Ecosystem in a sentence as a noun

It doesn't seem right to bring an entire ecosystem of ambitious and wonderful people a story of failure.

The variety of available hardware is part of what makes the ecosystem so amazing.

This reminds me about how important it is to have a solid lawyer, and an understanding of the legal ecosystem.

For me, the most crucial and eye opening is the stark contrast of the relatively open ecosystem we had back in 2005 to what we have today.

Minecraft was originally an indie game developed for PCs due to their open ecosystem.

Moreover, think it through: I would not have taken a job that continues to improve the broader C# ecosystem if I thought that the .NET platform was some kind of dead end.

You're telling me Apple is unresponsive to support requests from their developer ecosystem?

"Specifically the app integration ecosystem they're creating with the Chrome Web Store is extremely interesting.

It was very interesting sociologically and a good experience for me to see how a different ecosystem worked.

Android brought you an OS that runs on multiple devices with a relatively open ecosystem, with the drawbacks of a less smooth experience and allowing carriers/OEMs monkey around with Android.

This just reinforces the existing "permission-based" startup ecosystem.

But more than anything else, I would fault them for building their entire ecosystem with total disregard for standards, their refusal to work with whatever community existed outside.

So it looks like the language isn't open source and won't target non-Apple runtimes?I'm not trying to troll, I just think that it's a pity that Apple tends to limit the ecosystem and applications of its otherwise-great languages.

Maybe I'm stupidly jaded, and it's one of the things that has steadily pushed me out of the Apple ecosystem, but this trend for overly emotional marketing of stuff, especially in the hipster end of the market, grates enormously.

HTC has grown 3x every year for the past 2 years because of Android, and Samsung has become the largest smartphone manufacturer surpassing both Nokia and Apple thanks to Android, and they say nothing against Microsoft or try to protect the ecosystem that's been feeding them?Shame on them for not standing up to Microsoft, and kudos to B&N, which wasn't even a manufacturer not too long ago, for having the guts to stand up Microsoft and protect the Android ecosystem.

Ecosystem definitions


a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment