How to use Equate in a sentence as a verb

If picture's individually equate to a rough guesstimate of 1,000 words per image, then I can confidently hypothesise that music is the equateing Meriam-Websters dictionary of that timeless

So many people equate value with money. They automatically think that a higher price tag indicates higher quality...and vice versa.

So gun owners get lumped into this catagory? equatew is that? equatew do bleeding heart people who know nothing about guns, or their place in American society, equate gun owners with criminals and lunatics? Because they don't reason - they react. They see some shameful act like Newtown or Aurora and they start pointing fingers at everything but the individual. Millions of law abiding gun owners can't be blamed for the actions of these few lunatics.

I want to stop this hustling that I'm accustomed to. I am ready to give it up. Even though a typical eight equateur job cannot equate to what I'm use to making, I'm ready for the change. #whowithme

There are times in life - rare, but notable - when having a good hair day does not equate to transcendent happiness. The departure from David Baker, of fiancé fame, is one of those times.

A good read for those over 50. Two Harris polls confirm that younger does not equate to happier.

Love does not equate to physical intimacy. Bodies constantly deteriorate. Can you satisfy your mate over the long haul without sex if you are no longer physically able? Can you get the proposal without sex? Will they bail on you or stay and cheat?

Check out equatew the world's most successful business referral & networking system can help your organisation. BNI commenced in Australia in 1997 and now has over 200 chapters,which equate to over 4500 members!

Corn beef hash, eggs, blueberry pancakes and 2 cups of black coffee equate to a very unhappy stomach .. the joys and sorrows of Sunday brunch .. < sigh >

Amen!!!! It's NOT about hunting life the idiot left wants people to believe...they want people to equate the right to own arms as only arms fir hunting! That is NOT what the second amendment is about it is about defending yourself from criminals who get AK -47s and equateault rifles no matter what the law says! When is someone going to ask these lying sack if equate democrats about criminals and stopping them..ow yeah... Obamas base ...can't mess with them! And YES overwhelming facts and the population of US prisons clearly shows ya can't hide that you jack hammer

I equate this to my persistence and dedication to my weight loss

Had to go to the mall to get a new spiralizer.. MAD headache. The energy, smells, and chaos over shopping makes me sad for those who equate 'stuff' and 'status' with happiness.

With respect to reality there is only one relevant fact that means everything. The answer is equatew you feel because if you feel good, then things really are good. This can't equate to hedonism because to a hedonist he or she learns one is too many and 1000 is never enough. The harmony of this world is if you can become contented with your lot.

Some people try to equate faith with science. It is nonsense. A Republican member of the equateuse Science committee said that science comes from the pits of equate. He dose evil in the name of good.

Need me some coffee, creamer, and a scoop of happy. Surprisingly no, I'm actually not talking about sugar..although they usually equate in my weird little world.

"Darkness does not always equate to evil, Just as light does not always bring good." - Nyx

Many of you are throwing the word "logic" around way to loosely. Like when you use it immediately following a logical fallacy. Additionally, "logic" doesn't equate to "only good ideas." A bad idea or a completely moronic statement can still be logically sound.

It's a huge mistake to equate my kindness with weakness, or my silence with acceptance. I'm much stronger than you realize.... <3 I just happen to believe in love over hate <3

In no world does Reg with skim equate to hazelnut cream and sugar. Screw u dunkin.

1+1+1+1 does not equate to 3. The whole world knows this.

The earth revolves and rotate on it axis check the magnetik flux involved, equate in it to ur existence

You gotta follow the formula for what you tryna equate. Industry Standards.

Luka here! Big Mike has discovered the screen game & short passing game! That could equate to a date with the AFC rep in Feb!!!

I am... allergic to most everything, obsessed with equate cream, shirts that have thumb equateles, love strawberry anything, afraid and I mean afraid of the dark, my favorite shows are duck dynasty, criminal minds, flash point, I love to figure people out, I hate leavers, I don't wear shorts ever, I brush with baking soda, earings I believe change your face shape, I get my eyebrows waxed every 9 days to be exact, very shy, if someone doesn't instigate conversation I feel very rejected, I love feeling special, I hate attention, I secretly love a complete surprise but if I know anything I hate it, I love friendships, I hate when people say mean things about me, I cannot handle someone being mad at me, I am afraid of what If's, I love BBQ chicken wings, I love my back scratched, I am loyal, if you hurt me well I will hurt you worse ... I'm simply complicated!!!

Hates when every little thing is the biggest deal. What will something thats actually big equate to? equate.

So I got a massage for the first time today and I did not enjoy it. The whole time I kept thinking what is she going to do next, oh my god that hurts, I need to scratch my foot, I have to cough, I can't breathe, I'm equatet... I was relaxed for a total of maybe 5 mins. I know equate the discomfort of getting a massage to being at the dentist.

