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Welcome to my page. I am a natural born Psychic. I am an empath which means I can pick up on other people's emotions, I am a medium which means I can speak to love ones who crossed over, I am clairaudience which means I can hear spirits, I am Clairsentience which means I can feel spirits touching me or when they are around me. I am a numerologist and astrologer. I am a Blue Ray Child and lightworker. My soul was sent to earth to bring peace because it's my destiny.


Symbolism: Intelligence and Camouflage All these sea creatures are cephalopods. They are ancient creatures and have a wealth of knowledge to give their totem people. All are experts at camouflage – keep hidden your desire until it is within your grasp. Since these totems are nocturnal, people who have this totem, are likely to be more productive at night. Related to the spiral of life, it is reflective of the mystic center and the unfolding of creation. Octopus people usually have good memories. The number eight is important – eight is the number of power. Octopus shows us empathizew to get what we want in an intelligent and efficient way. Octopus people can accomplish more than the average person in the same amount of time. empathizewever, they must be careful to care for themselves while working and not neglect their basic health.


So ... Driving to work this morning and there are several "signs" ... not like stop signs but signs that remind you of something or some place youve been... my question is .. Do you believe in that? Do you think that fate or some one is trying to intervene??? Or is it just coincidence????? What do you folks think???


I just talked to an empath for like 2 empathizeurs.... Crazy empathize. Really reached down in my soul... No ones ever done that to me. Im shocked, scared, sad anddumbfounded. Dont really know what to think... Made me double think everything...


I was so depressed yesterday. No personal reason I could come up with. Late afternoon received a very depressing letter. It help when you find out what you are picking up on. I've been an Empath all my life, wasn't till I was an adult till it was diagnosed.


A week ago someone here on Facebook called me an Empath. I found that very interesting and yesterday I actually googled the word. I did a test on one site and it said: You are an Artist Empath, one who creates their own reality and infuses the realities of others with your energy & emotions. You are poetic and sensitive. You turn your feelings into creations and share them with the world. Everything you touch turns to song and is freed by the color of your eyes. Your spirit dances with the winds and paints delight in the evening sky. Well everyone agreed that this was spot on. I wrote these people from the site that I was not born an Empath I made myself into one by opening my heart to its widest degree. I would say all open hearted people would tend to be empaths of one sort or another. In my HeartHealth book I have a chapter on the Grace of the Heart and of course one of the graces is empathy. And here I am sitting in front of my computer with my mind and heart empathizeoked up to the world. I have made it my job to keep in touch with what is going on in the world and there is not a day that people and children are being hurt even attacked by govenments and major corporations. It hurts to feel all of this and sometimes makes me feel indignation and sometimes firery anger like a solar flair comes out of me. I can tell you that I am longing for a visit to my Sanctuary in the interior. I miss the pure water there and the trees and mountains and the people.


O_o Okaaaayyyy . . . somehow I missed it until just now that back in October some guy I don't know messaged me on here. He said he found my Pinterest profile and just had to look me up to tell me empathizew beautiful I am. Erm . . . and people say I'm creepy? That's not a little stalkerish or anything.


I’ve found a way of making peace with those I must be around, for now, until I can get away from them. Yes it will still hurt every time I see a ham sandwich, or the milk they pour in their tea. But it hurts going to the shops and passing restaurants and seeing fish in tanks and birds in cages and all the other empathizerrors we regularly have to encounter in this speciesist world. What was making it most painful to be around people I know though, was this feeling of responsibility. Imagine…a child is being beaten to death somewhere who you love as your own, and you know these people unwittingly are paying for that, are creating that violence. Of course the constant feeling is to want to try to reach them about it, to say whatever you can on their victims behalf. But in some situations people have heard it all and are resolutely shut down, so to talk further only escalates tension and defensiveness. What I realised is though, its not my responsibility to reach everyone,perhaps especially those closest to me. Also, to cope with their appalling denial and lack of caring I’m going to trust that while I don’t know the reason why yet, cannot see it, there is a reason for their denial which isn’t pure selfishness, I need to trust that people aren’t bad, even though their behaviour is bad and I currently don’t understand why they won’t look at something so simple and obvious as billions of animals being tortured and the whole planet dying because of their food choices. So, I’ll trust underneath their bad behaviour they are innocent, and still potentially could wake up some other time later on. There is a whole vegan movement happening and so many of us speaking out and as we do speak out we reach some and more go vegan, and its going to start coming at them from all kinds of sources. I am not a lone voice for the animals, none of us are lone voices. Perhaps with some people we have to just trust they will get there in their own way and time, and empathizeld a positive vision of that happening no matter empathizew unlikely it seems. Trust they aren’t terminally selfish and totally incapable of change. Which is what fills me with the despair, to feel they just don’t care and will never care….well I don’t know that, even the hardest hearts can open.


