Discerning in a sentence as an adjective

How are you discerning issues v. details from this post?

"Maybe Android users are just more discerning in who they give their money to?

I doubt people will be discerning enough to focus their suspicions.

Skype would have to find discerning features, implement it on their servers and possibly even push it to their client updates.

Knowing yourself and discerning what is truly important takes a lot of honesty and reflection.

As with many things, everyone reporting on this has reason to shade the words to advance their point of view, and so it takes a lot of work to be discerning.

You just need to be discerning, which is why the Op writes: Because we only buy quality, we are forced to wait until we can afford what we really want.

What about the other 99% that aren't on the leaderboard?Point 3 is that, as gradstudent pointed out, context is highly important when discerning work from play.

" I definitely got better after my first few plays at discerning the walls from the openings, but it took me a few tries to even realize that that's why I was dying.

They're missing out on so many cleverly snarky comments and discerning I-actually-prefer-ctrl-in-light-grey users that must be such a joy to work with.

Is a carpenter's level a crutch?> When I read a book, I don't want parts of speech highlighted in different coloursI have trouble discerning colours and I still use syntax highlighting.

Does this also describe what happens to a person's life when they stop caring, when they are no longer motivated to put forth the effort to be discerning, when they give up trying to make anything but the easiest and most immediate choices?

The vast majority of our community members genuinely respect and protect each other, but we urge users to be careful and discerning with each other and to hold others accountable through reviews, flagging and our customer service channel.

I know phonologistspeople who are trained in the study of human speech categorieswho have an extremely difficult time discerning between [k] and [k].Peter Ladefoged, one of the worlds foremost phoneticians, has a fantastic website to accompany his phonetics textbook and it has recordings of all the sounds known to be produced in human languages.

Discerning definitions


having or revealing keen insight and good judgment; "a discerning critic"; "a discerning reader"


unobtrusively perceptive and sympathetic; "a discerning editor"; "a discreet silence"

See also: discreet


quick to understand; "a kind and apprehensive friend"- Nathaniel Hawthorne

See also: apprehensive


able to make or detect effects of great subtlety; sensitive; "discerning taste"; "a discerning eye for color"