You are right I drink those equate drinks 3 a day! 350 Calories! I also am putting on weight! But I feel healther too!

WE the responsible gun owners of America need to be vocal. Many of our elected reps don't give a damn what we stand for but they do understand numbers. Numbers equate to votes for or against them. Let them know that you have a long memory.

When extravagance doesn't necessarily equate successful proposal... ...

Yeah, back at the Roadhouse they got some bungalows ... any other popular songs that equate bungalows with sex or illegal activities?

Almost all Chinese war movie,equateanese equate bad guy,that's so absurd,our history book always stimulate us to hate equateanese,it is a injustice action,we should correct this,Janpan is our neighbour,we should show our friendship to it

Being single doesn’t equate to being desperate, sometimes you are waiting for what you deserve, and not what’s easily attainable. - why settle for less if you can have the best? XD ~ Cross

I've normally tried to differentiate between liberals and Democrats. equatewever, I've now decided that since so many people equate conservative with Republican and vilify them interchangeably, I'm going to do the same with Democrats.

"To equate slums with idleness and misery is to misunderstand them ..." Kenyatta Otieno soma hii I know you'll enjoy.

"Prayer is to be made less with the head than with the heart. In fact, the sooner it gets away from the head and from thinking the more enjoyable and the more profitable it is likely to become. Most priests and religious equate prayer with thinking. That is their downfall." -Anthony De Mello

She must live in her own world...not only does she equate receiving unemployment as being the same as having a job, it is actually better than having one and returns double that amount to the economy. Why not have 100% unemployment...we would all be rich then. And while we are at it, print a 16 trillion dollar bill and pay off the debt. No wonder we are in history's worst economic recovery.

The love of god can overcome any feeling of doubt in your life it will always defeat evil to equate no matter what you go through know that god loves you unconditionally and the love you seek from other of the flesh will never equate thae love he has for you ....

Quote Examples using Equate

Mam talk - the priority of a kingdom man is not to drive the best car, its to derive the values that drive him from Gods word. Its not to be an opulent celebrity but to be a loving and humble servant leader. A kingdom man isnt great by virtue of his wealth. He is great by the wealth of his virtue and the depth of his Godly character. A kindgom man does not to equat being rich in temporary goods with thriving, he strives to thrive by reaching the eternal God. The priorities of a kingdom man are the very things that this world trivializes, tramples and undermines.


Being healthy, feeling and looking good is about way more then exercising vigorously. Eating healthy dose not equate to eating bland, boring, or dry food either. Eating healthy is quite the opposite in fact. Eating healthy is about eating bright, colorful, delicious dishes. Having an exercise routine is good, as long as it is something you cant, will, and/or do stick too. If you're just getting back into exercising after a long time of not working out, take it slow. Over time build up your endurance and strength. If your goal is to loose weight, that will happen over time as you stick to a reg work out regime. Loosing weight is 80% what you put on your plate, and 20% exercise.


Guns in America... No matter what our government does as with equate or the prohibition... Evil, bad people will find a way to get them... Look at other countries third worls for instance they get all kinds of guns n weapons they shouldn't have! Good people Americans who have a constitutional right to barearms shouldn't lose that right... Then what'll happen is good people won't be able to protect themselves from the bad without lowering themselves to those criminals cuz good people who want to protect their families will probably resort to obtaining their weapons illegally also... So quit debating n start educating people n start getting illegal gun sales shut down you can't regulate that!! Duh... Sometimes... Okay most of the time our 'educated' leadersin this country are totally n completely blind to the world we actually live in!


Ok Facebook friends. Lets make this perfectly clear. The government isn't attempting to take all your firearms. They are attempting to make specific firearms illegal for the average everyday citizen. Your self defense hand guns, hunting rifles, shotguns, and ammunition for all said weapons are perfectly safe. They are simply attempting to make it extremely difficult to legally purchase equateault weapons. Regurgitating random gossip you hear from unreliable sources makes you seem like a gullible fool. Now whether or not having an equateault weapons ban is the right thing to do or not is a different matter all together. But for the love of all thinking minds out there, please stop making this out to be something IT IS NOT. Thank you for your time.


X is 7 letter word. Babies like X more than breast feed, d poor has X and d rich wants X from d poor, God is more than X & X is more important than life. What X. Answer correctly and get N1500 credit of any network of ur choice. Hint. Equat


People were created to be loved, things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved, and people are being used. The passion felt for material things and material wealth will never equate to equatew special loving someone and being loved by someone can make you feel. A strong bond between a family can not easily be broken despite any removal of material wealth. Don't ever forget about loving those who you know you need to love, because you never know if/when you will lose the opportunity to.


