How to use Scuttlebutt in a sentence as a noun

I wish the full details of that came out but the scuttlebutt was that Microsoft threatened to cut off Asus completely if they shipped it.

'"The scuttlebutt I'd heard is that Caltech was and is the highly selective school most interested in straight-up academic performance.

The issue is we don't know why they stopped licensing, although if you follow the scuttlebutt Google hiked prices of mapping, followed by Apple announcing their intent to ship their own maps, followed by Google dropping prices of mapping.

Apple was putting up offices across the street from my old apartment complex, and the scuttlebutt was they were adding 4,000-some-odd-employees here over the next few years.

The scuttlebutt is that Sony was planning on mirroring many of Microsoft's announced policies, but backtracked after the reaction of consumers.

And from the scuttlebutt I've heard about dealing with FB execs, they're much better at analyzing data, have clout, leverage, money, power, traffic, so it's hard to deal.

The scuttlebutt at Google when YouTube was purchased was, "great, but what about when we have to take most of its content down for violating copyright?

At least from the scuttlebutt I heard, almost all sellers on Silk Road required new buyers to release the money from escrow before they'd ship anything, and some of them were taking advantage of this to selectively rip off new buyers.

Even OTC market value investing with your own scuttlebutt.

From the Crytter Github repo:"distributed peer to peer social networking feedsThis module uses append-only which uses scuttlebutt so you can make posts to your feed offline or while only connected to some subset of your followers and when you come back your feeds will be integrated in an eventually consistent ordering across all nodes.

I was looking for more objective answers, but perhaps the only way anyone here knew SimpleGeo was doomed was by staying current on the scuttlebutt.

Employees in every industry talk about how they and their peers are compensated, and share scuttlebutt about which companies have better pay and benefits than others as a way of ensuring that they're getting a competitive wage.

Scuttlebutt definitions


a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people; "the divorce caused much gossip"

See also: gossip comment