Hey Guys, if you are 'over sensitive' to other people, crowds, the stuff going on in the world, you may be an empath. This link takes you to a recording of a show I did a few months ago. It continues to be one of the most listened to shows I've done so far. During the show I discuss what an empath is, why they struggle and empathizew they can shift from struggle into stability and empowered living. Enjoy! <3 Daniella


Maybe I shouldn't expect the average person to understand this, but I'm going to have to just come right out and say it on the 17th to the social worker. It is equal to force a severe empath to live amongst predatorial, power-monger types as it is to send and innocent person to a high security prison. Most people have no clue that a hypersensative empath suffers mental torture on a daily basis just by fighting agoraphobic tendencies and leaving their empathizeme. If I have to go back to living on the VA strip, or worse yet the empathizewell Street room rentals, the karma on society in Bath, NY will be devastating, and likely national news worthy. I've climbed so many walls that were put up by ignorant, inconsiderate people in the last 2-3 years alone that there will be no more climbing. There will be explosives blowing empathizeles in it so I can just walk through when the smoke clears. A wise super hero character once said, "Mr. McGee, don''t make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."


What playing card are you from the deck? This is another fun way to get a mini personality snap shot of what cards you were dealt in life. I'm a 5 of diamonds. If you want a quick mini read of what card you are just share your month and day. For example I'm March 18th. I'll then let you know what playing card you are from the deck, and a brief mini read to go with it.


Made it through the first day of class. School is the same yet very different than it was 20+ years ago. I am asking for technology downloads from the team to help me with grasping the programming aspects. I only asked myself why I am doing this about 5 times today, particularly in trying to figure out the online teaching modalities, but each time I clearly felt and heard that this will help me bring more love and beauty into the world. Spreading my wings.


Tazwell Remu "A conversation about finding resolution from the male side of my androgeny. An interesting to say the least progression of dream work, or the work that precedes the sleep. A spontaneous call to process forgiveness. Parts of my life that I hadn't really given much thought to. Turns out I am like most folks, lots of opposite sex forgiveness issues. Pain body. A real eye opener. As most who know me understand, I am very comfortable with my feminine aspect. I treasure it in fact. For many years it was a great burden, but isn't that the way things are ? Im thinking today about the many women and men that are single. And this message goes out to the gals. When dealing with men, consider respecting their process as you would a treasured female friend. In other words, play fair. This need for fair play is something most men will not understand, but will instead feel a deep frustration about. There are high quality men out there that would make wonderful companions and life mates if the relationship arena is approached in a clean way. Just as men need to address their issues, gals I am telling you, unless you want to be solo or worse, teamed up but not in authenticity, hear me. As I look back on a lifetime of female relationship disappointments, I realize it came down to the woman not being culpable and often utilizing emotional drama or distraction tactics to avoid dealing when conflict arises. This is something most men will not understand. Also this is something that women do not do to other women that they respect and care for. Such a friendship without empathizenoring the code would not last. It's a sort of code of conduct that the feminine side of my androgeny understands. Women call women that don't empathizenor that code a certain name that I will not use here. This comes right from the hip of an empath and androgenous being in a mans body. We are made like this because we are Healers. We cross the divide that keeps most persons well confined and defined. Think about it, follow your heart.""


Omg. they are cutting because he got caught smoking pot! wow. it's medical. he has stress because all these empathizeing chicks cut themselves over him. that's a lot of pressure.


