Glint in a sentence as a noun

Or even as a glint in someone's eye?

That's really quite funny--and has the glint of truth.

There's a glint of "oh this is useful" and then there's the "oh, but what about this... and that...".

Or they go under, and entrepreneurs and VCs lose a certain glint in their eye.

I suspect that Warren Buffet has a glint in his eye, watching stocks dropping right now.

They did indeed detect what they believe to be waves from the sun-glint, from what I recall.

A telltale glint of quartz had caught my eye as I strode the coastal cliffs of Elanthia.

Decorators weren't even a glint in Guido's eye back then.

So by "spring to life" the writer meant "we may, if we're lucky, finally see a glint of something".

Glint in a sentence as a verb

And when I don't, they inevitably have a glint of disappoint in their eyes.

I act perfectly well adjusted, and for a moment, a glint of madness, just enough that they question things.

What if they catch a glint of dying firelight and divulge the Granok's location to hypothetical quarry?

Suddenly, I imagine "venture capital" takes on a humorous glint in Denmark.

'ios' already existed as an operating system waaay before the iphone was a glint in Jobs' eye.

However, it's possible to help things along if a glint exhibiting the blur of interest is visible in the photo.

I figured out long, long ago, while you were still a glint in your father's eye, that I can simply call those people up and buy them lunch, and they'll impart all their knowledge to me on demand.

It isn't difficult to imagine that you can always induce one more tail wag from your suffering dog, or presumably to imagine a glint in the eye from a loved one.

Glint definitions


a momentary flash of light

See also: flicker spark


a spatially localized brightness


be shiny, as if wet; "His eyes were glistening"

See also: glitter glisten gleam shine


throw a glance at; take a brief look at; "She only glanced at the paper"; "I only peeked--I didn't see anything interesting"

See also: glance peek