Stink in a sentence as a noun

And, of course the other option is "raise a stink on HN/interwebs".

No, this is about making a stink and attention whoring.

Their salary expectations may be great where their HQ is, but might stink in the city.

Instead of "I stink, but I can't do anything about it, so why worry about it?

I had the same issue but didn't make a public stink about it. Just got my coins today with no credit for the mistake and the same issue of my coins being frozen at a higher price.

The issue was resolved a few months later, but still leaves a stink in the mouth whenever I start to recommend the service.

Stink in a sentence as a verb

Anyone developing Salesforce apps will not raise a stink as it will hurt their relationship with that company.

It doesn't improve security at all, and so we're going to ridicule the practice so that maybe it will get a stink that travels beyond our tiny realm of influence.

And, whether technically legal or not, no one wants to play a fool's game - once exposed as the stink bomb that it is, this particular PE ploy should hereafter die the death that it richly deserves.

Which is why it seems ridiculous that a certain sort of person will both make a big stink about someone smoking nearby outdoors, and also romanticize rural peasant life and wax poetic about how much less toxic life used to be in the past.

>> You can't, for example, run a tannery in your apartment > Why not?Because tanning hides requires strong acid and a bunch of other chemicals and it will stink up the building and probably break some kind of regulation for residential spaces.

None of that is addressed by this blog post, so the only takeaway for readers is that your only recourse if Paypal seizes your money is to raise a giant stink about it and cause them another PR headache?All they had to say was,"Our representative was enforcing our policy, but unfortunately did so in a way that we didn't intend, and without the respect and courtesy we expect.

Stink definitions


a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant

See also: malodor malodour stench reek fetor foetor mephitis


be extremely bad in quality or in one's performance; "This term paper stinks!"


smell badly and offensively; "The building reeks of smoke"

See also: reek