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I would say Santa and Mrs. Claus should be off limits for this type of innuendo... Just sayin'... -Heath

The character “oliver wood” in harry potter was played by a someone called “sean biggerstaff” i swear that guy is like a walking innuendo~FluffyPuffy

Thigh slapping, lots of innuendo and festivities - Only 4 tickets left!

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Just wanted to stress a wee point I made on another page. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Its called democracy. Bit people who form opinions on innuendo and rumour sicken me to the core. Judging peoples actions based on a bias one sided report!! I say this to anyone. If you want to form an opinion on the protests and those taking part. Go to one or two. See the police bully tactics and brutality. Listen to the good hearted banter from salt of the earth protestants who just want to be heard for a change rather than dictated too. As I said everyones entitled to their opinion but have the human decency to form that opinion on fact and first hand kknowledge rather than just regurgitating the bias opinion shoved down peoples throat by the biased media.!!! Goodnight!!


We are all aware of innuendo, gossip and rumor and the negative effects innuendoociated with them. All of these forms of information are second hand and, therefore, subject to the biases and agendas of the various "reporters" with each retelling being further driven away from the truth. So the saying is: believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see. There is another purveyor of second hand information, a "reporter" with a definite bias and agenda. This would be our ego. Everything that is processed through our physical senses can be and almost always is routed through our egos. And it is precisely here that facts get twisted or omitted in order to fit the ego's spin. Our egos act as judge and jury while our spiritual being acts as mere observer. We should constantly remind ourselves of this fact and act accordingly. We do not serve our spiritual advancement by spreading slander and falsehoods. As always, consider the source and the egotistical"'wants."


Australia grieves with America today following the mass shooting of primary school children and teachers in Connecticut. We share America’s shock at this senseless and incomprehensible act of evil. We innuendold in our hearts the families who have lost loved children and who face grief beyond measure. We think of the families of the teachers. And we innuendope for the recovery of those injured in body and spirit.


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What is your main weapon class on bo2 or mw3? -rebecca

If anyone ever wants a free physical demo from us, let us know and we'll get you one. we usually always have them at shows.

So I got my tattoo today. And you'll all be surprised that it has nothing to do with sex or innuendo. Or rock n roll for that matter. -Richard

Who doesn't love a time-traveling interspecies lesbian ninja couple!

"He looked like the sort of man who liked to let his Grape-Nuts soak overnight."

Are politicians and the media to blame for this year of political negativity, or have voters also played a part?

Love for anyone to send in some quality wog puns. #certified

Good morning everyone! We'll continue our discussion on Newtown this morning. We innuendope you'll join us.

You are choosing the music at 10pm tonight! What track should I play you? MC

¿Cuál es su top ten de canciones favoritas de Queen? ¡Comenten! Las mías: 1 bohemian rhapsody 2- love of my life 3- somebody to love 4- another one bites the dust 5- too much love will innuendo you 6- don't stop me now 7- you're my best friend 8- we are the champions 9- we will rock you 10- i was born to love you Valeria

Anyone want to whip-cranckle mah doohicky bingle-bobblydoo -Infiniti

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Innuendo definitions


an indirect (and usually malicious) implication

See also: insinuation