Dissemination in a sentence as a noun

Older web pages do a good job of reminding me that the most important part of a website is information dissemination, not flashy bits.

This is especially true if there is patentable material in the grant that they fear will be threatened by wide dissemination of the contents of the grant.

Their blog is not an information-dissemination service, it is a marketing instrument.

Given the silent nature of bans on HN, we have no choice but to move onto a new HN account and continue to submit legitimate posts using legitimate word of mouth dissemination.

In order to test this concept under different conditions, things had to be scripted so that those conditions would occur and the information dissemination concept could be examined.

There is, of course, a philosophical argument that all information ought to be free and that its use and dissemination should not be restricted in any way by any form of legal restriction.

" It's the same when big media corporations trade in innuendo and conspiracy theories and deliberately sabotage the dissemination of knowledge for their own ends.

So the relatively trivial actions of the small critical mass of early consumers has an extraordinarily large effect on the dissemination of the content.

The W3C is the guardian of the world wide web, a system for disseminating information publicly and globally to all those who may benefit from it. By standardizing DRM for video, they are giving legitimacy to a technical kludge that is designed specifically to prevent the dissemination of information.

Surprisingly, all four presentations tackled the same narrow problem—information dissemination in networks—using the same narrow technique—randomized linear network coding.

Interesting historic landmark as far as information dissemination during confrontations/wars.

Illiterate societies are unable to progress past agrarian economies because illiteracy precludes specialisation, prevents the dissemination of knowledge, and makes it almost impossible to learn new things except by imitation or direct instruction.

And the dissemination of false results to the public may lead to incorrect perceptions about the state of knowledge in the field, especially knowledge concerning genetic variants that have been described as 'genes for' traits on the basis of unintentionally inflated estimates of effect size and statistical significance.

Dissemination definitions


the opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate

See also: airing spreading


the property of being diffused or dispersed

See also: diffusion


the act of dispersing or diffusing something; "the dispersion of the troops"; "the diffusion of knowledge"

See also: dispersion dispersal diffusion