Dullard in a sentence as a noun

It is, but they say hes not a dullard.

Perhaps I'm a dullard but could you clarify what you meant?

I'll bet most people will pause at you calling them *** nugget or dullard, for instance.

If nothing else then because it proves the CEO does have some brains and is less likely to be a business dullard.

You're assuming that a school is capable of separating the smart kids from the dullards.

I knew this guy for 25 years and "names really do hurt" turned him into a dullard who couldn't hang out with the guys and have a drink.

Metal doesn't care whether its machinist is a doctorate or a dullard, it responds the same way to the bite of a tool.

No teacher is willing to tell a parent that their child is a dullard unless the kid is completely off the bottom of the scale.

Perhaps they don't want to expose a lot of IT-dullard companies that still rely on VB6 to a ton of security issues.

There has to be something else going on, such as a gap between perceived risk and real risk, that influences both innovators and dullards.

I only got on with a handful of kids, I was awkward, I was anxious, and most of my teachers would have put me in the "dullard" category.

'My subject is more important than yours, so I am not going to waste time learning from you' is just a post-justification for being a dullard and a bigot.

No, because instead of discerning if you're a dullard by the quality of your writing at a glance, I'll instead have to stumble through mechanically de-voiced inanity.

Anyone that doesn't know that specific technology must be a dullard who will never be able to 'get it.' Right now huge numbers of new people are flooding the industry and their stature as managers or "seniors" in the company after one or two years is far above their experience level.

I hope I'm not the first to point out that the outcome of a dullard getting an epiphany by putting a handful of random scraps of misinformation together in a flash is a stupid idea he really believes in.

"most children classified as 'dullards' by the education system just don't understand how to cope with the traditional model of teaching"Can't say I was ever classified as a 'dullard' but my grade school scores indicated that I was.

Dullard definitions


a person who is not very bright; "The economy, stupid!"

See also: stupid stupe dolt pudden-head pillock


a person who evokes boredom

See also: bore