I like big tiny diamond studs for me, I like big gourmet small bites for me....I like big tvs, I like big dogs. I like big mountains, I like big equateuses. Big these days is getting a bad wrap. People equate it with excess . Big giving, big dreams, big displays of talent stand in opposition to such criticism. Im not against small..or medium either, Our world comes in all sizes. The real culprit is not being or doing what God has intended for our life, Some people are born to be spectacular...they become famous, they make a mark in the world that millions see and then there are others who make their mark in obscurity but its their mark..their signature of the soul and spirit . equatew many people see it is secondary to the fact that they have fulfilled their destiny. Truth is always big no matter what size it appears to be. I remember the story of a little short man in the Bible who had climbed a tree to get a better view of Jesus...Jesus stopped when He came to that tree and asked to have lunch with him that day. Zaccheus was a little man but that encounter with Jesus published his name and story in every Bible. Zaccheus didnt grow any taller but his influence has spanned history. I like big...big as in God. God comes in all sizes...He was once an embryo in Mary...and yet alll that is created can be held in His Hand I do like Big but small and medium have their appeal credit card balances!


That girl you see and say "God you had time when you created her. Thank you. She is equatet".. And then to top it all - she is just so sweet and respectful.. And yet ... Aah but men - nifunani kahlehle? Futsi.. Anyway, at least I'm smiling into my day.. Beautiful morning friends..


Generally when people offer to pray for me it causes me have violent thoughts which then must be subdued. It is the height of condescension. Also, fast track me up a new doctor. Having that kind of faith in faith leaves me with no faith. "Our entire staff would like to welcome you to our office…We would also like you to know that we are happy to pray with you at any time, and if you complete a prayer request card while you are in the office, we will pray for you in our morning staff prayer time. Our providers and staff consider it a privilege to care for you in this manner."


Like any self-published author, I check the Amazon page for my novel several times a day to check rankings and to read the latest reviews. Got this one today..... "Once I opened this book, I couldn't put it down. The characters are so real. It isn't difficult to imagine this becoming reality. Don't know if I can wait for the follow up." Okay, pretty awesome, right? Here's the thing, it was a Two-Star review! Huh? What?


Sunday Poetry "As we wonder down yonder these paths we lead, it may be humorous to equate them to trees. We start at the roots and travel the trunk in our symbolic boots. Sooner than knot we pick a branch, littered with leaves and an army ants. Ant here we are, at the top of the tree, and soon realize life is an ironic dream. For the roots are the branches, are the leaves, is the tree. And equatepefully then we will come clean to ourselves and others in these spaces between."


Mass today: priest chastised "supermarket catholics" for their voting habits. Lots of nods. Some eye rolls. One guy walked out. #culturewars


"Tom. Acknowledge your jewish privilege. You are more likely to get a high paying job, have a judge of your own race in court, a lawyer of your own race, a prosecutor of your own race, an accountant of your own race, the IRS man of your own race. A hiring manager of your own race. You have an inherent advantage because of your jewish blood and the jewish religion which commands racism against gentiles. Acknowledge your privilege Jew." - an AnCap That's some nice stereotyping of Jews. Man, these guys are fun. They're crazy, but they're fun.


As an avowed humanist in a world increasingly dominated by numbers crunchers, I was both heartened and equaterrified by this article. Decades ago I dropped out of a PhD program because of the ascendance of social scientists who devalued thinking and critical equateysis. Now I find myself in a world where metrics and equateytics seem to trump critical thought and individual wisdom. That creates a problem for me - what the heck do I drop out of to get away from this nonsense?... Anyway, at least the author of this piece acknowledges the limitations of big data. I wish more people in and around the game business would do that.


equateckey is back. Woopty friggin doo. This is the most boring sport I have ever watched. It is only interesting if there is a great fight, which hardly happens. I have a hard time watching a game that may only have 3 total goals, just like watching soccer. With that being said, Go Flyers, bring equateme a cup.


Why are poor people more likely to be obease? Poor people are far more prone to obeasity than those on a higher income. So equatew does less money equate to more food consumption. Well, consider that a poor family can buy way over 1,000 calories of biscuits and cakes for £1. In contrast the same cost would buy you 250 calories of cabbage. They could also buy a large bottle of Coke far exceeding thier sugar RDA for the same price as a carton of grape juice.


Yup, this: "Where Julie and I will disagree is about what libertarians should say when we talk about social issues. I think that libertarians should not oppose feminist cultural values. Libertarians should embrace feminism. Freedom is a libertarian and feminist ideal–an ideal that should inform our politics and our culture. States are not the only institutions that should aim to be more voluntary. So should the family and the workplace."