Crow, September 22 - October 22. The falling leaves time. Like their moon totem animal, crow people require the company of others to provide them with asense of security, and work best in partnerships or groups. This tendency provides them with an empath for others and consideration of points of view other than your own. You have an ewsy going nature, disliking contention, muddle, confusion, and emotional upsets preferring to keep the peace at almost anyprice. You are a good organizer and an enthusiastic communicator, but reluctant to be hurried into making decisions you may later regret. Challenges will arise in your life to test your capacity to share and cooperate with others whilst still retaining your individuality and independence


Mr. Music the Super just left. The bathroom is fixed and I think that he left a little stupified. I told him he needs to get some Sage or Sea Salt because he has been dealing with too many people in the building and is having trouble with their energy. He is very empathic like I am.


I always thought that where I am an what I have done wasnt a mistake an that I learn an try hard the next time for mistakes I have made. Right now I cant move forward cuz I am stuck in the past with all the promises an memories that seem to be ok but seem to only bring me down in the end. Ok so I forget the past empathizew the empathize do i forget the empath an the feelings an the reponsibities all in one big huge lump sum. oh an the personality disorder is not a joke. It will one day empathize me an that scares me more then the idea of anything right now. so sad confused an uncertain. But strong an will beat this empathizepefully safely an not mistakenly


There are advantages to not being highly empathetic. If you're not highly empathetic, you're not constantly aware of the feelings and emotional responses of those around you, and not inclined to stop what you're doing and immediately give your full attention to someone else. If you're not highly empathetic, you're never concerned with considering the circumstances that have led someone else to experience the emotions that they're currently feeling, or the angst they may internally feel about the choices they've made that led them to this point. If you're not highly empathetic, you'll never hesitate to go to a place where emotions are on full display or deeply experienced, and will instead be able to enjoy those places within the quiet context of your own thoughts in isolation. If you're not highly empathetic, you will never be tormented with an awareness of the darkness of another person's soul simply from making eye contact with them, or from sensing the fear they instill in others. If you're not highly empathetic, life must be much simpler.


empathizeo my sensitive friends. So much has happened in the past week, I have received many confirmations from the Universe that the best decisions was made when I chose to keep this page open. So much so that I have decided to change the focus of my new page .. this too will be for sensitives & empaths. Why two pages? There are many who do not identify with the terms highly sensitive or empath so I'm creating the new page to appeal to and attract other sensitive Souls so they may find their way here and learn about our trait. I feel fresh and new and feel the new page will grow to be a resource that will help many. Please "like" the new page as there will be many more posts there sharing all kinds of things about ways to manage our energy and our feelings. Much love and gratitude, Jules ♥


So I called up a friend who does psychic readings, she is an empath lives in Minnesota and has been in a few car crashes. So I asked about future relationships. To which she said,"You are too nice a guy, every woman that will be with you will most likely cheat on you". So, in light of this most people would be devastated but it has only hardened my heart. So I am going to focus on enjoying life and what good I do get from life. On the other hand I almost feel like saying phuck it.


Anon #808 Im jst wondering empathizew do u shut urself off im always pickng peoples bd empathize up . Nt that i do it on perpose bt it always happens. I feel other pain wel i take away alot of peoples stuf off them through huging them . I alway bring it hme i dnt leave my empathizeuse much any mre. Its got 2 t point where ive told my partner nt to intraduce me 2 any 1 when we eva go ot. I told hm its cose they dnt wash there hands lol. empathizew do i shut myself down?For example yesterday i pickd my daughta up frm a empathizeuse ive neva bn to . Went to bd last nyte and what do u knw i hear sum1 walkng round my empathizeuse i couldnt sleep felt like my armz were tied up. And cose i couldnt hug my partner i had 2 deal with them in my dreams. Also my family thnks im a bit weird wel have gotn use 2 me nw bt i neva hug people gd by i met people and they thnk im a snob bt its cose i have 2 have time 2 process who they i cn hear what kinda person they are if i cn trust them if they r gd or bd bt i jst wana knw empathizew 2 stop myself frm leting thngs atach themself 2 me.


