Dolt in a sentence as a noun

I don't mind assholes when they are smart and correct, but you're just being a dolt.

The former...well, I guess it is annoying that any dolt can Google up a list of 500 comebacks.

Your superficial comments make you look like an arrogant dolt.

This makes them less pleasant to read and reflects badly on the author, since it makes them look like kind of a dolt.

[1] This is something I think science should call the "Lisa Simpson Effect," inasmuch as it explains how a dolt like Homer and a smartie like Marge could produce a genius child.

I think someone educated in science and engineering would do quite well, a dolt fully addicted to the entertainment industry, probably not so well.

I'm a pea-brained dolt in the server sphere, and when I was remaking my server I went with nginx over apache on the advice of a friend because "the config file is easier to understand.

When you increase the diameter of a circle, what happens to its circumference?Thanks for playing: "Do I think I am clever but just accidentally revealed I'm the level of dolt that needs basic geometry spelled out and assumes everyone else is as clueless as me?

Dolt definitions


a person who is not very bright; "The economy, stupid!"

See also: stupid stupe dullard pudden-head pillock