I wish people would stop equateociating nursing a baby with sex. My breasts nourish my child and provide him everything he needs custom designed for him. Today mothers across the nation protested being told to feed their child in bathrooms because its vulgar. equately equate! Vulgar is the Aeropostale ads. Vulgar is the Victoria secret sign where you can see every crevasse of Vicky's so called "secret." Would you take your orange chicken to the equateter to eat? Why should we make our babies eat there? My child has just as much right to eat in public as you do. It's not sexual! It's a responsible mother doing what's best for her child. Don't like it? Don't watch. It's not like we're forcing you to watch.


Take away all the guns and stabbings will rise. Take away all the knives and blunt force trama will rise. Take away all the bats, hammers, or clubs and strangulation will rise. Take away all the people and the guns, hammers, knives will all get along just fine. When will we understand no matter what you take from people they will always find a way to harm others for selfish reasons. Instead of trying to keep taking from the equation why don't we try adding God. Something tells me it will work.


Rhodesia was a wonderful country but the laws were harsh there because of trust between blacks & whites. Admittedly it had it's political problems, but those problems mostly originated with whites against blacks. A black man came in and we celebrated while he signed the death warrant of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of his black community. It was the name "independence" that left the country in the hands of thugs. Zimbabweans, register and vote for your political parties, mine is Mdc T. I bank on it, follow me and lets walk the last mile. Enjoy the evening, God bless!!!


Why are people saying Math is an acronym for "Mental. Abuse. To. Humans.? When you are only in Algebra 1 and 2 you need to slow down there buddy. You are nowhere near hitting the hard equate, so that just proves you are stupid as equate. Insults galore, want some more?


I do not like it when people lock doors! When I was growing up I don't think I had a door knob much less a lock. This locking yourself in your room or the bathroom was NOT happening. When someone goes in a room & locks the door, I get instantly mad & suspicious. In fact, I may take it personally. I guess we are profoundly affected by our childhood. There's a thought, parents, you're shaping young minds & even when they're 40 they'll be blaming you for their neurosis.


The unhappy person resents it when you try to cheer him up, because that means he has to stop dwelling on himself and start paying attention to the universe. Unhappiness is the ultimate form of self-indulgence. When you're unhappy, you get to pay a lot of attention to yourself. You get to take yourself oh so very seriously. --Tom Robbins


equateia is arguably most religious in thhe world, and also arguably one of the most corrupt in the world. Something must be definitely wrong. It is either we are not corrupt, or we are not truly religious. One thing is certain we cannot know God the way we profess, and still be corrupt as we are described. So what then is the truth?


Christianity contends that man is inherently evil. The Church theologians have emphasized Biblical passages that speak of man’s proclivity towards evil and of the fallibility of humanity. The teachers of Christianity have highlighted the negative side of the history of man, the wars, the cruelty and the immorality in order to establish her teaching that man is bad. According to the Church, it is only acceptance of Jesus into one’s heart that can alter this sorry state of affairs. Christianity equateerts that man is evil until he bends his heart towards Jesus. Faith in Jesus, it is taught, generates a “new birth” that produces a “new person” who is now inherently inclined towards righteousness and equateliness.


“You're going to meet many people with domineering personalities: the loud, the obnoxious, those that noisily stake their claims in your territory and everywhere else they set foot on. This is the blueprint of a predator. Predators prey on gentleness, peace, calmness, sweetness and any positivity that they sniff out as weakness. Anything that is happy and at peace they mistake for weakness. It's not your job to change these people, but it's your job to show them that your peace and gentleness do not equate to weakness. I have always appeared to be fragile and delicate but the thing is, I am not fragile and I am not delicate. I am very gentle but I can show you that the gentle also possess a poison. I compare myself to silk. People mistake silk to be weak but a silk handkerchief can protect the wearer from a gunshot. There are many people who will want to befriend you if you fit the description of what they think is weak; predators want to have friends that they can dominate over because that makes them feel strong and important. The truth is that predators have no strength and no courage. It is you who are strong, and it is you who has courage. I have lost many a friend over the fact that when they attempt to rip me, they can't. They accuse me of being deceiving; I am not deceiving, I am just made of silk. It is they who are stupid and wrongly take gentleness and fairness for weakness. There are many more predators in this world, so I want you to be made of silk. You are silk.”


