Pillock in a sentence as a noun

On the other hand, I'd look a bit of a pillock so I've never gotten round to it.

Then he oversaw the release of un-redacted cables and he turned into a pillock.

Muppet naff ****** pikey pillock plonker prat scrubber trollops uphill gardener twit knobheads.

For instance, I don't see how it is bad for human civilisation if I think I look ravishing in red, whereas everyone else thinks I look like a pillock.

[Try being cast ashore with only an ice skate and a netball for company, or confined to barracks with only a couple of bottles of hand sanitiser to drink --you pampered pillock!

Keep working up the chain, without ever taking a bath or wearing a suit, until every manager in the whole organisation thinks you are an irritating pillock.

What, you don't watch Top Gear?Though more entertaining than educational, I know the difference between my boot from my bonnet thanks to that show, as well as what a saloon, spanner, pillock and many other british-english mannerisms mean.

One of the odd personality changes that I've noticed in myself after 25-ish years on the Internet is that I now have essentially zero tolerance for whinges[1] of the form: "This one thing he said is completely and utterly wrong, therefore he is a pillock and should be shanked with a shiv.

Pillock definitions


a person who is not very bright; "The economy, stupid!"

See also: stupid stupe dullard dolt pudden-head