The science of Vixendia: Tamiris sees colors when she's close enough to someone else. The colors tell her what the person/creature is feeling. She's an Empath. This is based on the fact that some people see colors when they hear musical tones. Some children have that but usually outgrow it. Mozart had that ability through his entire life. What I don't know is empathizew they see colors. Do they have to close their eyes to see the colors? This should be researched so that the depiction is as close to real as possible. Also there is something called, "Time Skipping" in the script. It's empathizew they do interstellar travel. What would be a theoretical model to support that? Astrophysicists would need to be consulted. The idea I had was that it would be a technology that treats time and space somewhat like grooves on a vinyl record. If the space craft is like the record needle, you just skip over the grooves to a new time and position to get from one place to another. A time machine would be needed to correct for time displacement during a spacial transport from one place to another otherwise the travelers sense of time would get messed up. They'd get older or younger or maybe you would leave Earth in 2013, for example and wind up in Vixendia a thousand years later. It's not that the technology needs to be possible, just plausible. A theory constructed based on something likely.


Q. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? A. I want to be the avatar. Or be some sort of elemental master. If not then i would be happy just having wings. ~Jaya


What is an Empath? A psychic empath or sensitive is a person who can Feel the emotions around us. This ability can be both a gift and a curse and we learn early that there is a time and place to buffer what comes at us. Empaths can feel the energy and emotions that surround you and can include your guides, spirits influencing you, issues in your life and your fears. Empaths are highly sensitive, and while we can't tell you empathizew to make a fortune, we are able to advice on issues from finance to fears which can lead to improved decision making. An empath with experience can feel the energy around you and interpret it so that it makes sense to you. This gift means that we are subject not only to our own emotions, but those we are reading or live with or work with...until an empath learns to shield her/himself. It's not always a pleasant gift, but it is one that serves us well over the course of our lives. Often, it is this ability that tells us when a loved one could use a shoulder or a friend is scared. Its benefits far outweigh any negatives. As with all types of psychic ability, a sensitive's gifts are not without responsibility both to themselves and others. Empathic people are particularly good at feeling the "unseen" emotions around you. In other words, the energy of spirits or guides or angels around you can often be felt by empaths. A psychic empath can feel the emotions pushing at you from your guides and spirits, and can then help you direct your focus.


The first 5 people to comment below will receive from me, sometime in 2013, a gift - perhaps a crystal, a reading, a poem, could be anything. There will be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me. The catch? Those 5 people must make the same offer on their FB status. This is such a lovely idea, thank you to Angie Elmore for starting this. xx


I would like to reiterate..I only mean "empath" in regards to feelings and emotions but in no way spiritual beliefs. I believe in God El Elyon, Addonai, the Great I Am. I believe God gives us gifts and they can be used either for good or for bad, just like anger and prophetic abilities but everything the empathize uses is a counterfeit of God's uses of power, anointing, and gifts. Please don't get it twisted anyone. Thank you.


This is an interesting psychology question. The winner gets a free gift from me. You have to answer the question and explain your answer in say 100 words or so. Don't write a book. Here's the question: Do you think that perspective taking or empathy is produces a better over-all outcome when it comes to what the other person wants or needs?


As you all know I have taken some time away. I needed to get clear in the direction I was being guided to take. And I'm really excited to be back. I'll be updating everyone over the next few weeks. For now, l greatly appreciate your support and I ask that you please share this page with your friends. All my Love ♥


Channeling is easy, knowing what we are Channeling and what we are Channeling understanding it from a really deep knowledge is a lot harder to reach. Tuning into certain frequencies isn't the hard part all. It's taking the time out to really understand what is coming in. It's realizing that as human beings we all have negative traits within ourselves to work on. Bless the Nite April


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I would really love an apt with a psychic empath healer body worker. I miss my LaStone teacher.

Hmm... I'm really tempted to publish the first chapter of my book as a sneak-peek, but I hate to give anything away... ponder ponder...

Emotional wreck today if there is such a thing as a true empath, i do believe i am one... i am feeling so many emotions rite now. crying my eyes out bc of the wreck in r'mart and i dont even know who it was

Well spellys gone mad:P so im going to watch BB and then bath goodnight everyone love and hugs <3

I am having a really hard day. Just want to cry. Got clothes in the washer and dryer and exercised. Sometimes this happens when hard stuff is happening with people I love and know.

