How to use Conceptualize in a sentence as a verb

Edit: Incidentally if you just conceptualize the product as pain-first rather than solution-first then you'll phrase your strapline as "Dev environment for any stack on any machine in a minute" rather than "Virtualized insert words increasingly disconnected from anything you care about here."

"C is unreliable" is the wrong way to conceptualize the problem. The argument against C is that it is inefficient.

Ideology with a capital I is a big part of how human beings model and conceptualize the world. I think what we're seeing is that our cognitive modeling capabilities have limits.

This is quite relevant for any JS web development; if it makes it easier to conceptualize, imagine that the browser is calling a method with the DOM element to the left of the dot. 4.

The only ones who have truly escaped are the ones who have had a fundamental shift in the way they conceptualize work, career, goals, desires and everything.

I think software engineer and the fundamentals of coding have always had a bias towards those who can conceptualize ideas in the abstract, then build with the assumptions that those concepts are happening regardless of their ability to see them. This is fine, except that it limits those who need to tinker in order to find out how those concepts work.

It helps to conceptualize what is going on so that someone can apply it to their own situation.

What I cared about was the ability to conceptualize and immediately materialize: ideas leading to moving digits on a keyboard leading to product. Starting my own company, releasing my own software, interacting with my own users and reveling in their praises or reeling back from their complaints: that's software brought to life and that's what keeps me going.

The fundamental problem is my two friends need me to teach them how to think in code, how to conceptualize the problem, how to understand that "i am taking this problem, i am working out a solution in my brain, in english, and then i will write this solution in code" They simply do not have the capacity to do that. And they are 5 months in through codecademy.

He is drawing a comparison between something that is easily recognized as "getting off easy" to something that is harder to conceptualize because of the absolute size of the amounts involved.

I think part of the problem is that it's hard to conceptualize what sort of impact donations as large as these will have. If we actually met the thousands of people that this gift will help out, and heard their stories of what a different it made, I think it'd be much harder to dismiss than it is a written number.

It's very easy for developers to conceptualize 88 more vertical pixels and what to do with them; much easier to work with. And let's face it, iOS is about the apps over watching videos.

I really don't know how to conceptualize such audacious malfeasance. How do societies heal wounds like this?

Rather than dispensing goal setting as a benign, over-the-counter treatment for motivation, managers and scholars need to conceptualize goal setting as a prescription-strength medication that requires careful dosing, consideration of harmful side effects, and close supervision. We offer a warning label to accompany the practice of setting goals."

>I don't even know how to conceptualize a Kelvin-Byte. I can actually see where this unit would be useful; in determining the probability of bit rot.

The average consumer does not conceptualize or think about how the software is independent of the hardware, what they see and get is what they stick with 99% of the time. The other 1% is Linux / BSD / everything else.

Very often the reason those websites require scripts is because the developers working on them are incapable to conceptualize desired business logic using some simple mental model, so they just throw random code and libraries at the issue until it seems solved. Saying that "it's an app" is a common, but very weak excuse.

The way people think and conceptualize ideas varies greatly for different people. Even for things as basic as counting, people do it in different ways.

That sort of thing is very difficult to conceptualize, because humans are just generally not good at understanding geometric growth. But the same trends are happening elsewhere.

If you're looking for a hacker, are you looking for someone who can conceptualize problems quickly? A person who feels OK editing a production database directly?

It's hard for many to conceptualize, but you can actually help the poor and those causes you care about and be anti-tax. It's not like we're a bunch greedy bastards.

Conceptualize definitions


have the idea for; "He conceived of a robot that would help paralyzed patients"; "This library was well conceived"

See also: gestate conceive conceptualise