How to use Commentary in a sentence as a noun

Look at the Upgrade Complete series, which is a fun set of commentary on games at the same time it's a fun game.

We don't need more commentary from folks who don't know what the patent act 101 bars are.

Having just read this book, I believe that this commentary is wrong on nearly all points.

Not a commentary on this project per se, but I can't help but think when I see "X in javascript" voted up that the implicit frame is: "isn't it impressive what you can do in javascript now?

Truglia got so fed up with the politicised statistics coming out of Canada, which he felt were calling his own research into question, that he took the extraordinary step of issuing a special commentary clarifying that Canadas spending was not out of control, and he even aimed some veiled shots at the dodgy math practiced by right-wing think tanks.

Truglia says that when he put out the commentary, one Canadian from a very large financial institution in Canada called me up on the telephone screaming at me, literally screaming at me.

Adding to the commentary on here with something not so gushing:* kernels lag terribly behind the distributions meaning you're wide open sometimes.

It seems like commentary on the current zeitgeist, not a real product.> Mother.

Linked Gamasutra article just copy/pastes selected content from the Econtalk podcast, adding no additional content or commentary.

The market comes before foresight, and commentary isn't welcome; when you have potential concerns for the future, the only acceptable response is voting with your feet.

You mean like the cult-like reverence for the pseudo-intellectual issues commentary on Twitter and Medium?

It works great for news, commentary, as entertainment or a starting guide to startups.

And this saddens and bugs me. I come to HN for the news and also very much the commentary.

More serious commentary in the edited group blog post "Related by coincidence only?

I happened to come across that clause last week and tracked down some humorous commentary by jslint's author: Douglas: That's an interesting point.

I think this is how every expert in a non-CS/IT field feels about HN commentary on their field.

"Technology lock-in" -- somewhat of a legit reason, but more of a commentary on monolithic architectures than anything else.

As usual, /usr/games/fortune provides some insightful commentary:"On the other hand, the TCP camp also has a phrase for OSI people.

Commentary definitions


a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material; "he wrote an extended comment on the proposal"

See also: comment