Ruffle in a sentence as a noun

It doesn't ruffle my feathers if they want to expand upon it.

It seems like an odd change for Mozilla to ruffle feathers with.

The "earning them a master's" doesn't ruffle my feathers.

Mayer's moves are sure to ruffle some feathers at the search giant if they go through with it in Firefox.

And of course they anticipated to ruffle some feathers with Dalvik.

They've been creating bad press with their decisions for years, I hardly think this little impotent uprising will ruffle their feathers.

Ruffle in a sentence as a verb

I'm probably missing something, by the Times article doesn't mention the word 'warrant'---that being the case shouldn't that ruffle a feather or two?

Also, "feminine mystique" and "wear it well, kemosabe" are both guaranteed to ruffle all the wrong feathers for many people, including me. I'm really surprised some of this copy made it out of a mock-up.

The title of the post sort of implies that you can just ruffle through your recycle bin, pick something that doesn't completely suck, stick it on a website and it will magically earn you $$$ in your sleep.

Sorry to ruffle anyone's feathers... I'll get back to duckduckgo-ing 'totalitarian panopticons of childlike presentation'.

I'm saddened to hear that you feel compelled to bury yours because it may ruffle a few feathers.> "Well, get over it, none of what I said has anything whatsoever to do with marginalized groups at all"Person behaving out of expected social norms is attacked for it.

Ruffle definitions


a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim

See also: frill flounce furbelow


a high tight collar

See also: choker ruff


a noisy fight

See also: affray disturbance fray


stir up (water) so as to form ripples

See also: ripple riffle cockle undulate


trouble or vex; "ruffle somebody's composure"


to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others; "He struts around like a rooster in a hen house"

See also: tittup swagger prance strut sashay cock


discompose; "This play is going to ruffle some people"; "She has a way of ruffling feathers among her colleagues"


twitch or flutter; "the paper flicked"

See also: flick riffle


mix so as to make a random order or arrangement; "shuffle the cards"

See also: shuffle


erect or fluff up; "the bird ruffled its feathers"

See also: fluff


disturb the smoothness of; "ruffle the surface of the water"

See also: rumple


pleat or gather into a ruffle; "ruffle the curtain fabric"

See also: pleat