Flicker in a sentence as a noun

There's no flicker as long as they're showing the same frame.

Someone needs to push that NMI button and check the LEDs flicker like they should.

Maybe sometimes when I turn on a game it will flicker back to normal for a little bit.

How do they not notice the flicker on the transitions of the app market carousel?

Clock bending adjusts the display clock frequencies to reduce screen flicker.

Little discolored squares appear and flicker and dance, eventually she hard locks.

A 30 Hz CRT is terrible in direct proportion to how bright it is, and it very visibly flickers.

The Act says that pages shall be designed to avoid causing the screen to flicker with a frequency greater than 2 Hz and less than 55 Hz.

60 Hz CRTs also visibly and annoyingly flicker with eye saccades, or if you wave your fingers in front of the screen.

The screens would then flicker, roll, and fade according to their damage status and all we had to worry about is drawing to the bitmap.

Flicker in a sentence as a verb

Here the flicker is noticeable as jerky motion, and is mostly just a problem for video, games, mouse cursor motion, smooth scrolling, etc.

It'd be nice if you could elaborate on why the flicker is important enough to you that it outweighs the obvious benefits of e-ink.

It doesn't have the reassuring visual solidity of iOS, which comes from a painstaking attention to avoiding redraw flicker.

Most projectors have for decades now multi-leaf shutters which actually interrupt the light path as many as 3 times per frame elimitate the perception of flicker.

I can go buy any kind of display, choose a size and I'm probably fitted with more pixels than I ever need, the panels are neat, flicker-free and flat, and the best part of it is that they cost next to nothing.

The funny thing is that your eyes actually flicker constantly, recalculating the tiny differences in shading, and your brain uses that information to judge how far away the object is.

Just like the caveman who is looking eagerly at the bright red berries on the bush, the edges of his eyes are looking for that tell-tale flicker in the underbrush that means a big mean cat is about to jump on him and eat him.

So your solution is more of what's described in the second paragraph:"it was a rare flicker of opportunity after a series of temporary positions, applications that went nowhere and employers who increasingly demanded that young people work long, unpaid stretches just to be considered for something permanent.

I have to admit it would be poetic and typical of scientific progress in general that while the religious texts have marked the creation of mankind as the beginning of the great cosmic opera, with our story as the center, if in fact it turned out we're not only nothing special, but worse: an epilogue, a post-credits reel, an afterthought appearing in a flicker as the lights go out well after the real saga has ended.

Flicker definitions


a momentary flash of light

See also: spark glint


North American woodpecker


the act of moving back and forth

See also: waver flutter


move back and forth very rapidly; "the candle flickered"

See also: waver flitter flutter quiver


shine unsteadily; "The candle flickered"

See also: flick


flash intermittently; "The lights flicked on and off"

See also: flick