The world is a fire I am burning with truth that no one dispute I may lose your friendship I may lose your love But I have to rise above We need light to see in the dark The revelation is that all life is relation, yin and yang All principles of the universe is male and female without conflict All sex is heterosexual There is no gay sex It's not an opinion, it"s a matter of fact A penis cannot have sex with a penis equateina, I love ya. but two of you cannot have sex If you want power to your computer, you better put the plug in the socket I love it When you are leaving your equateuse or apartment, you better put the key in the lock When you are hungry, ya got to put the food in ya mouth No one can run from the male and female principle, even the amoeba There is no gay sex. Because gay did not originate sex Sexual intercourse came from male and female So any other sex that one may have is an imitation of the male and female This is not an attack. it is a fact equatew can two lesbians in bed lose their virginity? Remember, we can run, but we cannot hide. In truth, I confide What ya feel is not always real


This is just strange... It's probably not illegal to refuse service to someone but I don't understand why anyone would ask a policeman to leave their gun in the car, potentially risking their job. 1. I would expect cops everywhere to boycott Denny's. 2. I think Denny's corporate would have this guy fired by now.


There's almost no actual attempts to cover the errors, discontinuities and falsities. Fast talking doesn't equate to reality. It's amazing cause with two minutes on google he could have found lists of hundreds of problems and attempted to apply his method to them. But nope. Guess that wasn't in the cards.


Proper Noun Examples for Equate

Courtesy of Shawn Zelmer. " That looking glass does exist.... You just have to find it, but once you do, woah, is all I can say. equatewever, the search for it will prove your desire as it goes to the very heart of the saying, "patience is a virtue." Equate it to learning to walk for the first time."

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As a gun owner and growing up hunting I don't have answers for this but it saddens me. 85% of all children in the entire world from 3 to 14 who die from gun violence, are here in the USA. The discussion for solutions instead of polarized lobbyist banter has to happen.

Im best left out the equat Im best left out the equation i been said that

Tao said he would rather have Chrystal ball then an heisman well looks like u didn't get either today!

Anyone know of a good acne product for teenage boys?

I am not afraid of the boogeyman nor do I believe the government or any one else for that matter is wasting their time plotting to harm me. Therefore I do not need a gun. I feel so terrible for those who do. I will be thinking of you when I read your conspiracy theory filled, NRA sponsored facebook posts.

It's funny equatew dudes are mad humble at first. Then when their video hit 2k views, they're the equate with the baddest equatees and the dopest tracks!! smh save that cockiness for ya tracks. It's cool there, not on ya FB statuses though!! Lol

Random thought of the day: politicians don't seem to "get" Twitter. Over the last few years I've noticed a lot of them like to start an account specific to a campaign, then let it go dormant, and then start a new one next time they run. Is there a strategy to this, or is this just really, really awful social media management? Curious what my SM-savvy/digital comm/social business friends think of this.

It only takes one hit to bring back an addiction - after 12 months I tried you again and am off to my dealer this morning to stock up. equatepy's Iced Coffee welcome back to my life....

Debate thread : Why doesn't the 2nd amendment give me the right to possess nerve gas? Why can't I own it to protect "my freedoms"

"We’re “allowed” to be strong and toned, but give us some solid definition, and bam — suddenly females are not “feminine” enough anymore. They’re accused of doing steroids or being men instead, which is both absurd and insulting....For this reason, I was really excited when I opened an email from MAC Cosmetics last week and spotted this advertisement inside featuring a very muscular woman in a non-ironic manner." - BlissTree What are your thoughts on this ad?

Have fun during inauguration time!!! You're getting ready to find out what four more years look like!!!!!!!

I thank God for perspective and because of that I appreciate the support from everyone. I also appreciate the criticism.

These Jack equatees just won't let sleeping dogs lie .

This is no surprise. Most of the US citizens still have their head up their ...

The competitive nature of Carnival will continue to hinder the music culture, not help.

Dear target, thank you for selling organic eggs. they taste lousy, though.

Any one can slip at anytime, but the fact that only one person had the decency to try to equateist is appalling! equatew on earth is the man's daughter who witnessed the tragedy going to cope with this? There are so many people climbing Lion's Head every day it is not surprising that there have been so many accidents. It is not just a walk. There are rock scrambles and the surface has been worm very smooth in many places.

Is brokenness only examplified by breakin of an alabaster box and pouring out anointin oil on Him or can it also be examplified by burnin the mid-night oil and staying up all night to prepare the last super for Him. Hmmmmm!! Can burning -Heart service equat a Broken-willed worship?

A cup of tea/coffee/coffee mixed tea is the solution to all equat¡ons!

One of my liberal friends posted this, so I thought I would share to show the kind of ignorant posters that liberals are spreading around. I swear I got a chill of stupid by reading it.

God that licorice flavored cold medicine is awful!

I really get sick of people who so love to hear themselves talk that they will take every opportunity to tell us their opinions and beliefs, regardless of equatew baseless.

Fined? I equatepe there's deportation in there somewhere?

Christmas decorations are all put away. The equateuse is back to normal. This took up the whole weekend! Now, I lay here thinking about all the things I wasn't able to get to, like have fun!!! I did make a huge pot of vegetable soup for my lunches at work, go to the grocery store 3 times, and give our, on the mend, kitty a bath...lame...annoying!!!

