Exposed in a sentence as an adjective

After getting exposed to it again for a few months again I've come to side with the author here.

"----In response to RKearney warning people about just what exactly is exposed:"in case you have issues with your AWS keys.

The dissolved sugar makes the boiling water cling to the skin longer, and the skin peels off leaving the raw flesh exposed.

It has now cost us a two-year window in which 70% of our internet traffic was potentially exposed.

First, they can use the approach VirtualBox is now using where they search for kernel symbols of unexposed APIs and call those.

Well, certainly a large portion of the human population that had become exposed but had not died were now immune.

VirtualBox was using a publicly exposed API at the kernel level and assuming that such an API would be stable.

I suspect in reality, he was one of many people that were exposed to this idea and his opinion was mostly irrelevant in their efforts to pursue the idea.

We'd hope that this will get enough of our users exposed to and interested in Blender so they will be inclined to work on Blender plugins that would talk to Steam's backend services such as Workshop.

And, whether technically legal or not, no one wants to play a fool's game - once exposed as the stink bomb that it is, this particular PE ploy should hereafter die the death that it richly deserves.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, which suggests that doctors in the 1840s were sticking horse-manure-covered hands into the exposed wounds of patients, handwashing was apparently already a norm.

"Here Mr. Khan stands exposed as possessing a historical perspective steeped in academias standard issue, postmodern, left-leaning narrative of cultural relativism, multiculturalism, and moral equivalence.

What if Becquerel put his photographic plate and uranium rock in a drawer, saw anomalous results, and did not report on them on fear that perhaps somehow the plates were exposed in some other manner?The point is that barring gross negligence or fraud, scientists should be encouraged to share results that perhaps are inexplicable or against current thinking.

Exposed definitions


with no protection or shield; "the exposed northeast frontier"; "open to the weather"; "an open wound"

See also: open


not covered with clothing; "her exposed breast"

See also: uncovered