Brainstorm in a sentence as a noun

Can you just brainstorm twenty of them?+ Get more people to hear about our taco truck.

" For bonus points, brainstorm solutions with him.

Consider taking the time to give feedback, help shape it, brainstorm with it.

From which we could have a great conversation about these issues, and better, brainstorm solutions.

That was where the initial brainstorm began: profitable apps that didn't look very good.

Brainstorm in a sentence as a verb

I bet you don't even brainstorm blue-sky thinking for an innovation agenda.

If you want low fidelity to quickly brainstorm, it's what paper, whiteboards and Starbucks napkins were invented for.

I'm not sure if there's a materially good way to do that, a way that would convince the median recruiter to improve, but it's an interesting thing to brainstorm.

It presumes that standing up in class spending 5-10 minutes saying "here's why we make little cards, so we can brainstorm" provides adequate context so that combined going through and following the steps, students are learning a research process.

And then those people would come up with ideas such as free distribution of iPads to everyone, go to conferences all over, hire speakers that charge $20K for speaking fees, build stupid websites that no one cares to use, fly over consultants to brainstorm education models, hire programmers to build useless school specific apps, and so on. Soon enough money would be all gone and then cycle repeats.

Brainstorm definitions


the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation

See also: insight brainwave


try to solve a problem by thinking intensely about it