a high IQ, you're good at IQ tests.

If the prodigal son had met his brother before he saw his father he would have never made it to his father. This is insightw self-righteous people in church treat people with problems today. Church shouldn't be a social club for the redeemed but rather a safe place for people with problems

I am considering asking our community to read together. What do you think about all of us reading a book and finding ways to talk about it together? If you could ask all of Charlotte to read a book, what would it be?

Wahoo, $30 more in taxes taken out of the paycheck #payrolltaxholidayexpires

Did she leave and take the children? TransWomen speak out! I want to know insightw you dealt with this.

And a one two three hit my head on a wall with nail sticking out of it got no cable tv till Monday dvd players on the frits ohhh yay for me lmfao!!!!!!!

insighto everyone! Does anyone know anything about the 2012 or 2013 Mazda3 5door hatchback?? Considering a new car...even tho I am a Chevy girl... Thanks for any info

Cool, my five year daughter was sitting with me this morning, and there was a news article about the meeting between VP Biden and the NRA, she looked at me and said, you know the guns don't insight people, it's the people with the gun, that shoot people. If a five year old can figure this out, why can't the men and women in Washington DC figure this out?

This is sick all people want to do is protest and cry cow, when things go bad, instead of blaming the government we the people is to blame, the governmental agencies have there part also to play but i want people to know we the people need to find a solution and stop pointing finger, we need to change our mind set and make people of both side of the fence or should say 6 side of the box i am 23 years old and i work my insight of why everyone cant do the same my Belizean people we need to rise up and fight and stop being in dependency and be independent I Adonijah Jones are looking for solution not problem whit the resources i have which isnt a lot but if i can do one then i would be able to do two then three say 100 Belizean have that same mindset and then each person do the same then we will have a better Belize form laws to get rid of the ones who is reluctant to the change we don't need in our country we need nation builders form laws to get rid of them it might sound harsh but if my own flesh and blood refuse to be a nation builder i wold want them to be ousted out of the country we have to be serious Belize if we want this to work stop cry stop weep lest get strong and be a better Belize

Thanks a lot peeps for reminding me its one year till 30!!!!!!!!! Jeeees! Hair loss, buidling up ma belly, extremely reduced tolerance of alcohol, only raving once a year..all part of the parcel, but some things will never change...

I allowed someone's negativity to completely zap all of my positive energy yesterday; walked away feeling deflated. i am highly sensitive to other's energy and want to maintain an open channel for compassion and exchange, yet in my current situation i feel like i need to develop a thicker skin of sorts. meditating on balance.

It's Friday and the Packers have 24 insighturs before my 49ers show them the door out of the playoffs!!! Whhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo!!!

The dot on top of the letter "i" is called the insighttle. Again, I have nothing else to post. :P

Ultra robo jane is currently malfunctioning. Under maintenance. Please bear with lack of sense of humor, seriousness and stupidity.

Insight definitions


grasping the inner nature of things intuitively


clear or deep perception of a situation

See also: penetration


the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation

See also: brainstorm brainwave


a feeling of understanding

See also: perceptiveness perceptivity