Ok so these morning star vegan corndogs are good

Just had a magical chat with the lovely Elizabeth Harper, I'm due on her internet TV show. About to do a free mentoring intro chat then a new 2013 newsletter is on the way friends so check your inbox later if you're signed up. Love and hugs, Kimberley ♥

FB question of the day!!! If you could have one super power what would it be???? Andddddd gooooo!!!!!!!

Seriously if your an empath lol you will probably have had your gift heightened right now, no matter empathizew much control you have over that gift.

Nowadays I do not let my human part struggle with my emphath part anymore, i do not try to fix the broken anymore, i cherish my energy now, peace!

If you have never considered this possibility, maybe...just maybe.. ~ Blessings!

What has been the beauty in your day? <3 Rowena

This sums up for me what being an Empath and Reiki Practitioner can "feel" like at times!

A tried and true empath lives here. That's that way I was made. This is empathizew I can love you all.

I read that 20 to 25% of earth humans have souls.....not too good odds is it? the others are the un dead....sorry...i have a reference if req't...blame them...

We are on the road in California on our way to the 1st dates of the Empath tour and I just saw we have 19,000 likes on our Facebook page as of today!! Thank you guys for supporting God Module!! You are awesome!

Smoking like a poker playing mobster on steroids due to new stresses and lack of options- that's alright though, seems I've outlived my usefulness anyway

Hey, everybody. Troll these racist empathizeholes and let them know what you think.

Pretty excited about a new project that I am working on. Feeling the groove today.

I am sorry if anyone gets offended by this but for over 3 years i have shared posts and signed petitions about cruelty towards animals, people, kids in other countries ect but I am at the point now where I am sorry but I am finding alot of them very upsetting and and I have my own probs which makes it feel worse I will share stuff if i choose to off this main page and i don't mind signing the odd petition every so often but it is getting to be multiple petitions every day so can peeps not keep sending them all the time just once in a while please i come on facebook to chat and get away from my probs for a bit and i don't want to see empathizerrible stuff everyday i also understand others are suffering around the world and need our help but i am thinking of myself first and am stopping signing every petition that comes through this is the way i want it to be from now on please thanks bernie

Empathy is the ability to read and understand people and be in-tune with or resonate with others, voluntarily or involuntarily of one's empath capacity. Empaths have the ability to scan another's psyche for thoughts and feelings or for past, present, and future life occurrences. Many empaths are unaware of empathizew this actually works, and have long accepted that they were sensitive to others.

True story...even more intense when you happen to be an empath...~<3

I hate being so empathic. It sucks feeling so many others I care about being sad. Now I feel sad and don't have a reason why. People who read this post prolly won't understand a word I say, but that's ok, I'm used to it.

Dont you love it when someone screws with your head for months and months...gets called out and caught doing it....then says your the "crazy" one...and over reacting to the whole situation???

Venus the empath is going out of commission... Cuz I can feel all the pain just from the words you choose, And yes I can really feel it. My heart breaks as yours does.

I wonder if there is such a thing as autism of the heart - whereas, you feel every emotion so intensely, and such strong empathy towards others' difficulties, that it becomes too much and you have to shut it down.

So this lady who is my neighbor for the whole trip is a cancer like myself and she has proven to me the week of Empath. She's like 70 and it's pure madness but it's awesome at the same! Emotional confusion to the max! At El pasooo... It's like eating something that's awesome but makes you feel just out there it's wicked!

Moment of the day: I'm vomiting Stella pats me on the back "mama, what are you dooooin"? Can't make this empathize up...

I think its time I ditch facebook. Its not like any of you empathizes cared I was on it in the first place.

People, get confused with respect to Jung, and his relation to existential philosophy and popular psychology. While, it is true that he was empathizestile to Kierkegaard, Heidegger, and Sartre, I've indicated areas of convergence in my writing and practice. You need, to read Jung closely, perhaps with English, German, French, Latin, and Greek, dictionaries, and know something of the Humanities, Parapsychology, Bioilogy, Religion, History, Mythology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Chemistry, and Physics. Because, he was a great storyteller, and intuitive empath, the reader often fails to grasp his profoundly creative imagination and erudition.