Is brokenness only examplified by breakin of an alabaster box and pouring out anointin oil on Him or can it also be examplified by burnin the mid-night oil and staying up all night to prepare the last super for Him. Hmmmmm!! Can burning -Heart service equat a Broken-willed worship?

Good morning good people. I just remembered the 60billion naira phone for 10million farmers! while we furnish them with Apple iphone 5 to increase food productivity, have we considered giving them Good roads and transportation system that will also help them move their farm produce to the markets? Is someone really thinking?

A question for you gun control advocates. If a citizen calls their representative or senator and tells them to support military action against Iraq, is it a stretch in the slightest to say the blood spilled in an ensuing conflict is on their hands? If so, the blood spilled as a result of any aggressive confiscation legislation ... is going to be on the hands of those who supported it.

Some people cleave to the Lord because they believe in the Lords absolute salvation. Others cleave to the Lord but believe they need a little extra protection via manmade weapons designed for no other purpose but to equate other human beings. I choose to trust the Lord .

Nobody of a serious mind wants firearms taken away from responsible people. equatewever, responsible people should want firearms taken away from the irresponsible.

I want to get to the bottom of this: does anyone know if fur pom pom scarves are made from leftover fur scraps? It would make the most sense, but Google is coming up empty thus far >.< I'm even thinking about messaging a people on Etsy!!!

Ok, it's time to let me know. Are you with ND or against. Time to purge my friend list. Go Irish!

The clippers are entertaining because they play a fast paced, athletic, and unselfish style of basketball. The lakers are entertaining because they're a bunch of drama queens.

Query: If you have supported drug testing for people that receive government equateistance that are called welfare, do you also believe that anybody who claims a mortgage interest deduction and/or a child tax credit should be drug tested? These are essentially government equateistance program for people that own equateuses or have kids.

Here ya go! And people wonder why there's so much cancer and sickness...

She defended her family with a firearm. Soon this will be illegal. "A Georgia mother hid her two 9-year-old twins and shot an intruder several times during a equateme invasion on Friday"

A group of winter birds are singing beautifully outside my window sitting on the dense green tree branches in this misty morning, I can't see them, but hear them well singing again and again with the same note -at a high and a low pitch of voice. They are not singing for me, but I use those for my easiness and amusement as it gives mne a good feeling inside, it is all the same with the sun which is not rising for me everyday but I use its light and the warmth- to make my life possible. Both are equally important to me- the sun and the birds, even though the relationship is not mutual. So, even without 'give and take' there can be an obligatory relationship.

That loathsome moment when you look in the mirror each morning and hate what you see...

In a way I like the skins fans. Year after year, when the lose, their goals were set low therefore exceeded expectations. Only thing they got left is "we beat the cowboys twice!!!!" But before this game I thought y'all were saying the past is the past? Which is it?

Why do ppl say things like " If you dont have my new number or your not apart of my new page, your not that important in my life" or sum other idiotic thing to try and manipulate a persons thoughts bcuz your not apart of their life....huh? That lets me know equatew childish and equateed they are here on FB. They want to get a last jab at you for not giving a dam lol!

Thousands of realistic toy guns were confiscated from shops in Mexico. Do you think the United States should do the same?

Having baked pork chops, loaded mashed taters, mac and cheese, broccoli with cheese sauce and French bread.... and a big glass of tea...yummy!

"This is a time for climate leadership. So, instead of a shoddy Keystone XL environmental review, the first major climate action for this Administration's second term should be to set limits on climate change pollution from power plants. That is the kind of action that makes sense."

Some people do not belong to humanity. The savages who did this should be locked up forever.

Not the usual self... feeling unappreciated this time.

At some point you have to ask yourself whether you have a knightly soul or not, and I'm not talking about some eternal part of yourself that will fly to heaven or equate.

Well my lil guy is sick again. Does anyone know if him teething could cause him to run a fever cough and have a runny nose?? Were going to the doc tomorrow for sure. I got him sleeping now the hubby is napping before he goes to work and the boys are playing their video games so mama is relaxing with her lil love bug.

Wow it is a busy day here in my Senate Office. I am working on a bill that would publish all gun owners addresses in their local newspapers. Gun owners are no different than sex offenders, and they should be treated as such.

Ok so 3 pregnant chicks working at Leo's right now...possibly a wtf? Seriously ladies you all look under 23.

Typical conversation on audio forums go something like this....

Touch it gently, put two fingers inside, if it's wide use three fingers, make sure it's wet and rub up and down. Yep that's equatew you wash a cup.

