Score in a sentence as a noun

There's no need to score points off each other or need to defend one's ego.

It's one thing to build a basic chat app or worldwide high score in a system like that.

Works great for simple chats and for highscore lists consisting of 10-20 items.

The benchmark score of the processor is the highest Apple has so far.

The community knows this and both have comment scores above 12, but each person feels pressure to "win".

Nothing telling you where you could have improved, nothing saying what your score was, no information at all.

That way, one can quickly scan and see the best comments, but there isn't such a direct relationship as a numerical score.

We are effectively saying that each user should generate an average comment score of 1 point per day to break even.

Score in a sentence as a verb

When playing in G major, the sharp accidental on the Fs is not put at the beginning of the line just to avoid printing it in the score.

If there are tangential real world benefits to be gained by attempting a "perfect" score, then you can expect a lot more game playing wrt scores and exams.

Repeat again with the progeny of the previous pool, until one of the candidates passes a satisficing threshold 'distance' score.

Not to psycho-analyze too much, but the lack of vote scores removes the pressure to have the best comment or a better score than someone that has a different perspective.

Likewise, humans don't perceive colors exactly and that might add another layer that would diminish people comparing themselves so much and trying to score points.

In fact the head mistress called my mom and told her, every thing was brilliant about me and if only I could have great handwriting I could score higher than everybody else.

Have you considered using randomization to adjust the score of certain comments?HN comments seem to exhibit a rich-get-richer phenomenon.

SRP is also well-studied and well-understood; if it isn't particularly beloved of academic cryptographers, well, Dragonfly doesn't score any better.

Score definitions


a number or letter indicating quality (especially of a student's performance); "she made good marks in algebra"; "grade A milk"; "what was your score on your homework?"

See also: mark grade


a written form of a musical composition; parts for different instruments appear on separate staves on large pages; "he studied the score of the sonata"


a number that expresses the accomplishment of a team or an individual in a game or contest; "the score was 7 to 0"


a set of twenty members; "a score were sent out but only one returned"


grounds; "don't do it on my account"; "the paper was rejected on account of its length"; "he tried to blame the victim but his success on that score was doubtful"

See also: account


the facts about an actual situation; "he didn't know the score"


an amount due (as at a restaurant or bar); "add it to my score and I'll settle later"


a slight surface cut (especially a notch that is made to keep a tally)

See also: scotch


a resentment strong enough to justify retaliation; "holding a grudge"; "settling a score"

See also: grudge grievance


the act of scoring in a game or sport; "the winning score came with less than a minute left to play"


a seduction culminating in sexual intercourse; "calling his seduction of the girl a `score' was a typical example of male slang"


gain points in a game; "The home team scored many times"; "He hit a home run"; "He hit .300 in the past season"

See also: tally


make small marks into the surface of; "score the clay before firing it"

See also: nock mark


make underscoring marks

See also: mark


write a musical score for


induce to have sex; "Harry finally seduced Sally"; "Did you score last night?"; "Harry made Sally"

See also: seduce make


get a certain number or letter indicating quality or performance; "She scored high on the SAT"; "He scored a 200"


assign a grade or rank to, according to one's evaluation; "grade tests"; "score the SAT essays"; "mark homework"

See also: grade mark