Comment in a sentence as a noun

So, there isn't a fight and an on-looker can see that both comments should be read and headed.

Someone who has a pending comment will have to wait till it goes live to post another.

Reasons:* The commenters who are warning about burnout are right.

The community knows this and both have comment scores above 12, but each person feels pressure to "win".

People make fun of him and make comments about how he has a net negative impact on software and computing.

That comment or couple of comments and their resulting threads are going to make sure very few people ever read what I've written.

I don't want to make this out to be a discussion about Diaspora, so I won't comment further on that point.

It still allows everyone reading the two comments to know that they're both generally good advice.

Comment in a sentence as a verb

Every time an article involving Richard Stallman gets posted here I cringe as I read through the comments.

That way, one can quickly scan and see the best comments, but there isn't such a direct relationship as a numerical score.

I read a lot of great comments there about how we're losing our freedoms incrementally and how this will shape the future.

They were both good, valuable comments about different approaches.

The limits your comment refers to are abstract, even hypothetical, while the progress being made is concrete.

After hearing the author's complaints, "Steve" says, "Whoa whoa whoa, those comments youre hearing arent racist; theyre jokes", and then "The problem is that youre too sensitive.

Not to psycho-analyze too much, but the lack of vote scores removes the pressure to have the best comment or a better score than someone that has a different perspective.

If not, commenting on a several-day-old thread will guarantee that you can never post another comment, since once threads drop off the front page it's not likely that many 1000+ karma users will even see those comments, never mind endorse them.

Comment definitions


a statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief or adds information; "from time to time she contributed a personal comment on his account"

See also: remark input


a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material; "he wrote an extended comment on the proposal"

See also: commentary


a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people; "the divorce caused much gossip"

See also: gossip scuttlebutt


make or write a comment on; "he commented the paper of his colleague"

See also: notice remark


explain or interpret something


provide interlinear explanations for words or phrases; "He annotated on what his teacher had written"

See also: gloss annotate