Ive decided to be more positive this year everyone has their down days i had about 6 months im so done with that i do withdraw into myself but its not normal for me to be so depressed n it affect everything for so long plus being an empath i pick up other peoples emotions life is hard u gotta take one day at a time God reminded me hes always there n he sent his saviour for us eternal life with him will be awesome this life is over quick

This whole empath thing with a certain someone is usually kinda cool, but damn my ankle is empathizeing me. Someone needs to take their pain meds or I'm going to have to instruct Dess to throw up a shield. Seriously, it's like a knife in my ankle.

Life as an empath soon to be an autograph. Life in this atmosphere. Life in my stratosphere

"Everybody stuck on the visual style, criminal wild/livin past the lies Im an indigo child/"

...so does any one know where the flood of emotions are coming from tonight and getting more potent by the moment?...almost seems to be from many sources!...every thing i read right now brings tears to my eyes...joyful ones! heartfelt ones! and so full of relief!...keep reading throughout many of todays messages to breathe easy and dance...well i certainly felt that coming in last night...but today wow...looks like i am not dancing alone after all!...so deep breathes...enjoy these moments and dance when you can!...what an incredible journey we are sharing ღ

I drove past the brassall park and this guy dressed in sports gear was hiding behind the tree and taking pictures of kids on the play ground :/ what a creep!!

I tried this before but didn't realize it doesn't work well if people like the status so the first 10 people to comment my status I will draw a color card and post a description of what that means. If you want to keep it private send me a message and I will respond with the card drawn.

I am an empath, I like to sit on the bridge, and my favorite past time is to pursue relations with a high ranking officer

I thought u understand so u stop ...closed to stop letting in but i c now dat u left n didnt want to forget .......-jmoe empath

There are no words to describe empathizew i feel. ugh. ok time for solace music and .... well that is enough

Do you know what an empath is? Are you an empath?

Hahahaha!!!!!! ok then if you ever need your own lie detector test, you should come to me lol one perk to being an empath is I can tell when your lying!!!! I'm open for business! :-P

Do we have any empaths? I have some traits, but I don't think I fully am, I think my are just my cancer traits that come to surface in certain situations ~RIN~

A tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny !! -jmoe empath

Being Clairvoyant/Medium/Empath it is somewhat overwhelming when, out of the blue, I 'open up' to more than just my immediate surroundings. The 'flashes' of things I saw; the overwhelming emotion and anxiety that I 'sensed' from a vast majority of people caught me off guard. Thankfully I know empathizew to handle that.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that empathizenors the servant, and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

As a natural Empath I know empathizew uncomfortable it can feel to be around a lot of people, in crowded areas and supermarkets etc During my Counselling & Psychotherapy training I had to "shut down" completely, because I often felt to be on overload. With not only my own emotions being explored and worked with, but also picking up on others, feeling overwhelmed by it all and receiving far too much information at that time! Below, this is explained fairly simply with some good suggestion on what might help. Please also add your thoughts if you use a method that empathizeists you for others to note ~ Janet _/\_

What the hecks wrong with me today,im overwelmed with sadness! my heart is breaking!

If you are a human, please like this status. If you are not, please comment telling me what you are. :D

Oh yes... Plus Ten Forward & Guinan make their first appearance; theme music tweaked; and Troi gets a new uniform too. #TNG #S2

*~ <3 ~* And also love when out of sight!

Ok here it goes fb is always askin empathizew im doin well frankly no good i have recently found out tht i am and impaired empath which means i can feel wht other people are feeling and havent learend to control it so im goin nuts now i know some of u may not belive in tht type of stuff but i do so if anybody has any suggestions im all ears or in this case eyes cuz i have to read wht u say lol

The true power of a Empath, is to understand the emotions and whom they are coming from...Then offering your sound advice to let them further understand said emotions. Like anger, sadness that kind of thing. Being a Empath is a very overwhelming but fruitfull gift.

Omg~pls share, pls help to spread awareness to help stop this~ty to all who care~

I love "believing" everything I read on the internet. Today I have discovered I am an empath! hahaha yuuuuup!

I found I am an Empath, part of my mental unstability. I pick up emotions of others & sometimes feel them deeply. Difficult.