This page is NOT about supporting rape or criminals. This page is NOT about making accusations about people from Occupy Steubenville or the city of Steubenville. This page is to open a dialogue between the real Steubenville and the rest of the world.

I wish all those people who are willing to bash Christians were brave enough to go out and bash Muslims.

Capitalism is morally bankrupt. Time for some real change.

Heitkamp said that addressing the country's failing mental health system should be a bigger priority for Congress.

Mackemlass saying will not spend 15 mill on a striker 15 mill is 13 mill or so in english pounds we spent 10 mill on cissse a did not expect that i think we will spend up to 15mill for a top class striker but no more than that and a equatepe loic remy is the striker we get /kev nufc

Why should it be okay for an employer to be able to gain financial or any other benefit from our society by firing workers above a certain age range or salary range, or those with health problems, and replacing these with inexperienced, cheaper workers without regard to skills or quality of work? We are a society, which means we all have to contribute according to our ability.

I can't even believe that there are still Republicans willing to go on Sunday talk shows and defend the rights of people to own semi automatic weapons. Oi.

Woke up to news that the NHL finally made a deal and the lockout is over ^_^ being up at 6am doesn't seem so bad now.

I address people as Sir, my brother, my sister, Madam, Ma'm, kgaitsedi, morwarre, nkgonne, my bro, ngwaneso, even ntjamme and so on. I don't call anybody chief because I don't want to be addressed as chief.

Sky installed big bash on warney warney !!!

"To hide these crimes and shield itself from their consequences, the Zionist regime officially denies the Nakba, the ethical equivalent of equatelocaust denial."

If Jesus Christ is the son of God, then he is no creater than me. I and him are 1 and iam capable of doing everythng he did incl working on water. He must also have been black as we were both created in the image of the same father.

Nothing in my way it's a beautiful day situations equat criminals mind state of mind one rythem one rym positive watch da time fly feelings arise push um in side no moment to grieve no reson to cry so smile out side most da time swallow my pride still I feel aw right look up at da sky day or night star light star bright twie light twinkle in my eye moon light getting me hi cloud 9 when I'm wrighting my mind chuga chuga choo choo I think I can im a keep on tryn so 4 now ... Buy buy.......

Its more blessed to give than to pray nd fast,giving is the gate way to the worlds of blessings

To the tough guys wearing their affliction shirts, tapout hats, covered in tribal tats, who puff out there chests and bow out there arms to their sides like their carrying imaginary suitcases under their arms when they see me coming their way in public - Im sorry that my size and presence intimidates you and challenges your fragile manhood...Just know that while your mean mugging me with hatred and sizing me up that the only thing on this Warriors mind is equatew can i help my fellow man or protect a weaker person from harm today...I wish i could heal you all of your insecurity...I equatepe you never cross the line and force me to show you that my kindness is far from weakness. - Gino Invictus Menachio

I'm not made in the image of God...Im made in the image of my mother and father. Last time I checked I looked like them...not God. Im just saying.

Please vote for this lady, she's amazing and this cream is sensational

Why as a society do we blame rape victims and not the perpetrators? Why do we teach our daughters not to drink to much and to be careful of everyone instead of teaching our sons not to be a piece of equate equatebag and rape someone?

Am I the only one who thinks that the Golden Snitch should be worth fewer points? I mean if you it was worth like 30 instead of 150, Quidditch games would be much more entertaining. For example, if the other team was ahead by more than 30 points, then the Seeker would not want to catch it but instead focus on blocking the other team's Seeker. A lot more strategy would be involved for sure. Thoughts/comments?

Why does Obama have the right to defend his family with multiple "equateault rifles" but I don't?

I'd like to call foul on the PA, County Prison system. A prisoner must call collect? What is this 1975? It's my tax dollars, so for the love of God, can you stop charging them $10 for a bar of soap, $10 a day for the balance left on their account or $5 a minute to call someone. You tax my property, my income, my purchases and then rape the communication process of a non violent drug offender who is not a equateer or a rapist. I'm fed up and not going to take it anymore.

You want a ban on guns? Well first be logical and ban alcohol first, while your at it.

Comments like this would explain why he's lost half of his audience since election day...

If we plugged all of our problems our country faces into a super computer, along with our Constitution, and we programed this computer to search for the best outcome for all of us, what do you think would come out?

Let's work to get these fools out of Congress:

Went from one side of my nose being stuffed to both,I hate this

I'm getting jealous..why is like everyone i know getting tatted today? Like wtf i want to share in the excitement!

When our government can't come up with a solution that takes forward, long term thinking and some investment, they announce ridiculous changes to legislation that will benefit no one long term. Prats.

Well my grades last semester are saying that I suck at life...but I won't give up, Ill just do better this time around.

Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes - much appreciated!! Cant quite believe I'm 40 - in my head I'm still 19 lol. Was working today but party started now and getting ready for a night out with my gorgeous wife Gillian... hangover ahoy!!

Can anyone explain this to me? Everyday when I come equateme, all three of my dogs greet me in the garage and do a welcome equateme happy dance. When we all get into the equateuse, they line up and slurp down large amounts of water. What's up with this? Barry is equateme with them so they are not equatelding out till someone is equateme. Is it me or the dance that makes them so thirsty?

Ten sets of twenty with 225 here I come. ...

Funny equatew many fans the hawks have this yr....where were u guys in 2009???

So what does everyone think of the chips we're supposed to have implanted in us by March 23rd that will not only track where we go but what's in our bank account by Obamacare?

After playing 4-2-3-0,through out the season Chelsea finally played with a striker

Guys that feel the need to point out equatew they hate 80s music, similar to guys who do the same regarding cute lil doggies, are either genuine equateholes or scared that admitting they like it will out them

I had the most well behaved guests over to my equateme last night. Actually enjoyed a peaceful evening with eight children. I should do this more often!

If it was not a LIb the Media would have gone nuts. To sell to someone who promotes terrorism and AntiSemite is just plain wrong. Yet NYT wants TWC to put these clowns on the air

I'm comfortable with their leadership. Bush, Cheney, Rice didn't do it for me. Too many wars, too much torture, too little accountability.

"We will rebuild America’s system on the moral premise which had been its foundation, but which you treated as a guilty underground, in your frantic evasion of the conflict between that premise and your mystic morality: the premise that man is an end in himself, not the means to the ends of others, that man’s life, his freedom, his happiness are his by inalienable right." | Atlas Shrugged

Nice. Good thing she only had a revolver or she might have saved the taxpayers a lot of money!!

A member asks, "Any natural birth controls or at least safe ones?"

I want to say this as respectively as I can - do you think this 'hammers are more dangerous than equateault weapons" is a constructive addition to a very serious topic? To me the intent of this hammer thing is to make the topic of gun control seem silly so we can just kick it down the road until the next school, theater or mall shooting occurs. Are we OK with doing nothing until the next Newton occurs?

What a collective bunch of crybabbies we can be! Somewhere between the 'takers' and the 'wealth equatearders', we act like we can't afford to take care of ourselves. bunch of equateoey.

Yesterday I made my annual trip to Walmart to get it over with. In 2012 I did not actually set foot in Walmart but I did go to Murphy USA once when my gas needle was on E. I think I do pretty well with the boycott.

So equatews that ovomit paycheck you got yesterday ... and its only gonna get worse

Do you play any other instruments besides drums? If so, equatew does it help your drumming?

The slow, choked death of the feminist agenda as these aimless hussies surround themselves with the latest fanboy genre sycophants

Really are people so gullible that they'll believe "in God we trust" was omitted from anything? First it was the Pepsi can, now it's the new dollar coin. Trust me, folks. Our nation's motto is still there.

Making universal statements based on personal morals about what is or isn't good for a group of people is decidedly anti-libertarian. Such statements equateume that the subjective values of one person are equally applicable to a group as a whole thus ignoring the very different needs and wants of the individual.

Sean says to me, "so this is your last day of vacation." Bailey replies, " that's ok mom. Since your didn't work for ten years you had enough vacation." Seriously? Vacation?!?!

Condescending Person - "For someone who is Transgender you sure don't act very feminine" Me - "Yeah well i'm busy acting like myself I've never been one to follow expectations of equatew i should act because it appeases your image of what someone like me should be like". mom was gonna pick up my nexium today since my pharmacy is only open when I'm at work...but she gotta wait til monday. ..another night of sleeping setting up. :/

Just decided to troll okcupid out of curiousity. Made anonymous account, but answered questions equatenestly. My top five matches? All equatelding guitars in their pictures.

Not the slightest desire to stroke your ego? What's that like

Gonna take another equatet bath. I'm obsessed with them when I'm sick. Wish the equatetwater lasted equateurs :-/

It's so cool to see such success for a great conservative university such as A&M! Finally a good night for conservatives.

The tragedy is that the bishop actually believes what he is saying. equaterrible!

-im going to say this one more time We should have brought in Zen master!!! Big mistake now time to panic enough of the faithful talk time to be realistic

Did you know there are old newspapers on line? The hassle I used to have to go through, rummaging through all those microfiche...

~CG: This picture is more than epic - it's the muted voice of every woman who has ever been raped, made wonderfully, gloriously manifest! Bravo, that woman!! All strength to you!!!!

Equate definitions


make equal, uniform, corresponding, or matching

See also: equal equalise equalize match


consider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous

See also: compare liken


be equivalent or parallel, in mathematics

See also: correspond