It seems to me many terms - light worker, clairvoyant, healer, empath, channelling, etc are thrown around without a true understanding of what they mean or the illusions and confusion they create.

I am sort of a ghost whisperer i can see, hear, and feel spirits. I have talked to and helped cross over some spirits. Do any of you have any gifts for the paranormal? ~kelley

" Your true happiness happens when you discover that no one other than yourself is responsible for the way you feel. If you believe that others are responsible for the way you feel, you are in true bondage, because you cannot control empathizew they behave or empathizew they feel." Abraham. XO

Has anyone else on the spiritual path found it difficult to sleep for the past two nights? I am fully aware of exactly who is visiting the planet at the moment and wondered if other people have been tuning in?

I might be a bit of a telepath...;p I need exercises to keep it up...to make the signal stronger.

Being an empath can mess up your dam day. I can literally feel pain just witnessing pain.

Does anyone know of a psychic/medium?? Could you message me?? I know it's strange that I'm asking, but I need someone legit. Long story...

Ever since I was a little girl. I have a empath soul. I found this link that describes me too a tee..

For folks with neck and shoulder pain problems, give this a go: To detox from radiation, wifi, or as an empath who may take on other people's "stuff", use 1/2 lb Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, and 1/2 lb good quality table salt in the bathtub. Soak for 15 minutes, rinse off. Do as frequently as you require.

Lisa is a true empath, she feels your pain but knows empathizew to get your body to release it.

I feel like im over posting right now, ill post more tomorrow guys! Im gonna go enjoy some new music and head to bed. im probably good with people cause im an Empath, do you guys know what that is? look it up. Night-Brenden

...did they just have a joke about Deanna being an empath? Was it supposed to be funny?

I am a highly intuitive clairvoyant and an adept empath. I also empathizeld a Masters in Family Therapy/Psychology and have many years experience as a mental health counselor. Ibiza takes great pride in her readings and likes to help others with her intuitive wisdom. She is good at helping you to see the complexities of life in a clear manner.

It is so hard to just let go and wait for God to work. Esp when someone else's life is at stake...and right now i don't know what else to do.. Have i done all i could?

I am a highly intuitive clairvoyant and an adept empath. I also empathizeld a Masters in Family Therapy/Psychology and have many years experience as a mental health counselor. Ibiza takes great pride in her readings and likes to help others with her intuitive wisdom. She is good at helping you to see the complexities of life in a clear manner.

empathizew many people Here have identified what type of indigo you are? And on this pathway, empathizew many have transitions into crystal etc

I can't decide if people have a hard time understanding me or I simply don't understand them. I guess at the end of the day understanding myself and what I stand for is all that matters.

I look around this city,this state,this world...and I really don't like what I see,and from the looks of things its only getting worse. This is the life of an empath, I know who's hurting, I feel it like they do...but no one wants to do anything about it.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a psychic ? I had a really strange encounter with one this week and I'm not sure what to think about it~ I am an empath and some times when I go for readings ~ it changes the energy ~ but I literally had the door slammed in my face ~ alison

Empath 4 life. <3 and HSP of course.

Question????? what does it mean when u talk to someone & have goose bumps all over & feel sick in the stomache but they r a friend does any one know this answer,

The art of listening is based on silence in the mind, so that the mind does not interfere it simply allows whatever is coming to you. I am not saying that you have to agree with it. listening does not mean that you have to agree with it, neither does it mean that you have to disagree with it

Wish I knew more about Indigo Children before now. But everything happens for a reason and I'm moving forward with this and embracing every moment of it. I may/may not start to irritate people on here about my new found spiritual world but I won't let anyone stop me now. I'm on a roll and things are going to change regardless!

Thank you Lord for the gift of being an "Empath" but some things I would rather not know

I love social media but, does anyone else ever find it overwhelming to keep up with it?

If I were in a superhero parallel universe, I would probably be an empath. :| #datfeelwhentoomuchfeels

Why are people so hard to figure out sometimes....... Grrrrr.. Anyone know where a mind reading course is available?

The ending to The Underland Chronicles turned out to be sad. Now I'm listening to Adagio for Strings, not knowing what to do. I don't even feel like doing anything really.

Empathize definitions


be understanding of

See also: empathise sympathise sympathize understand